When You Should Get a Personal Injury Lawyer

Mar 8, 2022 Reading time : 6 min

You should always get a personal injury lawyer when you sustain injuries in an accident that was caused by the wrongdoing or negligence of someone else. A personal injury attorney can assist you to get compensation for the injuries you sustained. An attorney can protect your interests against large insurance companies who may desire to avoid paying a fair settlement for your damages and injuries. 

You should note that some personal injury cases may not need the help of an attorney. But it can be helpful to have a professional with legal experience and knowledge to handle your injury claim. A good lawyer can also tell you whether or not it’s necessary to get an attorney for your case. This page discusses when you should get a personal injury lawyer. 

There is a Dispute on Liability

If you have injuries due to an accident, then you need to prove that the at-fault party’s errors, negligence, or wrongdoing led to your injuries. If you fail to prove that the other party caused your pedestrian or car accident, it can be hard to get compensation for the injuries you sustained. However, if the other party doesn’t accept liability, you should consult a personal injury lawyer right away. Doing so, also helps you find answer related to most asked questions for personal injury lawsuit.

Your lawyer can do a thorough investigation to find out who was responsible for your injuries and how the accident happened. The attorney can collect evidence and develop a strategy to prove liability.

The at-fault party’s insurance company can accept liability, but it can claim that you are also to blame for contributing to the cause of the accident. For example, the insurer can say that you were overspeeding at the time of the car accident. Hence, you can be partially at fault for causing the accident, even though the other driver didn’t give the right of way.

Some states have contributory negligence laws that can reduce the compensation for an injury claim by a certain proportion of your fault that contributed to the accident. For instance, if they determine that you were 50% at fault for the cause of the car accident, they can reduce the money you are supposed to receive by one-half.

Many insurance companies usually use the contributory negligence argument to reduce the amount of money they need to pay you to resolve a claim. A lawyer knows how to handle these allegations.

There are Several Parties Involved

You need to get a personal injury attorney when there are several parties involved in your personal injury case. Good examples of personal injury cases that usually involve several parties include product liability claims, construction cases, medical malpractice claims, and multi-vehicle accidents.

A personal injury lawyer in Grayson, GA has the experience and skills needed to handle the extra issues that at-fault parties can raise. While the parties are arguing about the party responsible for causing the accident, your attorney builds a case to defend you. 

Having several parties involved in your case can sometimes mean more money for you. Unfortunately, it can also mean having a more complicated, prolonged, and challenging case. 

You Sustained a Severe Injury or Permanent Disability

Personal injury cases that involve severe injuries or permanent disabilities can be different from other common causes. For instance, if you have a disabling condition due to a defective product, you may need ongoing medical care. It can also mean that you may not work anymore. Because of your impairment or disability, you can have future damages. 

Remember that future damages can get to tons of money over the years, but this can depend on your disability, age, and other factors. A lawyer can get financial, medical, and economic professionals to help in valuing your future damages to make sure that you receive the maximum compensation for your personal injury claim.

Severe injury cases usually lead to high-dollar settlements. This is why insurance companies can do their best to reduce the value of personal injury claims to avoid making losses. You need to find a personal injury attorney with experience handling personal injury cases. They should also know how to document damages and optimize the damages related to pain and suffering. This can improve your chances of receiving the fair compensation you deserve. 

The Insurer is Acting in Bad Faith

The at-fault party’s insurance company may not be interested in providing compensation for the injuries you sustained. In some cases, the insurance company can decide to get out and pay nothing for your personal injury claim. Hence, these insurers can act in bad faith when negotiating with you.

For instance, the insurance company can drag out your personal injury claim to let the statute of limitations expire. When it expires, you cannot file a lawsuit against the at-fault party.

Other ways insurance companies can act in bad faith include asking for unnecessary paperwork to process a personal injury claim, failure to investigate a claim, misrepresenting the insurance policy’s terms, raising contributory negligence false allegations, refusing to pay a valid personal injury claim, and intentionally misleading an accident victim about their legal rights.

The good news is that an experienced personal injury attorney can know these insurance company’s tactics. They are also familiar with the applicable laws associated with personal injury claims.

In most cases, an insurance company may not act in bad faith once they know that an attorney is representing you. If an insurer doesn’t want to offer a fair settlement, then your attorney can file a personal injury lawsuit. Even just a threat of a lawsuit can encourage the insurer as well as other parties involved in the personal injury claim to pay a fair settlement.

A Personal Injury Claim Involves a Government Entity

A personal injury claim against the government can be more complicated than the other personal injury claims. In most cases, the government can be protected from liability. 

If you sustain injuries in a bus accident, train accident, and many more, you must contact a personal injury lawyer right away. There is a shorter time to file a lawsuit against the government than the deadline for other lawsuits. You need the services of a good personal injury attorney for any injury claims against a government entity.