Top 43 Alternative Sites for Streaming NFLbite of ALL TIME

Updated On August 3, 2023 | by Gaurav Kumar

NFL Alternative

NFLbite is a popular website among sports lovers, especially football enthusiasts. This site is popular for live sports streams that include free NFL soccer, football, baseball, handball, motorsports, rugby, tennis, volleyball, and many other sports. 

NFLbites is perfect for sports fans like you and me who not simply watch games but indulge deeply in them. With over 100 million sports and esports fans every month, the popularity of NFL Bite is increasing at a rapid pace. 

Apart from the live telecasts of sports, NFLbyte also provides updates about upcoming sports events. Though NFL is a popular streaming site, sometimes it may encounter some glitches, in that case, you should know about some of the top free streaming sites that can perfectly work as NFLBite alternatives. In the article today, I will enlist the sport streaming sites that run seamlessly and can be used as NFLbite alternatives. So without any further ado, let’s discuss the top alternatives of NFLbites. 

About NFLbite and Services Provided by NFLbite

NFLbite Official Logo

NFLbite is a sports streaming site that brings you the most recent headlines and news related to games across the globe. NFL Bite is like NFLstreams sub, but all sports coverage is what makes it a more hyped and inclusive sports network globally. It offers a vast range of games in HD quality with real-time communication links that connect fans worldwide. 

In a nutshell, NFLbites Stream is the one-stop solution to live stream games and recent highlights of matches for free. Honestly, if you are a gaming freak and follow every playoff, NFL Bite is the best and safest website for you to live stream the 2023 NFL Playoffs and Super Bowl LVII. The NFL Bite brings the following services to its users: –

  1. It gives in-depth high-quality links to live stream a sport. 
  2. The entire content is in HD quality, so you can clearly watch the moves of the sportsperson. 
  3. This site facilitates error-free switching between different sites, too, without any delays or lags. 
  4. Though it’s a free match streaming site, its UI-designed HD logo gives it a premium finish. 

Moving on, let’s see some of the best alternatives of NFLbyte that provide identical services. 

Top 43 Alternatives for NFLbite

Here are the top 40 NFLbite alternatives that work exactly like NFLbits!

Batmanstream homepage

With a wide range of sports streaming services, Batmanstream is the one-stop solution for live-streaming your favorite matches. Here you’ll get active links for enjoying HD quality live matches, too, for free. Additionally, the lists on this site keep updating to ensure that viewers don’t miss out on anything new. Batmanstream has almost all the features of NFLbite stream, so you can definitely give it a try. 

Why choose Batmanstream?

  • Always updated with new games. 
  • It has a chatroom that helps fans connect and communicate.
  • This site has multiple servers to facilitate streaming when many matches are broadcasted simultaneously. 

Reddit NFL Streams

Reddit NFL Streams homepage

Reddit NFL Streams is the ideal option if you want to enjoy live-broadcast of sporting events for free. You should undoubtedly try Reddit NFL Streams if you are sick of the poor video quality matches offered on other platforms. With HD quality display, no subscription charge, live updates, and highlights, Reddit NFL Stream is pretty much identical to NFL Bite. Additionally, it also supports streaming on mobile phones for uninterrupted entertainment.

Why choose Reddit NFL streams?

  • It has dedicated subreddit web pages that have the most effective links for watching games. 
  • Reddit NFL streams have both NFLbite Reddit and MLBstreams shows.
Sprotsurge homepage1

Sportsurge is an online match broadcasting platform that you can access for free. It covers several matches that include basketball, tennis, MMA, football, boxing, etc. With Sportsugre you’ll get live updates of everything happening on the ground without spending a single penny. Simply put, it works like a conduit between a live-streaming station and viewers. 

Why Choose Sportsurge?

