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Gone are the days when you required TV to get a dose of your favorite sports. Sports streaming sites are setting the market on a storm nowadays.  If you have no time to watch your favorite sports at the stadium matches, a live streaming site is all you need. You must have high-speed internet connectivity and get the stadium-like experience of watching your favorite match at the comfort of your home while binging on your favorite snack.

What makes it more entertaining is to get all the live sports streams for free. There are many sites that claim to stream live sports for free but some of them can be misleading. So you need to be wary of the link you are clicking on it. Here we are helping you get into the depth of the streaming sites and their functioning by unfolding the crucial factors.

Look at the Table of Comparison to Make a Clear Choice: 

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List of All Free Sports Streaming Website

There are plenty of paid options available but we will only cover the free sports streaming sites so that you don’t regret anything and have nothing to lose in case you don’t like them. However, these sites are known to be best in the market, so check out the list and pick one that appeals to you the most.

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  1. ESPN

One of the top free sports streaming sites, the official ESPN website offers a lot of live streaming videos.

You can watch a variety of sports including Football, basketball, baseball, college sports, hockey, golf, tennis, esports, UFC Fight Nights, etc.

The user interface is worth-noticing and also gives a premium feel. ESPN doesn’t stream the games they don’t have the rights of. Only some of the live sports on are streamed for free while others require you to log in from a cable or satellite subscription. ESPN+ costs $4.99 per month or $49.99 per year


  • It is totally inexpensive
  • There is no contract, so you can end whenever you want
  • Stream the sporting events LIVE, and no cable required 
  • It provides you the passage to some original programming 
  • On-demand streaming for popular shows
  • Features of pausing and rewinding for live access
  • Watch anywhere on your mobile device. (just in the US)
  • Access to exclusive global leagues such as UEFA and CFL


  1. Not very broad coverage
  2. Many popular sports such as NBA, NFL, etc are left behind
  3. No local team
  4. Many big college teams aren’t accessible
  1. Stream2Watch

It is one such live sports streaming site that allows you to watch the live stream of almost any sports event you think of. Games such as baseball, soccer, basketball, volleyball, rugb, and many others can be watched online for free. However, you may run into some deceptive and annoying pop-up ads while watching live sports on Stream2Watch. Using a good ad blocker is recommended or you can try closing each ad and move back to the browser if you are taken to a new page.


  1. Plenty of live network feed streams from different corners of the world
  2. A long list of individual TV series with current hits like The Walking Dead’  and classic ones such as ‘Married With Children’.
  3. It includes a wide range of television programming


  1. User can’t track a specific episode
  2. The quality and stream dependability is not above-par
  3. There are too many ads on the platform
  1. Laola1

Don’t go on the name as it works really great when you want to watch your favorite sports online. Football, hockey, volleyball, table tennis; you name it, they have it. Laola1 is a sports streaming site based in Austria, but if you are a part of the international audience, you can use the international English version.

This is really a decent site if you are in hunt of streams of sports that are not widely available. Laola1 has a lot of soccer streams from all over the world and it is also a good place to watch table tennis.


  1. It can be  terminated whenever required
  2. It offers streaming in HD quality
  3. The site has comparatively fewer advertisements
  4. It can be used on smartphone, tablet, smart TV, computer


  1. It may not work on some of the platforms
  2. In-app purchase can make you pay extra for your favorite sports streaming
  3. Premium version is far better 
  1. Reddit

One of the best websites to look for unofficial live sports streams if you are unable to find an official one. Create communities (subreddits) and talk about your favorite sports. Yes! You can do that as well. Streaming site owners will also post their links in the relevant subreddits, where you can simply upvote the good streams and downvote the bad streams.

Furthermore, you can also seek links to popular sports streaming sites if you are facing a tough time to find links to some useful sites.


  1. Create a strong bond with other Reddit members by forming communities for your favorite sport
  2. You can get plenty of official links to sports streaming sites


  1. It is needed to careful while clicking on a link on Reddit
  2. You may need an ad-blocker to stop visiting unknown websites. 
  1. Bosscast

Another great option to view live sports streams from various sources, Bosscast lets you watch all the major sports that include- Baseball, Football, Basketball, and others. Here you can expect to find the stream that you were facing difficulty in getting earlier. Unlike other sports streaming sites, it requires Flash to watch live sports on this site. You will also get an embedded chat feature using which you can chat with other users while streaming your favorite sports event.


  1. Very intuitive interface with easy-to-navigate content
  2. You can chat with other sports fan
  3. The content-library is vast and includes the best streaming for sports like football, cricket, baseball, etc.


  1. There are so many misleading advertisements and required ad-blocker to avoid them
  2. Some users have reported malware-installation while using the site.
  1. Cricfree

As the name suggests, Cricfree specializes in Cricket but you can also see live streams of other sports like football, soccer, and basketball. It also gives you access to embedded videos that are hosted elsewhere, so you need to make sure that you don’t get trapped in some deceptive and invasive pop up ads.


  1. There is much more than just Cricket like football, basketball, rugby, darts, boxing, baseball, tennis, hockey, and many more.
  2. You get a chatroom to discuss games with other users. It is best to share and receive information about your favorite sport.
  3. Everything is sorted according to date, most recent and Lives. Thus, it becomes very easy to find specific content
  4. Just click on the game you want to watch and it will filter the list of streaming options available for you.


The huge number of advertisements is the biggest con. But many other sites have the same drawback, you can handle the ads with an adblocker.

  1. SportRAR.TV

SportRAR.TV is another free sports streaming site that collects live sports streaming videos from various sources for you. You will find all the major sports such as football, baseball, basketball, and others on this site. Click on the game you want to watch and it will take you to a new window. Some of the videos found on SportRAR.TV will show you the annoying pop-up ads even if you have an ad blocker installed.


