Top 3 Funniest Viral Videos on Facebook you must Watch

Updated On September 28, 2023 | by Alex Smith

Funniest Viral Videos

Want to know the top 3 funniest viral videos? Well, here is the list that will make you laugh heartily. 

1. Toddlers Funny Voice:

Recently Deni DeVito posted a video on the here Facebook account of her 2-year son that went viral on the Facebook platform. this was a video of her son that was on the toilet seat and was having a conversation with his dad. In this conversation, the kid keeps on saying that “I didn’t poop, I peed”. It was a one-minute-long video that will surely bring a smile to your face. It has around 27 million views to date, and it is still trending on the platform.

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2. Mission Impossible by Monkeys:

This video when went live, everyone started commenting that these monkeys are actual firefighters. In this video, two monkeys were playfully sliding down the exterior of the building. This video got the eyes of many people and made it go viral all across the globe. These monkeys were moving here and there like action heroes and just with their feet they grabbed the support that helped them to move up and down. The video was breathtaking and even funny at the same time. This video will surely bring a good smile to your face. 

3. An Elephant Eats Handing Helmet on the Bike:

Recently, in Narangi near Guwahati, an elephant was spotted eating a helmet that was hanging on the bike. Of course, eating helmet is weird, but it happened there. This incident was recorded, and the video was put on Facebook. This video become viral on the same day of being uploaded on the platform. the elephant has mistaken the helmet for some kind of edible item and ate it. this cute sight brings smiles to different people.

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