Five Tips on How to Increase the Value of Your Injury Claim

Tips to Increase Value of Injury Claim
Feb 18, 2022 Reading time : 4 min

The aim of filing a personal injury claim is to get maximum compensation for the damages suffered. The negotiation process is not easy because the insurance adjusters are out to devalue your claim.

For the best outcome, you need the help of a personal injury attorney. If you do not have one yet, start the search early to choose a personal injury lawyer for you. Thanks to technology, you can get the details and contact numbers of injury lawyers online. For instance, to reach Robert J Greenstein, an injury lawyer in New York City, call 1800VICTIM2.

Having handled similar settlement negotiations before, your injury attorney will deal with the insurance adjusters to ensure that you get the compensation you deserve. Other than hiring a lawyer, below are other ways to maximize your claim:

How to Maximize Your Settlement

1. Preserve Your Evidence

Just as with any other case, the court will decide your claim based on the evidence you provide. Therefore, try as much as you can to preserve evidence. If you can, take photos, videos and ask eyewitnesses to record a statement with the police. You can be sure that the other party was at fault, but to build a strong claim, you must be able to prove the same.

2. Seek Medical Treatment

Visiting the hospital proves the extent of your injuries. The first step after the accident should be seeking medical help; otherwise, the insurance adjusters will weaken your case by claiming that your injuries were not bad because you did not need medical care.

What’s more, make sure to adhere to all the doctors’ instructions. Attend scheduled physical therapy sessions and stick to the treatment plan provided by your doctor. Also, keep all medical records and payment receipts safe to show that you sought medical treatment.

3. Do Not Settle for the First Offer

Immediately after the accident, the insurance adjusters will approach you with a figure and promise to settle the claim immediately. In a financial crisis, the temptation to take the offer will be high but resist them. The insurance adjuster will offer you enough to cover your current medical bills and surplus for the near future without considering future costs related to the accident.

Therefore, let your lawyer handle the negotiations because they will include all the damages you will experience and need to cover.

4. Never Claim Liability 

Another trick used by insurance adjusters is making you admit to fault in the accident. Decline any offer to record a statement with insurance adjusters after the accident. Usually, they record your statements and manipulate you into saying things that imply you contributed to the accident.

With such statements, the value of your claim is automatically reduced. Stay mute until your lawyer advises you on what to say.

5. File Your Claim Immediately

If your lawyer says that you have a strong claim, file the case as soon as possible. You should file an injury claim within the given time frame; otherwise, it reduces in value. What’s more, by filing the claim late, the insurance adjusters and the defendant will take advantage of the fact that your time is running out and offer you a paltry settlement.

If you do not file the case within the given window, the negligent party will walk free, and you will have to cover all expenses resulting from another’s fault or mistakes.

Do Not Handle an Injury Claim Without a Lawyer

An injury claim is as simple as telling your story of how the accident happened and showing that you suffered damages from another’s negligence. However, you are safest if a lawyer tells this story. An injury attorney will determine all the damages and provide evidence demonstrating why you deserve the compensation. For further queries or to find answers to the most asked questions related to personal injury lawsuit, read here.