  • The site has a plethora of ongoing sports links which allow watching games like F1, NBA, Football, MotoGP, MLB, etc. for free. 
  • Updates about all minute details, including scores of ongoing games and important highlights. 
Bilasport Homepage

Get live access to a variety of sports competitions with Bilasport, as the site has a huge number of match links. Stay updated about all the upcoming events and new gossip in the industry by using Bilasport. 

Why choose Bilasport?

  • Has several match links, even from the Middle East, Asia, and Europe. 
  • Popularly known for covering NBA and MotoGP. 
  • This site doesn’t need a login or sign-up.
MyP2P homepage

Go for MyP2P if you like multiple options because it has a vast variety of games that allow you to determine what to stream. By the name, you must be thinking that MyP2P is all about cricket, but that’s not the case. Apart from cricket, MyP2P broadcasts many continental and international tournaments of different sports, that too in HD quality. 

Why choose MyP2P?

  • You’ll get free access to continental tournaments like UEL and UCL on MyP2P.
  • It has multiple games including tennis, college football, MLB, NFL, etc.
  • Has high-quality sporting events links for almost all sports.
VIPLeague homepage

If you are looking for continuous sports connectivity, VipLeague is the perfect site for you. At VIPLeague you get every small update of your favorite sport in HD quality without paying any subscription fee. Besides, finding your favorite sport on VIPLeague is too easy with its simple user interface. So grab some popcorn, adjust your couch, and stream your favorite matches on VIPLeague for free. 

Why choose VIPLeague?

  • It has an easy-to-use interface with huge thumbnails for each sport category.
  • Easy to navigate and stream.
  • Automatically organizes all the scheduled games by time and date when you select a category.
  • This site has updated links to the games scheduled for the next few days.
  • Each sports section has a history/trivia/factoid on the right side of the page to provide additional information about the games.
NHL66 homepage

Stream multiple matches with National Hockey League matches for free with NHL66. Though popularly known for hockey leagues, NHL66 also broadcasts other major games. You can get the latest updates about hockey matches and events on NHL66 without any additional cost or fee. 

Why choose NHL66? 

  • This site broadcasts the professional ice hockey league with 32 clubs, 25 in the United States and 7 in Canada.
  • NHL66 offers multiple streaming links so that you can use another if one link fails.
  • Has high-quality video with 1080p and 4K resolutions.
  • Apart from live matches, this site also covers post-live playoff matches.

If you are a hardcore hockey fan, you can dive deep and opt for some NHL66 alternatives to stream NHL online if the NHL66 site isn’t working. 

FirstRowSports homepage

Stream live matches in the best video quality with FirstRowSports for free. FirstRowSports facilitates users with a bit of customization, which is the central point of attraction for many viewers. This site has multiple features and showcases precise streaming schedules so that you don’t need to struggle a lot in finding the timings of your favorite matches. 

Why choose FirstRowSports?

  • Beginner’s friendly interface.
  • Allows users to adjust zones.
  • Has proper streaming schedules for all matches according to the nation.
Jokerlivestream homepage

Try Jokerlivestream if you want to enjoy multiple leagues that include EPL, La Liga, Serie A, and Bundesliga in one place. This site has a variety of sports events which gives users multiple options to choose from. What makes this site special is the fact that it broadcasts continental tournaments like UEL and UCL. You’ll surely love this site if you have an interest in continental and international tournaments.  

Why choose Jokerlivestream?

  • Along with national games, it also covers continental tournaments like UEL and UCL. 
  • Gives access to other popular games like Tennis, MotoGP, MLB, etc. 
USA Today Sports homepage

USA Today Sports is the most extensive digital media network that covers multiple ranges of areas from local to national. On this network, you’ll get all the latest news and updates about entertainment and games. This site is famous for providing highlights and other related details much more precisely. 

Why choose USA Today Sports?

  • It’s a national flagship publication that has a central position within the network. 
  • This site has all the highlights and important news and updates related to sports. 
  • It is the only media group that combines national sports visibility with more than 200 websites spread across 45 states. 

You can completely trust what’s written in the articles and blogs of USA Today Sports because all the information mentioned in the articles is collected from official and genuine sources. 