  1. A long-list of resourceful links are available
  2. The site constantly updates its content for a better user experience.


  1. Plenty of ads that can redirect you to spam sites. Hence a good ad-blocker os required
  2. Some streams may not be available in your area. 
  1. FromHot

FromHot is another worthy option to watch sports online that too for free. You can stream every sport from Hockey, Football, Basketball, Tennis, Baseball, to Golf. The best thing is, its user interface is really clean and responsive. On the homepage itself, you will find some options to access all the live streaming in just a few clicks. No need to pay a single penny to feed your eyes some of the best live sports streams.


  1. It offers a wide range of sports streaming for free. You can even watch your favorite game recorded and live episodes for free. 
  2. Professional sports like basketball and football are just ready to watch. 


  1. Even adblocker couldn’t control the pop-up ads. It may affect your streaming experience. 
  1. VIP League

Even if the name says VIP, it is one of the free and best sports streaming sites. However, in some of the countries, it has been blocked by a few ISPs. But a free VPN service will definitely do the job. The only site that allows changing of themes, VIP League gives importance to your taste along with free live streaming of famous sports like Football, Basketball, Baseball, etc.

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  1. A very user-friendly interface and appealing design
  2. It offers information for sports and games
  3. There are numerous thumbnails and icons are available, and that makes it even easier to navigate


A large number of annoying pop-up ads during the stream.

What Are the Features Should be on a Sports Streaming Website:

Content is the king:

There are two sub-categories of sites that lie within the main category of sports streaming sites; One is the sites with “sports-related program and another is Live sports streaming sites. However, most of the users prefer sticking to the sites with both the features i.e. live streaming and sports-content. Even a good online sports platform should offer both the things under one roof. No one wants to keep a bunch of tabs open and toggle between them to watch sports, this could turn-off the spirit and cut down all the fun. Moreover, there is no sense of following a site that can’t provide you with value-added services. Sports content with commentary and shows is what makes a sport-site an ideal package.

Money Matters:

After content, another factor that needs all our focus is “Monthly subscription”. Though we are here talking about all the free sports streaming sites, not all users find free things appealing and need something intense to pursue their passion for sports. If you have decided to move from a free version to the premium one, compare its cost with your TV’s sport-package. Also, calculate the extra money you need to pay for your desired add-ons. Also, check how many people in your family or household are interested in sports, this will help you check the value for money you are getting. Some sites have more than just streaming such as news, entertainment programs, and more. Such content can be accessed while there is nothing “LIVE” to watch. This way you can indulge in the site for longer.

Some of the sites such as ESPN+ and Dazn have a lot of o’s sports content but nothing else, whereas CBS All Access or Amazon Prime Video, offer a plethora of shows and movies. Likewise, Hulu + Live TV provides a wide range of TV series and movies. So, the difference is clear. Therefore, we need to choose a platform that has more to offer and can justify the amount you are paying for subscriptions. Also, if you are enjoying a platform for free, you need to count the features you are getting and go for the platform that has more or better features than that of others.

Features vs Limitations:

Sports streaming platforms claim to offer LIVE streaming, but does it actually happen? Well, when it comes to international streaming, it becomes quite difficult for streaming sites to serve equally to every corner of the world. Nonetheless, there is a solution to this; A good DVR functionality serves the purpose. DVR allows you to record the live streaming and watch it later when it is convenient for you. Now the matter here is, how many hours of recording are supported by a platform. Even some of the platforms offer unlimited recordings and storage facilities. DVR is mainly provided to paid users and stops when the subscription is over. But there are some on-demand platforms that offer DVR features in their trial versions, so you need to check what is the status of DVR in the platform you are willing to use.

Moving to the next scene we all get stuck in once in a while; there are two persons fighting to watch two different streamings. If you have siblings or close friends, you must have faced this situation. The simultaneous streaming is the only solution to this. There are various platforms that offer different streaming on different devices, with one account. Pick the streaming services that allow concurrent watch. Some offer two streaming at a time, while some high-end yet expensive services offer multiple streaming at a moment. This feature is important and hence should be considered while choosing a platform.

But when you opt for live streaming services over the cable packages, you may have to compromise with the quality. Some of the streaming sites support 720p resolution, while some support bland 1080p streaming. To attain the maximum clarity and smoothness, you need to follow the minimum bandwidth requirements determined by the streaming platform for your internet connection. To get the 4k or ultra HD streaming, the bandwidth limit is usually higher. However, there is an exception: fuboTV broadcasts the 2019 FIFA Women’s World Cup tournament in 4K with all normal requirements.

With streaming services too, there are geographic regions limitations for some games or shows. Even, streaming sites go through failures such as power-trip, server downtime, etc. Furthermore, cables usually get more broadcast rights than the streaming platforms and streaming services costs you more than a cable to offer you the extra sports coverage for the shows you get on cable without any additional charges.

One league or International sports:

If we count the league fans, the number will be definitely higher. Most of the leagues offer their own fully-dedicated platforms to stream their sport. Some such examples are NBA League Pass, PGA Tour LIVE, and MLB.TV. So, if all you want to watch is a particular team, you need not spend on extra bucks, as you may get it for free.

There are sports channels who offer the local sports streaming, and some channels only focus on particular leagues, so you can pick the one, but when you get used to it, the cable operator suddenly turns the table and starts asking for extra money to watch your favorite channel. The same implies to international sports streaming, you may need to pay a wholesome amount to watch it on TV. But with the streaming sites, you only pay a nominal amount for particular things.

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