How to Spy on a Cell Phone Without Having It?

Spy on a Cell Phone
Oct 31, 2023 Reading time : 4 min

The best way to find out anything about anyone is to track their phones. We store our most valuable secrets in our phones through our usage habits. And that information can be acquired by spying on anyone’s phone.

But it can be challenging to spy on someone’s phone without having access to it. Luckily, to help you, there is a quality spy app that will allow you to get to know how to track a Samsung phone or iPhone without having it.

Why May You Need a Spy App?

There can be several reasons why you may need a spy app. Let’s see why you may choose to spy on someone else’s phone:

To Catch an Unfaithful Partner

Most users choose spy apps to spy on their partners because unfaithful spouses are everywhere these days. If you think that your spouse is cheating, the best way to expose their vile act is to search their phones.

To Save Your Kid from Bullying

Bullying has been prevalent in our society for quite a long time, and it can lead to unfortunate events like suicide or self-harm. If you’re worried that your kid is a victim of bullying or your kid is with bad company, you can spy on their phone to find the truth.

To Protect the Elderlies from Getting Scammed

Credit card scammers are ruthless. They won’t stop until they rob the last penny. Their primary victims are older people. If you suspect that an elderly relative of yours might fall victim to such scams, you can track their phone as a safety measure.

To Track Your Employees

When you are the owner of a company, and there are employees under you, it can be pretty tricky to keep a check on all of them. Scrolling social media during work hours is a bad practice that’s very hard to catch. With a spy app, you can spy on all of your employees’ smartphones to make sure that they’re 100% committed to the work they are getting paid for.

What Makes mSpy the Best Solution?

mSpy is a remote cell phone spy software without a target phone that is equally effective for Android and iPhone. You can also use non-jailbroken iPhones with some limitations. Let’s take a look at what makes mSpy the best solution:

For Android

mSpy is among the best spy apps for Android without a target phone. There are multiple ways to install the spy app on the device of interest. Your data stays completely protected, plus the target will never know that he’s being tracked. mSpy offers 24/7 support and the best price on the market.

For a Jailbroken iPhone

If your target device is a jailbroken iPhone, you can get all the features that mSpy offers. You can track the call list, messages, social media chats, and more. However, you will need physical access to the phone only just once.

For an iPhone without jailbreak

If there is no way that you can reach the target device, the non-jailbreak version is your option here. With the non-jailbreak version, you can spy on the device remotely without even physically accessing the device. However, there will be some limitations of features.

There are some legal obstacles to phone tracking. It can get you in legal trouble if you don’t know them. Let’s find out when you can track someone else’s device:

You are the Owner of the Device

It’s completely legal to track a device you are the owner of. It can be your employees, your offspring, or anyone who’s your subordinate.

You Track a Minor’s Device

It’s legal to track your kids’ phones. Kids can’t differentiate from good to evil and might fall victim to online predators. Tracking their phone is the most effective way to protect them from such occurrences.

The Target Person Agrees to be Monitored

If the target person agrees to be monitored, you won’t get into legal trouble. The target person can be your grandfather or grandmother who is likely to fall victim to online credit card or gift card scams.

You’re Monitoring a Device That Belongs to the Company

If you are the company’s boss and give your employees phones for official purposes, you have every right to track those phones. By monitoring those phones, you make sure that all of your employees are working correctly and that none of them are spending time on their phones during office hours.


Knowing which one is the best can be confusing with so many spy apps out there. With everything mSpy offers, we would say that this is one of the cell phone spy apps without a target phone.

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