How to Be a Security Pro

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Become a Security Pro
Jan 5, 2024 Reading time : 4 min

These days, it certainly seems like there are more risks than ever before, doesn’t it? Now that the internet has us all connected (and we all carry the internet in our back pockets), there’s a lot more to staying safe than just locking your front door. This is true for individuals who want to stay safe from folks with bad intentions or criminals, and it’s true for small business owners who want to keep their enterprises safe from the same kinds of people.

Even though we can’t all be trained security professionals, there are a few ways to stay wise and safe in the wake of both physical and cyber threats. Plus, while the advancement of technology might have brought more risk, it has also brought some very exciting solutions to these same problems. Beyond the simple stuff, like never ever sending your SSN or bank account information to anyone, here are some great ways to use technology to stay safe. Even though you’re not a trained pro, you’ll have all the savvy of one—whether you’re keeping your home or your business secure.

Trust Your Gut, But Also Use a Criminal Record Lookup Tool.

Gut instincts are great, and sometimes the best thing to do is to trust a hunch that tells you someone is up to no good. Remember, though, that criminals can be very sly folks and that they are experts in tricking people like yourself. If you’re hiring someone new, even a gardener or a part-time assistant, you should know everything about their history before you bring them into your life.

mugshot search is pretty easy to do online. Actually, to find someone’s mugshot (if it exists), all you need is their first name and last name. Enter that into the mugshot searching tool and you’ll get the record of all their run-ins with law enforcement. An arrest record, booking date, count of charges, when they were an inmate and were—everything down to the eye color recorded in the log at the local sheriff’s office. Of course, job applicants who have done their time and are on probation may be totally fine to hire. That said, if they do have a little bit of history with law enforcement, you might want to know the crime type as such information can give you a full picture of who you’re talking to.

Set Yourself Up for Success with a Great Security System.

If you don’t want to be calling up a victim services hotline, you need to set yourself up for success, and that means getting yourself the best security system possible. An alarm system with a keypad is a good start, as well as a video intercom system that allows you to see anyone at your door before letting them in. Another great investment is an ANPR camera, which most laypeople aren’t familiar with—but should be.ANPR is an acronym that stands for Automatic Number Plate Recognition, and basically, an ANPR system takes a snapshot of any number plate (license plate) on a car that’s up to suspicious activities in your parking lot. An ANPR outside your place of business, for example, sends an image of the number plate over to law enforcement automatically (hence the name) in the case of a burglary, allowing police to start combing through records and finding the criminals and apprehending them. The faster law enforcement officers can find the burglars, the less chance that your belongings will be gone forever, so why wouldn’t you use the marvel that is ANPR technology to keep your home or business safe? Basically, if there’s a parking lot near you, an ANPR system will make you more of a security pro.

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