Best Crypto Exchange for Converting POLY to ALPHA

Updated On January 16, 2023 | by Joseph Williams


If you want to trade your crypto assets, you need an exchange site that promises hassle-free, convenient, and affordable deals. So, what are the best exchanges for trading POLY to ALPHA and other assets? Find out some of the viable options and how to swap POLY for ALPHA tokens. 

How to Choose a Crypto Exchange Site

Before deciding on a swapping platform, here are some of the factors that should influence your decision:

  • Anonymous transactions –if you are swapping your assets one time, a good exchange site should guarantee anonymity. Opt for one that doesn’t require you to sign up. 
  • Transaction fees: different exchanges charge you for any transaction. Find out if the rates are affordable. Also, rule out any possibilities of incurring hidden fees.
  • Reputation: What are other investors saying about the site, and can you trust it? You can read reviews before deciding. 
  • The number of swaps: is there a limit on the number of times you can swap on the site? A good exchange site should allow you to trade without restrictions. 
  • Customer support: Check how responsive the support team is and help you complete your transactions without challenges.

Top 5 Crypto Exchange Sites for Converting POLY to ALPHA

Here are the best crypto exchanges you could ever find in the blockchain.

  • Binance –low trading fees and altcoins
  • Coinbase –beginner-friendly
  • Kraken –excellent services
  • Bisq –decentralized site
  • eToro –best for crypto and forex trading


Look no further if you want to trade rare coins, including POLY and ALPHA; Binance is your ultimate exchange site. The platform supports hundreds of altcoins in the blockchain. The good thing about Binance is that its transaction fees are charged at 0.1%. Its only downside is that verification and setting the 2FA measure can be challenging for some investors. 


Anyone trying their luck in crypto investments can try trading on Coinbase. You can trade conveniently, thanks to the well-designed UI. Coinbase supports withdrawals and deposits of both popular and rare coins. Unlike other exchanges, you will incur a higher trading fee when transacting on Coinbase. 


Kraken stands out as the best exchange because of its unmatched customer service. It is also a reputable crypto exchange site with low trading fees for investors who trade frequently. Kraken’s main downside is that it lags at some point –the UI needs some tweaking. 


Bisq is a highly decentralized exchange site guaranteeing high levels of security. So, if you want to trade POLY for ALPHA and other cryptocurrencies without worrying about safety, Bisq is the perfect site. Plus, you don’t need an ID to trade. The main downside of using Bisq is that it doesn’t support credit cards when depositing funds. 


eToro stands overall best because it supports cryptocurrency forex and stock trading. New investors might find it viable to try all sorts of digital investments. And the good thing about it is that traders can use it as a wallet to store their assets. 

You can access eToro via a mobile app or directly on the browser. eToro’s main downside is that it doesn’t support many cryptocurrencies –only 14 are compatible.

How to Convert POLY to ALPHA

You can swap your POLY assets for ALPHA coins by:

  • Choose an instant crypto exchange aggregator platform for quick conversion
  • Select the POLY to ALPHA trading pair
  • Enter the coins you want to swap
  • Provide an address for receiving ALPHA coins
  • Confirm the amount you want to exchange
  • Wait for the process to complete –you will get ALPHA tokens as per the exchange rate. 

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