Factors to Consider When Choosing a Private School in Singapore

Updated On June 22, 2021 | by Zayn Tindall

What to Look when Choosing a Private School

Education plays a major role in shaping our perspectives, developing our intellect, and improving the quality of our lives especially in the world we are living in today. Unlike in the past where people used to think that learning abroad was the only way to excel, people have now embraced local schools and the residents of Singapore have not been left behind in this. There are various private institutions where you can undertake your tertiary training and it may become hard for you to choose a good one. Here are some factors that will help you settle for a good private school in Singapore.

Accreditation by the CPE

Before settling for any private school in Singapore, you should find out whether the Singapore government recognizes it. Enrolling in a school that is not recognized by the government is risky because future employers may not recognize your degree. You can find out whether a certain school is recognized by the government by checking it out on their Edutrust certification, which the Council for Private Education (CPE) issues.

The Faculty

Any tertiary training institute is as good as its faculty. Educational institutes normally give detailed information concerning the members of the faculty in their sites. It is advisable to go through the site of the university you have in mind and see how rich the faculty is. It is also advisable to check the work experience and educational qualifications of the members of the faculty. The faculty of a good private school in Singapore comprises experienced and knowledgeable lecturers.

Student Culture

It is important to find out about the student culture of the private school that you are planning to join. You can find out about the kind of clubs and co-curricular activities that the school has. You should also find out whether the school partners with overseas training institutions if you are planning to undertake exchange programs. Some private institutions financially assist their students who want to take exchange programs if the cost of these programs is too high for them.

School Fees

It is important to compare the school fees of different universities. However, fees should not be the only consideration when choosing a good private school in Singapore. When considering the fees, you should have in mind that the tuition fee of private schools is normally high. This fee may also be different depending on the kind of career you want to pursue. Find out whether the school partners with banks because this can allow you to access interest-free student loans. You should also find out whether the school offers scholarships.

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