Rojadirecta homepage

Rojadirecta is known for providing minute details of all sporting events. It’s the most reliable sports index platform available on the internet. Rojadirecta is not only a good NFLbite alternative, but also the best Crackstreams alternative to stream your favorite gaming sports. Rojadirecta is the perfect match for you if you are a hardcore sports lover.

Why choose Rojadirecta?

  • Works as a real-time directory that offers extensive information on all top-level matches.
  • Provides multiple stream links for each live stream.
  • Facilitates watching matches in multiple languages. 
MamaHD homepage

Popularly known for seamless streaming in high-quality resolution, MamaHD is definitely one of the most common NFLbite alternatives. With MamaHD there’s no chance of missing any important sports-related information or highlights. Stream, relax, and enjoy all your preferred games only on MamaHD. 

Why choose MamaHD?

  • Easy streaming on both PC and mobile phones.
  • This site streams almost all the major sports types, including football, basketball, racing, WWE boxing, snooker, golf, etc.
beINSports Max2

It is a pay-television channel network owned and managed by the beIN Media Group and Digiturk that has extensive coverage of all sports events. beinSports Max 1 first came on air on 4th September 2000 with the name Isik TV and soon after, on 26th November 2001 this channel switched to its current name. So catch up on all the events, news, etc. on beINSports and stay updated about everything happening in the industry. 

Why choose beINSports Max 1? 

  • It has two free FTA channels, beIN SPORTS, and beIN SPORTS NEWS.
  • This network has an easy user interface.
  • Has a vast video-on-demand library that facilitates watching previous matches.
Sportlemon homepage

Sportlemon is one of the best free NFL alternative sites that are currently available. This site is very particular about safety and data breaches, which is why it doesn’t ask for your personal information. The vast collection of Sportlemon will give you endless entertainment, so grab some popcorn and enjoy your favorite matches with your friends and family.  

Why choose Sportlemon?

  • This website provides free live sports, TV channels, and other events.
  • No registration is required for free streaming.
  • Covers various games like boxing, rugby, badminton, tennis, basketball, etc.
  • Apart from matches, you can also listen to music on Sportlemon, that too for free. 
FBStream Homepage

If you want to focus on major games and matches like the World Cup, FBStream is the best NFLbite alternative for you. FBstream is one of the few sites that broadcast local matches and events. And the best part is that this website facilitates streaming on mobile phones also so that you can enjoy your favorite sport anywhere at any time.   

Why choose FBStream?

  • Facilitates streaming on both mobile devices and PC. 
  • Covers almost all the major and local Champions League and events.
SportRar Homepage

Another common NFLbite alternative for free sports streaming is SportRar. It has several helpful features that can help you watch your favorite games in HD quality. Furthermore, with SportRar you’ll be able to enjoy both national and international matches and events. SportRar makes international boundaries meaningless when it comes to live match streaming. 

Why choose SportRar?

  • It allows you to set the time zone so that you can get the precise timings of your favorite matches according to your location. 
  • This site has plenty of sports channels from various nations. 
  • SportRar alerts you about upcoming matches and updates you about events related to your favorite games.
Bally Sports homepage

Happily watch all the gaming programs using Bally Sports. It has a huge network of national and regional sports networks in the United States. This site is quite easy to navigate, and it ensures that you get real-time details of ongoing events. 

Why choose Bally Sports?

  • It has a user-friendly interface. 
  • This site has the most extensive portfolio of regional sports media rights in the United States.
  • Bally Sports covers matches of 42 professional teams from Major League Baseball, the National Baseball Association, and the National Hockey League.
StreamSport homepage

As the name suggests, StreamSport lets you stream live matches for free. It functions similarly to other sporting streaming services and has similar features, which makes it one of the best NFL Alternatives. 

Why choose StreamSport?

