Six Factors to Consider While Creating Your Website

By Kamal
Creating Your Website
Jan 3, 2024 Reading time : 6 min

A website is the face of any business that lets potential customers know who you are and what you do. In the current digital landscape, a website is essential for every business. It increases brand awareness and helps to enhance business growth.

As new businesses emerge, there is an increasing need for digital awareness. In Colorado, for instance, there was a 2.9% increase in the number of new business filings by the end quarter of 2021. However, the number of businesses closing down also increased by 13% compared to the previous year!

To ensure that your website is accessible to all users, consider partnering with a web accessibility partner. They can assist you in making your site compliant with accessibility standards, ensuring that it can be used by individuals with disabilities and providing a more inclusive online experience for all visitors.

Creating a website involves different technical aspects that you must know. From the website’s accessibility to navigation, you need to pay attention to different areas to create a highly-functional website. 

Hence, launching a business isn’t enough; you must keep moving forward and ensure your business stays in the competition.

A website is the first impression of your business online.

If your website is cluttered or not working seamlessly on different devices, how do you expect to improve your web traffic, leads, and sales? 

Therefore, you must consider several factors to build a flawless and perfectly functional website. 

Make Your Website Responsive 

One of the most critical technical aspects of a website is its responsiveness. Your website should work properly on all devices, including desktop computers, tablets, mobile phones, and other gadgets. 

According to a statistical study, over 48% of online page views worldwide come from tablets and smartphones. 

In light of the statistics mentioned above, the responsiveness of a website plays a crucial role in your company’s success online.

Therefore, look for a reliable website development company in your state or city to create a functional and responsive website. For example, if your business is based in Denver, Colorado, look for an experienced web development company in Denver with a proven track record. 

Creating a responsive website involves different technical aspects. Therefore, you must get professional assistance to help you achieve the desired output.

Another study revealed that around 93% of users left a website because it did not appear properly on their devices. 

Hence, to earn credibility, you must ensure your website is compatible with different devices.

Your website should have a flexible structure that can be adjusted automatically to the dimensions of any device. It can be possible by using mobile-friendly HTML templates. 

This will help you provide a fantastic user experience to your potential customers across different devices. 

Focus on Navigation 

Another important aspect of the website is its navigation since it allows visitors to easily find what they are looking for on your site. 

Enhancing the navigability of your site is important because users need to move smoothly from one point to another. 

To optimize your site’s navigation, keep some key points in mind. 

The first step to streamlining your website’s navigation is to add a site map. It is a file where you add information related to your website’s pages and content. 

After including a site map, add a search bar at the top of your website. It will help users easily search for their desired products or services by adding keywords. 

You can further improve your website navigation by removing unnecessary pages to reduce load time. 

Remember that keeping your website’s navigation structure simple can also significantly impact your search engine visibility. 

Ensure Quality Web Design 

One of the most important things you should consider during the web development process is your website’s design quality. 

A visible, clean, appealing design can hugely impact your online presence. Additionally, high-quality website design helps users to understand your brand message and content easily.

Imagine how you will feel after viewing distracting and cluttered images on any website. You might move to another website without wasting any time. 

Therefore, you need to focus on your website’s design quality. It will improve user experience and encourage users to revisit your site, thereby increasing web traffic and conversion rate. 

Improve Usability 

Usability is one of the most important aspects of any website. If your website is not easy to use, it will not create user interest. 

To improve your website’s usability, you must ensure that all information regarding your products or services is displayed clearly. 

Furthermore, you have to ensure your website has all the necessary features to make it more accessible. 

For example, if a user is going through a blog and wants to subscribe to your email newsletter, you must provide the opt-in form. Also, you need to ensure that you have displayed the correct contact information.

Another thing you need to consider is your website’s layout. It should engage users and encourage further interaction with your company. 

Focus on the Color Scheme

Color schemes are amongst the most vital aspects of the website development process. You need to use relevant colors per your brand values to evoke the right emotions among your target audience. 

For example, if you run a restaurant business, use a red color scheme in your website design because “Red” is the color that can evoke hunger and impact appetite.

Analyze whether your color scheme is connecting to the core message of your business or not. 

Ensure that your color scheme stays consistent throughout the website and can create a good impression on visitors.

Choose Reliable Hosting 

Another critical factor you must consider while creating a website is choosing a reliable hosting service provider. Web hosting services offer the expertise and facilities required to make your website accessible on the world wide web. 

Good hosting services significantly impact your website speed and ensure proper functioning. Therefore, you need to consider the past track record of the hosting company before making any decision. 

Also, you need to ensure that the hosting company offers responsive support, security, website backup, and other scalable solutions.

To get a better idea, you may visit the social media accounts to learn about the feedback of their previous customers. It will make decision-making easier for you.


Website development is not an overnight process as it involves different technical aspects. Hence when developing a website, it would be best to get professional assistance from a reliable website development company with a good reputation. It is a one-time investment that can help you generate outstanding returns for your business. Therefore, you must have a sufficient budget to invest in your website. 

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