10 Best Spy Apps for Android and iPhone in 2024

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It isn’t new today if you hear someone get spied upon or caught spying on someone. In both cases, the only difference would most likely be the purpose of the people for doing so. 

And since the popularity of spy apps is on the rise, with many people shifting to using spy apps, they get confused about which one they should get.

What’s surprising is that people can even spy on a cell phone without having it. So, there are different spy apps for different devices, and we will discuss the top 10 spy apps for Android and iPhone in the article. 

About Spy Apps and How They Work

In today’s time, when there is a rise in the technology advancement that continues to get better, there are also related crimes to it that are becoming pretty common. 

And one of them is spying. While most of you may have heard of it already, spying refers to the act of obtaining information about a person using fishy ways without their knowledge. These days, many people spy on one another due to a plethora of reasons. 

However, as it is done via illegal means, it is only natural to wonder if you are the next victim of it. So, in order to save yourself, you can keep the knowledge of different spy apps and even use them to protect your personal data. But first, let’s understand why one may think of using spy apps. 

Why Use Spy Apps? 

There can be a bunch of reasons why people would want to use spy apps, but the two reasons are that they are mostly used for either privacy or to spy on someone.

It is interesting how spy apps can be used for both protection and prying. So it is totally up to individuals how they decide to go with it. Apart from the reasons mentioned above, there are other points as well as why people may use spy apps like tracking their lost or stolen device, and monitoring and recording incoming and outgoing calls and messages on a device. 

So now let’s have a look at the list of top 10 spy apps that lead to the factors mentioned earlier for spying on someone. 

10 Best Spy Apps for Android and iPhone in 2024

There are different spy apps that vary in the price range to the features they offer. Depending on the uses and other information, you can go through the list of spy apps given below and go for the one that suits your requirement the best. Now we are going to discuss the 10 best spy apps for android and iPhone in 2024 and also explain them along with their features. 


One of the best apps known for spying is mSpy. It is slightly different from the rest of the spying apps as it is primarily used as a parental monitoring app. It has various interesting features too.

mSpy website homepage.

  1. Location tracking
  2. Multimedia file monitoring 
  3. Cellphone monitoring 
  4. Recovery of deleted messages. 
  5. The Screen recorder is provided.


Another useful spy app for phone tracking is SpyBubble. It works well on Windows, Mac, and iOS as well. It gives you full access to the device that it is planted in and operates silently. 

SpyBubble homepage. 
  1. Recording calls 
  2. One can capture screenshots 
  3. GPS tracking 
  4. Remote camera access 
  5. Stealth mode 


For keeping tabs on children and employees, XNSPY is a good alternative to spy apps. It is popular and a good surveillance tool for monitoring and spying on others.

XNSPY interface
  1. Track GPS 
  2. Monitor online activities 
  3. Gives access to Messenger chats 
  4. Keylogger 
  5. Monitor phone calls and messages  


uMobix is the only app that lets you have access to a person’s Instagram, and Facebook accounts fully. Not only that, but it also works well in both iOS and Android. 

uMobix layout 
  1. Gives real-time reporting for Android
  2. YouTube monitoring 
  3. You get to have the online status indicator 
  4. App activity tracking 


eyeZy lets you monitor targeted devices for parental control without getting noticed. You can also see the browser history, texts, and other activities on your target’s device. 

Eyezy website layout

  1. Wi-Fi Network Analysis
  2. Geo-Location Tracker
  3. See the multimedia files on the targeted device
  4. View and block websites on it
  5. Track every action on the device 


Another popular spy app is FlexiSPY. It has a long list of features that makes it stand out from others and lets you monitor the targeted device remotely. 

FlexiSPY wesbite interface.
  1. Geo-Fencing 
  2. Keylogger 
  3. Environment Recording 
  4. Call monitoring and recording
  5. Monitoring and recording of social media


iKeyMonitor is a spy app that works well with both Android and iOS, and it allows parents to track the device activity of their kids on their phones, iPad, Tablets, etc. 

iKeyMonitor website layout. 
  1. Remote access is allowed; this means spying on cell phones without access to phones.
  2. Installation is pretty easy 
  3. The app is great at being undetectable 


If you want to do simple remote smartphone monitoring, CocoSpy can be the right spy app for you. It is a cross-compatible app for spying that helps you to keep tabs on the locations, messages, calls, and apps. 

Cocospy website homepage
  1. Track browser history 
  2. Call tracker 
  3. Stealth mode 
  4. Allows you to spy on social media 
  5. Geofence alerts 


There are different management tools for child monitoring and also functionalities to monitor the employers and remote teams. What adds more to it is Artificial Intelligence included in it. 

 pcTattleTale website interface
  1. Provides activity reports.
  2. Track websites and apps used by the team.
  3. Check social media for child monitoring.
  4. Find the most active times for both day and night.


If you are looking for a mobile phone tracker with hidden trackings like SMS, calls, internet activities, or recording location, Hoverwatch can be the right choice. 

Hoverwatch website’s homepage
  1. Record incoming and outgoing calls.
  2. Track phone location, and take screenshots.
  3. Includes tools like WhatsApp Spy, Viber Spy, and Snapchat Spy.
  4. View internet history and activity.

Apart from the above-mentioned apps, there are other dangerous spyware apps as well. 

As it is said that there are two sides to every coin, the same can be the case for spy apps. One can use spy apps to protect their data and, on the other hand, use them to spy on others as well. So it is completely up to people what reason they want to use spy apps. 

As you can see in the bar chart given below the image, a survey was done to find out what people think about spying on their partner being legal. 

Survey about the legality of spying on a partner

While everyone had their own answers, the question is whether is it actually allowed and legal to spy on someone, in general, using spy apps. There is a percentage of parents that prefers to make use of spy apps for the safety of their children. 

Survey about adding spy app to child’s phone

As you can see in the bar graph given in the above image, it is a survey asking parents of all age groups about what they have to say about adding a spy app on their kids’ phones. However, the question is whether it is even allowed. 

⚠️ Disclaimer: Unauthorized spying and tracking electronically or physically is illegal and can lead to criminal and civil penalties. Hence, even if you are spying on your own children or spouse, it won’t be an exception because the use of hidden cameras, spyware apps, or tracking devices is subject to the criminal offense. 


When it comes to the safety of the children, parents know the best. And in today’s time, where spying has become pretty common, some feel the need to use spy apps. While everyone may have their own reasons for using spy apps, it can also get troublesome as it isn’t allowed even if you are spying on your spouse. So you have to make sure that you make a wise decision when it comes to that. 

From their pros and cons to their uses, in the article, there is everything explained about Spy apps that you may want to know. If you want to protect your data using spy apps, we have listed some finest working spy apps for both Android and iOS.

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