  • StreamSport indexes active links for live match streaming.
  • Covers all the major types of showing-off events, from NBA video games to football. 
Sportskeeda homepage

Sportskeeda is the one-stop destination for all live matches and sports-related news. This site filters the news and blogs according to your interests. Additionally, it works seamlessly on both PCs and mobile phones. All the videos and news published on this site are authentic as they are taken from reliable sources. 

Why choose Sportskeeda?

  • Gives all the highlights related to sports.
  • This site has amazing gaming articles that have HD images and videos lawfully obtained from official sources. 
  • The Easy UI of Sprotskeeda makes it easy to navigate.
ESPN College Football1

America holds a special place for sports, especially collegiate athletics. ESPN College Football covers all college football throughout America. It broadcasts all the international, national, and local gaming events. This one site will update you on even the smallest details about the industry. So fasten your seatbelt and get ready for a daily adventurous ride with ESPN College Football.

Why choose ESPN College Football?

  • It’s a world-famous platform for free streaming live matches. 
  • Best NFL bite alternative as it updates you about live scores, stats, teams, schedules, standings, college FPR, rankings, and total QBR. 
SportsBay homepage

SportsBay offers various sporting events in HD quality without a monthly fee or subscription. It’s one of the best NFL Bite replacements currently available out there. This site is promised to provide all live and on-demand video content in HD resolution. Besides this, the easy UI of SportsBay facilitates navigation and makes finding your favorite games way too easy. 

Why choose SportsBay? 

  • It delivers HD live streaming on different servers of superior quality. 
  • Gives access to on-demand streaming video content. 
  • Has exclusive links through which you can watch all sorts of matches. 
FuboTV homepage

With 200 sports and entertainment channels, FuboTV is definitely not going to disappoint you. It’s a premium live-streaming service that also has a free version. You can easily install and stream FuboTV on Samsung TV or any other TV like Roku with the bare minimum effort. So stream FuboTV and enjoy all your favorite matches. 

Why choose FuboTV?

  • Stream your favorite matches at 4K picture quality.
  • Also has other entertainment and music channels apart from games. 
  • It has something special for both free and paid users.
Stream2Watch homepage

Stream2Watch is another live sports streaming site where you can enjoy your favorite matches. The easy-to-understand interface is one of the plus points of this website, which makes it one of the best substitutes for NFL Bite. Stream2Watch has a vast index of match streams that gives multiple streaming options to users. Here you can enjoy almost all the games across the globe without paying anything. 

Why choose Stream2Watch?

  • It organizes different web links from different sources to stream matches at HD quality. 
  • This website streams channels across the globe including the USA, Spain, Russia, the UK, Canada, Italy, and other European Nations. 
  • Stream2Watch has plenty of links so that you can continue streaming if you encounter any malfunctioning links.

Malware links are quite common on websites like Stream2Watch, so in case the links on this site don’t work, you can explore some Stream2Watch alternatives for sports streaming


Streamwoop homepage

You can stream all the sporting videos in HD resolution by using the Streamwoop site. This site gives you access to premium-quality content and allows you to watch all your favorite matches in HD resolution for free. Similar to other NFLbite alternatives, Streamwoop updates you about the smallest details of your favorite games so that you don’t miss any highlights. 

Why choose Streamwoop?

  • It’s a completely free streaming site.
  • Doesn’t need any registration for streaming.
  • If you register, you’ll be able to unlock some additional features. 
Fox Sports Go

Fox Sports Go is an authentic place to access all the live channels of NFLbite. It’s a legal website with strong encryption to prevent data breaches. On Fox Sports Go, you will get endless streaming options, match highlights, and news about ongoing events in the industry. 

Why choose Fox Sports Go?

  • Free match videos with an easy-to-use interface. 
  • Has a huge collection of different match videos. 
  • Updates about all the gaming events by giving fresh highlights.
VIPstand homepage

VIPstand has all the popular games that include NBA, F1, MLB, MotoGP, and Football. One thing that you must know about VIPstand is that it will never let you get bored because it has a huge compilation of matches and playoffs. Simply put, it’s a one-stop destination for all sports admirers who are always looking for something new and adventurous. 

