Best Tech Improvements in Online Casinos

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Jan 8, 2024 Reading time : 5 min

Gambling fans from all over the world are now mostly playing or wagering online. Casino owners are fully aware of the advantages that come with fully digital casinos and are working on their own online platforms Now, it’s important to note that online casinos aren’t as young as we think. The first platform was launched in the mid-90s’ and it took another 10 years for them to start to trend. 

Even then they weren’t as big of a hit as they are today. In other words, it’s the tech innovations that really elevated this form of entertainment. Here we will discuss some of the best tech improvements in online casinos, and see how they are making casino games more appealing. 

Innovations in Game Design 

Some of the most notable innovations happened in gaming software. This has enabled developers to create more aesthetically pleasing content and to improve the development time. As a result, we have thousands of different slot game experiences that share the same fundamental design but have different bonus rounds, pay lines, number of reels, as well as some other unique features that improve user experience. Some of the most notable game development element developers today are.  

  • Playtech, 
  • Net Entertainment (NetEnt) 
  • Microgaming
  • International Gaming Technology (IGT)
  • Aristocrat
  • Yggdrasil 

The list goes on and there are more innovations on the horizon. If we are to look at land-based casinos and the types of games they offer, online operators will likely add more arcade experiences. One of the recent hits that made a good impression among younger users was the Pac-Man battle. Since multiplayer online games from the battle royale genre are really popular today, chances are we’ll see more casino games that implement similar design philosophies. 

Mobile Access 

Although it has become old news at this point, we need to acknowledge just how much mobile optimization has done for this industry. Today, online casinos that are playable on smartphones are not a perk, they are standard. Meaning, if you are not making the site or app that is available on smartphones, then you shouldn’t even bother to launch a casino platform. 

The same thing can be said for welcome bonuses, as users pretty much expect to see them. Operators tend to offer between 20 and 50 free spins, but those who really wish to be noticed are going as far as 150 free spins, which is truly amazing. Not only are these games more accessible, but they are also more affordable, as players have access to hundreds of platforms and a great deal of them offer these free spins.  

Cryptocurrency Payments 

One of the more recent additions to the online casino industry was cryptocurrencies, which also allow players to play anonymously. This is by far the safest and fastest way to transact, and it also increases the utility of cryptocurrencies, which is a good thing for the crypto community. Most of the reputable operators are looking to add this option, and those who don’t wish to share their personal information and create an account can use crypto transfers to avoid these steps and play only by using URL. 

Live Dealer Games 

Lack of social interactions is something that differentiates online gambling parlors from land-based institutions. Luckily, this is no longer the case as live dealer games are also available on a lot of sites. This also means that there are more job openings in the online casino industry, and players get a better game experience since they get to feel like they are in an actual casino.  

AI and Data Analysis

Artificial intelligence and complex data analysis algorithms are now better than ever, and this technology is leveraged in pretty much every industry. The way they help online casinos is by allowing them to create a more personalized experience for the users. Based on the games someone likes, a casino can recommend some of the top choices for that specific user. This keeps things fresh, and the player doesn’t have to spend funds to try out different games before they find something they really like. 

This technology also helps developers create more engaging content. They can get real-time feedback on how players are interacting with their game and which slots are more appealing. They can then examine the type of features that are responsible for this user engagement and use them in future games. 


Finally, we need to talk about VR which is relatively new tech and developers are still innovating to make it more viable and entertaining. There are a few VR casino games that players can enjoy, and it’s really interesting to walk around the virtual gambling parlor and go to the table or sloth machines that you wish to play. We will definitely see more VR casinos down the line that look even better compared to ones that are currently available. 


Innovation is one of the key elements in just about any industry, so we are bound to see a lot more of it even in the iGaming branch. Right now this market is huge and there are more than enough funds for future experiments and to test out different things that can be added. Even the gambling market is getting some brand new features like eSports live betting and virtual sports, which just shows how deep this well of ideas can go. 

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