Top 5 Social Media Websites for Latest Fashion Updates

Updated on July 19, 2021 | by Ankit

If there is an industry that has thrived on social media, it’s the fashion industry. Between the strategically placed posts, expertly targeted ads, and constant story updates, fashion brands on social media have become masters of consumer engagement. That’s why it’s no wonder why you and everyone else is hooked to social media. Probably, you, too, are scrolling through the latest fashion updates.

To help you ace the fashion game, we have listed below five social media websites to follow for the latest and trendy fashion updates. We are just as excited as you, so let’s scroll.

Most Trending Social Media Websites for Fashion Updates 

Social MediaMonthly Active Users
Instagram1 billion
Facebook2.7 billion
Youtube2 billion
Pinterest322 million
Tumblr472 million
  1. Instagram:

Instagram is a photo and video-sharing social media platform. Besides photo and video sharing, the app allows you to share your creativity in a number of different ways, like through IGTV’s, reels, stories, live videos, etc. Regularly, it keeps updating its features, making it more user engaging. Instagram has approximately one billion active users, with the numbers increasing day by day. Because of active engagement and features, it has also become one of the best social media platforms for businesses and e-commerce websites, especially fashion brands. Any fashion brand, fashion blogger, lifestyle website, whether Indian or International, you could think of has an Instagram active Instagram account with regular updates. Several fashion brands solely exist on Instagram and allow you to buy products through this app. If you are into fashion, you need to have Instagram followers.

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  1. Facebook:

Another popular social media website with over 2 billion users. Instagram may have made for itself a unique place in the hearts of everyone, but Facebook remains the first choice of many users. Facebook supports all content forms, messages, videos, live videos, stories, photos, which makes it easy to use and operate. Because of the varying features and large user base, it is another popular social media website for marketing products. All kinds of products are marketed on Facebook, including fashion products. Facebook has dedicated business pages, and features that make it easier for fashion brands to market and sell their products. So, if you have a Facebook account, you need to browse specifically the fashion brand or product and follow them. You will get updates ranging from apparel to ladies’ handbags to makeup and everything related to fashion and style.

  1. Youtube:

Unlike Facebook and Instagram, Youtube is just a video-sharing platform. After Google, Youtube is known as the second biggest search engine. Many marketers, brands, and people use this platform to share knowledge, sell products, and brand themselves through the creation of audio-visual content. One can also make use of Youtube advertisements to create awareness and reach the target audience. Recently, Youtube has also come up with surveys based on the ads and many more exciting features. You can like and subscribe to the fashion channels on Youtube for the latest updates

  1. Pinterest:

Pinterest is the social media website for discovery and inspiration rather than user engagement. Fashion brands post their latest collections, blogs, and photoshoots on Pinterest, which users can save or share for future references. It is solely a photo-sharing medium. Pinterest is a useful social media website for anyone who is looking for fashion ideas, styling Gift for Girls, designs of latest apparels, fashion informative, etc. Pinterest has about 250 million monthly active users.

  1. Tumblr:

Tumblr, with about 642 million users, is a microblogging and social networking website. It supports texts, images, videos, and more. People share a range of stuff on Tumblr from fashion to makeup to animals, etc. Again, it’s a useful and accessible medium to edify oneself about fashion trends. Tumblr fashion quotes are also popular.

For the love of fashion, become active users of all these social media websites.

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