3 Expert Tips for Choosing the Best Website Color Scheme

By Kamal
Choosing the Best Website Color Scheme
Jan 5, 2024 Reading time : 3 min

Choosing the right color scheme may not seem important, but it’s actually a critical part of website design.

If you are an entrepreneur, you would want to ensure the color theme is relevant to your business brand. The color scheme for your website will also determine how your visitors feel when viewing your content!

Pick the perfect website color scheme by following these expert tips. 

1. Know the Color Wheel

Let’s start all the way to the basics, which is getting to know the color wheel. This may seem elementary, but it’s essential so that you can see which colors match with one another. Understanding the blends between the primary colors will also help you find more obscure tones to include on your site. 

You’ll need to know basic color theory, too:

  • Primary colors (colors that cannot be made by mixing colors)
  • Secondary colors (colors that form when you mix two primary colors)
  • Tertiary colors (what you get when you mix a primary and secondary color)

When you understand the different types of possible color combinations, you will have a greater insight into the best website color scheme for your brand personality. 

Maybe you are looking for a calming color, and find that a mixture of blue and green works best. Whatever it is, you can get to know the color wheel in detail and play around with possible combinations!

2. Find Out More About Color Psychology

You don’t just want a random color scheme for your website; you would need to know how you want your visitors to feel. Are you selling a luxury product and want a sophisticated website to reflect that? You can use the color black as your main website color scheme.

Common colors and their psychological effects are:

  • Blue: peace, trust
  • Orange: success, sociable
  • Red: romance, excitement
  • Green: creativity, nature
  • Yellow: happiness, warmth

Make sure to consider what is the best psychological effect that matches your business’s brand personality before settling on a color scheme. 

3. Don’t Use Too Many Colors

Imagine going onto a website that has a bunch of different colors, and no clear ongoing theme. This will likely result in a headache for you, and you would want to quit that site quickly!

This is one of the most important tips to consider when choosing the best colors for a website. You can settle for several (maybe three) colors that work well with one another. Whatever you do, don’t try to include too much, as this will confuse your visitors. 

How to Choose the Best Website Color Scheme for You

When considering how to choose a website color scheme, you would want to go for something that exhibits your brand personality. You would also want a uniform theme that shows potential customers or visitors what you are all about.

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