Click Through Rate (CTR) Manipulation: How Does It Work?

By Kamal
Jan 2, 2023 Reading time : 6 min

Click-Through Rate (CTR) is calculated by dividing the number of clicks on a site by the number of times your page or site is shown. The number of times a person sees your website page is known as an impression. Impressions are basically the display counts of your page.  If you get 100 clicks and 2,000 impressions, your CTR will be 5%. An increase in click-through rate (CTR) indicates to the search engine that people are finding your website to be relevant and useful. 

The more valuable or helpful your page appears to the search engine, the higher ranking your page gets. Most people strive to be at one of the top three positions on the search engine result page (SERP) because people click on the sites that are at the top of the search results page. In this way, it increases the clicks on your site and generates more traffic

It is important to understand what CTR manipulation is before you get to know how it works and why it is significant. Well, CTR manipulation is an SEO technique that is used to improve the search engine ranking of your site. In other words, it is an act of manipulating clicks from search engine result pages. In this technique, you use bots or hire people to get fake clicks that will increase your rankings in search engines. 

How Does CTR Manipulation Work?

CTR manipulation is a sort of fraud click method that most search engines consider to be illegal. If the search engines detect your CTR manipulation, then you might face serious consequences. When it comes to search engine optimization (SEO), this approach can be used for Search Engine Results Page (SERP) listings, Google Maps, Google My Business listings, social media listings, and everywhere that can improve the search engine rankings by click-through rate. 

It’s not clear if CTR manipulation works or not. Some people say it does, while others say it doesn’t. But even if it works, it’s an illegal approach, and it is recommended to avoid using this technique. If you want to enhance your click-through rate, you may use techniques like optimizing your meta titles, which is what some people mean by CTR manipulation. As a rule, manipulating anything involves changing it illegally, and hence the term is used for unethical approaches only.

Increasing your Click Through Rate (CTR) will help you rank higher in Google and other search engines. It is important to understand the Click Through Rate (CTR). SERP clicks can be manipulated in different ways. Despite how you manipulate clicks, you will see how consistent, and overwhelming outcomes you receive. Sites can be boosted and improved through the search engine results page (SERP) by manipulating the CTR. It gives you a competitive edge over your competitors in higher ranks. 

An array of techniques and strategies are available to help you boost your Click-Through-rate (CTR), which can increase your SERP ranking, usually through several positions, providing even more effective for outpacing your competitors in the SERP. Usually, professionals use bots and hire Call-To-Action people to manipulate the CTR of a page. 

Call-To-Action refers to hiring the people who are ready to do fake clicks on your listings. Generally, these people are available to work for you just to make the ends meet. However, many experts and companies offer you CTR manipulation services. 

You can also hire these people directly from services providing platforms like Fiverr, Amazon Mechanical Turk, and UpWork. When real users click on your page, it becomes a better approach to work, especially if you ask them to do things like scroll down the page or click on some other links on the website. 

In this way, they show normal human behavior that is expected from a genuine visitor on your page. It is one of the best ways to indicate to the search engines that your page is performing effectively. So, they add your page to the ranking algorithms. 

Even though your clicks are fake, using this method you try to fool search engines. Another reason for CTR manipulation working in this way is different IPs. Yes, when you hire people, they use different IP addresses which makes it difficult for search engines to find out if there is any CTR manipulation happening. 

However, the majority of people who will do this work for you are from developing countries. Search engines might detect fake clicks based on the location of the users clicking on your site in SERP. That is why these users need to activate a VPN before starting to fake click on your site. 

When a VPN is activated, it gets hard for search engines to find out the actual location of Call-To-Action people working for your website. But VPNs cannot be trusted completely as it is not a fool-proof tool to use for CTR manipulating because in certain cases the search engines may detect suspicious human behavior even if the VPN is turned on. 

To avoid such situations, it is important to act normally, and use VPN to hide the real location of users that get paid to do fake clicks for you. Yes, you will have to pay the Call-To-Action people or the service-providing company you hire for CTR manipulation. Another effective way CTR manipulation works is using software programs called bots, commonly referred to as Click Bots. 

These click bots go to Google and other search engines, enter a keyword or query to find your listing in the SERP and then click on your website. Moreover, these bots can be used to increase your popularity. If these bots get programmed to click on your profile on Google My Business, Google will consider your business getting more recognition and becoming popular.

In this way, Google puts your business site at the top of SERP, improving your CTR. Some people often think that CTR manipulation does not work properly or is just a failed technique to increase CTR. But in reality, many companies and marketers are using CTR manipulation and getting unexpected results. 


CTR manipulation has become an easier approach for quick results, you can use bots or hire people to do the work for you. All you have to do is pay the Call-To-Action people and companies that provide you such services or create your own bots using tools if you have programming skills. CTR manipulation works and provides increased CTR by increasing rankings in SERM. 

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