Past Present and Future of Cryptocurrency

Jan 5, 2024 Reading time : 4 min

It has been quite a long since the invention of the cryptocurrency, it has made tremendous progress and is successful enough to win the confidence of the people by yielding a high return on the investment. It is nothing but a coded form of data that has been developed and secured with the help of the blockchain and ledgers. During its initial days only, a few people were knowing about the existence of the cryptocurrency and a very less part among such people showed an interest in investing in the digital form of money but due to the advancement in technology, slowly and gradually and people becoming tech efficient helped a lot to boost the growth of cryptocurrency over the decade. 

With the coming of the COVID-19 pandemic in which the people were completely dependent on the virtual model for communication, and it was not possible for people to move out of their houses and look for the traditional form of investment and that period paved a way for the present of cryptocurrency where it took the boom in the market because of its return on investment. After this phase, cryptocurrency is everywhere and people are talking a lot about the cryptocurrency and even some of the developed nations and the developing nations have started making legislation on the regulation of the cryptocurrency in the country due to the inclination of the people over cryptos. 

There are a lot of websites that came up after the boom which facilitates the people to buy the virtual currency being provided by the websites. Some of the websites are definitely legit like bitcoin champion which provides genuine services to the people but then again there are a lot of fraud people in the market who are just creating a website and selling off the crypto but are not recognized, and the transaction made on such a website is not recorded in the ledgers. 

A thing that is growing too fast can be expected to make much more progress in the coming future so this is true with cryptocurrency as well. The things which are coming to regulate the cryptocurrency in the country tell a very different story. This form of investment is something that is going to stay for a long time and will make tremendous progress in the field of making an investment. 

However, it is well said by someone that one cannot predict the future of something at present but we only assume that the cryptocurrency is something which is going daily at a good pace and if the same goes on it is very sure that it will have a good future as well. 

Cryptocurrency is something new that has developed a lot and the people are investing in it because of the return they get and high returns force people to make more investments in the cryptos. Now when the technology has developed a lot and there are a lot of security concerns that are attached with the use of cryptocurrency and to protect the authenticity of the virtual currency and also to provide protection to the users against the threat, malware, and fraud which usually happen on the websites which offer the services of cryptocurrency. 

These websites act as an intermediary where the people who are desiring to buy cryptocurrency can visit and the people or the business organization who are selling the cryptocurrency can create an account and can easily do a business on the same. In return, the websites get a commission which is very nominal and worthy as these websites provide a lot of legit information to the users which helps them to decide to invest in cryptocurrency. More or less the idea of selling the cryptocurrency on the website is very new where the people who are doing a business in the same area have very little knowledge about the subject but it is the legit websites that are facilitating the users and help them make the process of buying very feasible. 

Hence, we can say from the past and present of the cryptocurrency that it is crypto which is going to be the future of the 21st century or the century which is coming after that.