Why choose VIPstand?

  • Has high-quality streaming links for all gaming events.
  • Avail all the NFL games and playoffs for free. 
  • It even has live horse racing links, that’s why it’s one of the best sites for NFL live streaming free content. 

By reading the name, you must be thinking that CricFree is just about cricket, but that’s not the case. This site also covers many national and international tournaments of sports other than cricket. CricFree gives you a variety of gaming events to explore and lets you determine what to stream. If you like simple and informative sites, CricFree is a must-try for you. 

Why choose CricFree?

  • This site also has continental tournaments like UEL and UCL.
  • Here you’ll get HD-quality games and events links for all your favorite matches.
247Sports homepage

247Sports is another NFLbite alternative that offers interactive and premium gaming content for free. This website is all about matches and leagues. It has all the details and highlights that catch the attention of a sports enthusiast. At 247Sports you’ll get 24*7 updates about the things happening in the industry. 

Why choose 247Sports?

  • It has all 2023 Top Football Recruits, Top Basketball Recruits, NCAA Football Teams, and FB Recruiting information. 
  • All videos, highlights, and pictures are available in HD resolution. 
ScoresInLive homepage

With the best picture resolution, ScoresInLive is the best NFL bite alternative for hardcore sports fanatics. Apart from high-quality videos, ScroesInLive provides you with live updates about ongoing events. Get all the information about your favorite matches in one place with ScoresInLive. 

Why choose ScoresInLive?

  • You’ll get to enjoy live scores on their homepage. 
  • It’s a standard site that gives you precise updates about all the matches. 
NBA League Pass homepage

The NBA has a huge fan base and that’s why most of the time the internet gets baffled by the huge traffic during the NBA leagues. During the NBA league, many basketball enthusiasts and sports admirers look for ways to seamlessly stream the matches, and that’s when the NBA League Pass comes into the picture. Watching TV is obscure now, and exploring your favorite matches in HD quality at NBA League Pass.

Why choose NBA League Pass?

  • It’s available in both free and paid versions.
  • Provides several attractive deals with the membership. 
  • You can even download the available content. 
  • Apart from matches and leagues, you’ll also get live updates and highlights on the NBA League Pass site. 
CBS Sports1

CBS Sports is a fully functioning internet match streaming site that has active links to all your favorite matches. The fact that it is not limited to broadcast gaming events makes it stand out from other local streaming sites. CBS Sports is a must-try if you love exploring games in high-display quality. 

Why choose CBS Sports?

  • Has HD streams from Sports HQ, Fantasy, NFL, MLB, Golf, NCAA, NBA, NHL, FB, Soccer, Summer Racing, and many more. 
  • Updates about all the latest games and events. 
Sportshub homepage

Sportshub has a wide range of matches and events that include football, soccer, golf, racing, hockey, NASCAR, tennis, baseball, cricket, handball, and many more. With this huge coverage, Sportshub ensures you easily find what you are looking for with an extremely simple UI. 

Why choose Sportshub? 

  • It has an easy-to-use interface.
  • Covers several important matches like champion leagues, euros, and the world cup. 

As the name suggests, LiveTV provides active links to different matches. LiveTV is one of the best NFLbite Alternatives, popularly known for the easy accessing feature and HD video resolution. It isn’t restricted to live matches and also has some amazing gossip and news related to the sports industry. 

Why choose LiveTV?

  • Easily accessible on both PC and mobile phone. 
  • You get to see the live broadcast of your favorite game in HD quality.
  • It also has the latest games news blog along with Match video highlights.  
Facebook Watch

Facebook Watch is powered by Meta. It’s a place where you can get all the links to your favorite sport. With increasing trends in internet streaming, Facebook is all set to pave its way toward online streaming. On Facebook Watch, you’ll get authentic links to all your favorite matches.

