List of Superior Jewelry Stores

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Superior Jewelry Stores

Jewelry does not always have to be gleaming, opulent, or exorbitantly priced. These Singapore-based firms understand how to make a statement while remaining modest. Where can I find an alternative jewelry shop near me? This is a common question among many individuals when shopping for trinkets. Read along to broaden your knowledge in fashion and elegance.

Best Local Jewelry Brands

Jewelers continue to amaze with exquisite masterpieces. However, the industry is quite flooded with a variety of sham pieces. Should you be considering stocking up on jewelry, it would be helpful to know what to look out for. Consider the collection below:

Ask and Embla

Ask & Embla embraces outcasts, believers, round pegs in square holes, and everyone in between. They want to encourage people to be proud of who they are. They are enthusiastic about their jewelry and are aware of the legislation and standards governing body-safe materials and body jewelry production. Ask & Embla are constantly working to improve and reach the highest possible standards as we grow.

The Mindful Company

The Mindful Company’s mission is to create meaningful jewelry. It pulls inspiration from the community and infuses it into their creation. It is most known for its ‘Reminder’ series, in which you can customize a bracelet or ring with a phrase of affirmation. TheThe business works directly with top jewelers through ethical standards towards great sustainable artistry towards great sustainable craft while preserving their jewelry at an affordable price.

By Invite Only

By Invite Only stocks stylish and trendy jewelry suited for everyday use, promising clients the freedom to express themselves while keeping things reasonable. Keeping with the brand’s idea that jewelry should be used to adorn rather than clutter, its minimalist pieces look beautiful on their own but can also be piled up for a distinctive aesthetic. The finest aspect is its sustainability mission: its packaging is free of plastic, and only conflict-free metals are utilized.

Carrie K

Carrie K handcrafts each piece with care and consideration, as consultation with designers and gemstone sourcing are an important part of their meticulous process. Their Heritage collection is particularly lovely and infused with local flavor, and they have a variety of unique collections. Its one-of-a-kind fastening method also lets you combine various pieces to make a statement.

Amado Gudek

Amado Gudek, founded by local designer Elaine Tan, creates jewels from waste byproducts known as bio-resins and other eco-friendly materials. She methodically creates casts, sands, and polishes each unique piece by hand in her production studio. A majority of the pieces include plants and foliage, including tea leaves and sea moss. These plants are hand-framed and inserted in speckled bio-resin blocks.

Poh Heng

Poh Heng’s jewelry collections are mostly inspired by Chinese culture, with well-curated accessories referencing many beliefs and customs, including those that bring luck and good fortune. Anklets, earrings, pendants, bracelets, watches, rings, necklaces and more are available. They also have designs dedicated to engagements and weddings.

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Sometimes all that you need is a simple statement. Singapore’s minimalist jewelry brands will certainly appeal to you if you wish to avoid dramatic designs and frilly frills. These sleek and stylish accessories, sometimes known as the little black dress of jewelry, are appropriate for every occasion. This can be anything from a casual athleisure outfit to an eye-catching evening dress.

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