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Sep 28, 2023 Reading time : 5 min

Finding good software to improve your site is never easy. And pop-up apps are no exception. The market is teeming with solutions that promise to boost your website’s conversion rate. So if you are creative and you cannot choose the best pop-up builder, this article is for you.

Let’s dive in!

What to Look Out for in Pop-up Software?

Websites implement pop-ups to inform their visitors about sales, new offers, and promotions and to expand their email lists. Since the tasks are always different, you need to make sure that the pop-up software is able to create unique solutions for any type of campaign.

Here are the most important attributes of a pop-up tool:

Lots of Ready-made Templates

Using pre-made designs makes it much simpler to add pop-ups to your website.

They are particularly crucial if your company lacks graphic designers or web engineers.

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Not only should templates look excellent, but they should also be prepared for many usage situations. The very minimum for pop-up software is to have different templates.

A Convenient Editor

Despite the fact that templates are a starting point, you frequently need to change them to fit the style of any online business.

So, find a pop-up creator that makes it simple to tailor your offerings. Drag and drop editors should be simple to use and intuitive. Without the aid of a developer, you are able to alter the text, colors, and layouts of templates.

Advanced Targeting Options

Many of the most effective pop-up tactics call for you to exclusively display particular pop-ups to particular groups of website users.

Excellent pop-ups offer a variety of targeting possibilities and let you tailor your messaging to the consumer journey. Targeting based on traffic source, geo-targeting, identifying new and recurring visitors, and URL-based targeting are a few simple examples.

Testing Option

Even the most experienced marketers cannot always foresee how well a certain pop-up would perform. Thus, the A/B testing option is crucial.

A limitless amount of pop-up variations should also be possible so you can experiment with different triggers, colors, and copies to see which ones provide the greatest conversion rates.

Integration with Your Favorite Tools

Last but not least, your pop-up software ought to work with the applications you employ for your e-commerce website and advertising campaigns. If your CRM platform and pop-up software are not seamlessly integrated, your difficulties will never stop.

Let’s consider the best pop-up tools based on these requirements.

Best Pop-up Tools to Consider


OptiMonk is a very potent pop-up tool now used in e-commerce. With the feature-rich pop-up builder, you can design beautiful pop-ups that convert well and won’t irritate site users.

Thus, it has received over 400 5-star ratings on the Shopify app.


Sleeknote is a pop-up builder that offers a truly huge template library. It also allows for A/B testing and provides lots of performance data on the back end.

Sleeknote is a great tool, but many of its cutting-edge capabilities are only accessible through its pricey premium programs.


With the help of this powerful tool, it is possible to create advanced pop-ups according to a given scenario. No layout experience and programming skills are required – visual editing is available in the program. The service offers to create a pop-up window according to a ready-made template. For example, to inform customers about discounts or collect contact information.


With Wisepops, it is possible to create pop-ups in the form of lightboxes, gamified widgets, or support windows. The service has a lot of ready-made templates. Viewing detailed analytics and integration with web platforms is available. You don’t have to pay extra for split testing. The trial period is fourteen days.


Privy is used to create email picker pop-ups and gamified fortune wheel pop-ups. Advanced targeting, detailed analytics, and split testing are available. The price goes up to $45 per month, but it comes with a free plan with reduced functionality and no targeting options. 


Tada is an excellent choice for those looking for an easy-to-use tool with less hassle but, of
course, with all the key features for designing the perfect popup. You just have to set up the
template, message, and popup form timing once. Since it’s all automated, the plugin will
do the rest of the work for you.

Wrap Up 

Choosing a service for organizing pop-ups on your site is an important step towards the development of the project because pop-ups can become an effective marketing tool and user base collection.

With proper implementation, pop-ups are really a working solution for increasing conversions. Choosing a pop-up builder should be based on your goals and budget. Nevertheless, if you have never tried to create pop-ups, choose one of the options with a free plan or a test period. 

The number of services for creating pop-ups is impressive: even the most demanding specialist will be able to choose the appropriate option. We advise choosing one from our list: they proved to be one of the most powerful on the market. Wish you good luck on the business growth path!

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