Why choose Facebook Watch?

  • It provides one of the best streaming services when it comes to live broadcasting of sports, which makes it one of the best NLFbite alternatives.
  • Allows you to stream a solitary MLB game per week free of cost. 
  • Currently, Facebook is working hard to get electronic civil liberties to broadcast more events in the future. 
SonyLIV homepage

SonyLIV provides games and entertainment streaming services to both free and paid users. You can easily stream SonyLIV on smart TVs and enjoy your favorite matches on the big screen. It’s an amazing sports streaming platform, but unfortunately, it’s only available in India. You can access this video streaming app by using a VPN. 

Why choose SonyLIV?

  • Provides good quality match videos for free. 
  • It has a beginner-friendly interface. 
  • It’s completely safe, and you don’t need to be concerned about data safety. 
StrikeOut Homepage

With an easy-to-use interface, StrikeOut makes searching for your favorite sports match easy. If your computer keeps buffering, and you wonder how to stop buffering while streaming your favorite shows, you should definitely try StrikeOut once because it gives a lag-free operating experience to its users. 

Why choose StrikeOut?

  • The StrikeOut sporting broadcast gives you amazing, excellent video quality.
  • It gives you lag-free and simple streaming.
TopStreams homepage

If you are looking for a safe and secure internet match streaming platform, TopStreams is the perfect website for you. Similar to the name, TopStreams picks the top content that includes all the important matches to broadcast on the site. Buckle up to explore some incredible leagues with TopStreams. 

Why choose TopStreams?

  • You’ll get safe and significant links to gaming and entertainment content across the world on TopStreams. 
  • This site has all the significant leagues and tournaments which can be streamed easily on both PC and mobile phone. 
Ronaldo7 homepage

Ronaldo7 is surely going to be your favorite free sports streaming website if you are an admirer of Ronaldo. Cristiano Ronaldo is an absolute legend of the 21st century when it comes to football. On the Ronaldo7 website, you’ll get to see the amazing moves of Ronaldo with the utmost picture quality and screen resolution. 

Why choose Ronaldo7?

  • Has a huge compilation of all Ronaldo’s football online. 
  • This site has minute information and details about Ronaldo.
  • It’s a beginner-friendly website.
Hotstar homepage

Hotstar is a subscription-based entertainment and sports streaming platform. It has various gaming channels for both premium and free users that enable users to watch various games and events. If you want to watch matches for free on Hotstar be prepared to watch some ads. 

Why choose Hotstar? 

  • Hotstar is not a pirated website, so you don’t need to be concerned about the legal status and safety issues. 
  • Here you’ll get sports, movies, and other OTT content. 
  • You can stream Hotstar on your Smart TV by downloading its app. 
WatchESPN homepage

WatchESPN is a top-listed NFLbite alternative known for NFL live streaming free content. It’s one of the NFL streaming websites that can help you easily access all the content available in NFL Bite. This website will drive you crazy with excitement if you are a video game enthusiast. 

Why choose WatchESPN?

  • This site has an easy UI that gives a premium feel while streaming matches.
  • Has video games and is one of the greatest alternative NFL streaming websites for video games. 

Currently, one of the best free NFLbite alternatives available in the market is StreamEast. From casual sports fans to die hard superfans, this site has something for everyone. This is the most reliable site that you can use as a substitute for NFL Bite. If you are new to internet streaming, you should surely give a chance to StreamEast because it won’t let you down. 

Why choose StreamEast? 

  • This site has multiple features and gives a smooth operating experience on both desktop and mobile phones. 
  • Gives you a formidable premium-grade experience. 
  • Has a wide range of sports coverage in ultra HD quality. 
TotalSportek homepage

TotalSportek enables you to stream all the popular gaming channels like NBC Sports and ESPN. This site broadcasts all the major leagues including UEFA Europa League, FIFA WOMEN WORLD CUP, UEFA Champions League, TotalSportek FORMULA 1 French Grand PRIX, and the Olympics. Explore TotalSportek for getting every minute of updates about the ongoing competition. 

Why choose TotalSportek?

  • This website gives you highlights and live score updates about the ongoing matches.
  • Covers all the popular leagues and matches.
  • Here you can also stream women’s championships and leagues. 
Sport24 homepage

This is a Greek-based website that provides top-quality content in HD picture resolution. It broadcasts all the amazing game events in crystal-clear quality, which makes Sport24 one of the most reliable alternatives to NFL Bite. You’ll definitely love Sport24 if you are attracted to visually appealing sites. The only problem is that this site has ads that are usually for sponsorship, so be prepared to see a lot of ads. 

Why choose Sport24?

  • Gives you sports news, highlights, articles, and match broadcasts for free. 
  • Has computer-generated visuals and effects to make things more appealing. 
  • You’ll get a real-time feed of the matches that will help you stay updated. 

What’s the Need to Look for NFLbite Alternatives?

NFL Bite is a superb website to live stream matches, then what’s the need to search for its alternatives?

NFLbits is an excellent site that works seamlessly, but it’s not error-proof, so there are chances that this site can run into issues. Besides this, being a sports enthusiast, you should keep exploring new and alternative platforms for live-streaming your favorite game for free. Additionally, there are some sites that are better than the NFL and offer chat lines where the fans can connect, communicate, and discuss games. Now, let’s see how authentic and safe NFLbyte is, in the next section. 

Is NFLbite Safe?

Being a free match streaming site, many people question the authenticity and safety of NFLbite. In case you have the same doubt, you’ll be happy to know that this site is completely safe and doesn’t impose any threat to your security. Free websites like NFLbite com generate revenue by showing ads, so you don’t need to worry about data theft. This site shows authentic and most recent sports news, which helps it attract huge audiences and generate organic traffic. So if you like its content, stream happily because it doesn’t have any malware. 

Is NFLbite a Legal Website? 

This site is both legal and illegal. Well, the legal status of NFLbites depends on the state you are living in. In some states this website is legal, meanwhile, in others, it’s not, and streaming such sites can put you in trouble. So, it’s best to check the legal status of NFL Bite in your state or use a VPN for a premium experience and secure yourself before streaming content on such websites. Besides the website, NFLbite also has a mobile app for Android and iOS users. Through the app, one can access the plethora of sports channels anywhere at any time. You can download the NFLbite app from the Google Play Store and App Store.  Now, let’s talk about why you should install the NFL Bite app in the following section. 

Reasons to Get NFLbite App

Here are the following reasons to download the NFLbits app to your mobile phone: –

  1. Installing this app on your device will give you game updates 24/7. You’ll never miss out on any important match news because the app will update you throughout the day. 
  2. The app has an NFLbite section which allows them to access the captured events with a monthly subscription. 
  3. It also has an MLBshow section which facilitates streaming MLB shows and the finest baseball shows on your phone without paying for a subscription.
  4. The mobile app has an easy-to-use interface with trending articles on the top. Even under the trending section, it has a catalog that you have followed.

So this was all about NFLbite alternatives. Hopefully, you get to know about some amazing free sports streaming sites through this article. All the aforementioned games and matches streaming websites are free, so be prepared to see advertisements and pop-ups and yes, don’t forget to use a VPN for your safety before using such sites. Advancing to the end, let’s take a look at the frequently asked questions.

Frequently Asked Questions 

  1. Are NFL streams legal? 

    NFL streams are legal, but some restrictions may apply depending on the streaming services and type of content being streamed. 

  1. Where can I stream NFL games for free?

    If you want to stream NFL games for free, you can opt for Free Streaming Live (FSL). It offers free streaming of numerous sports channels that include the NFL. 

  1. What happened to Reddit NFL streams?

    Reddit NFL streams were the paradise for game lovers as they used to get high-quality working streaming links there. But due to multiple copyright claims, NFLbite Reddit was banned from Reddit.


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