Top 5 Most Popular Software Development Techniques

Updated On January 12, 2023 | by Louise Simon

Software Development Techniques

Development is always a crucial moment. This is not just an easy task, but something that really requires good technical knowledge. In this matter, the main thing is to have a strategy that will eliminate chaos when creating software.

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It’s no secret that at the moment there are a large number of techniques and each has its advantages. This article will introduce you to 5 popular methods that are used in the development of good software. But first of all, we advise you to follow the link where you will meet a team of professionals who will offer you their development services! The range of their functions includes software development. Just the same, this powerful team uses all the coolest technologies and teaches the latest features! The link:

So back to development techniques. Prepare popcorn and computers and arm your brains.

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1# Waterfall

This technique can be attributed to the standard and most popular. This traditional technique is used by most developers. The main feature of this technique is that it includes a series of sequences that follow each other, that is, the so-called waterfall.


It is suitable for simple projects that are generally simple and unchanging in their requirements and concepts. This ensures the clarity of the plan and, not least, the ability to do everything in stages, especially if the team, in addition to one, has several more parallel projects. Well, of course, it follows from all this that this is a simple and understandable technique for everyone, that is, using a waterfall does not require super knowledge, you can easily study it in no time.

2# Agile

To be honest, this technique can be characterized not just as a method, but as a way of thinking!  And it is very important to know that many methods are based on this one!  You are invited to abandon the cautious launch and give free rein to freedom, untie your hands.  The purpose of the technique is to create a living product. Let’s explain what this means.  You already clearly know that information technology is a very developing environment that does not stand still for more than one day, and just such Agile sets itself the goal of developing a product in the spirit of modernization. In addition, the initial goal is also to create a product following the wishes of customers. These two points bring the product to life.


As you already understood that the technique is set to update the product in a constant mode, then an important point is the openness to various changes. A team that works with Agile is always ready for adaptation.

3# Scrum

This technique can be characterized as a framework. Most importantly, it requires discipline. The principle of work is that the team breaks the project into items that require completion. These goal points are achieved in sprint mode and it’s just important to focus on sprints.


  • Teamwork. All developers have common goals and priorities
  • Established feedback. Since the team is set up for sprints, the needs of the clients are also of primary importance as the work progresses.

4# Extreme Programming

This technique is another current of the Agile mindset. And just like the previous framework focuses on sprints. But unlike Scrum, it includes specifics. This specificity refers to clear guidelines in software development as well as writing, testing, and reviewing code. The name Extrem is not accidental, since the implementation of goals takes place in an extreme mode.


It’s cool that the main advantage is that the emphasis is on regular product improvement and optimized work with updates.

5# Lean

Once again, the hardware comes from Agile. This is a very important technique as it reduces waste emissions from every stage of development. This waste is unnecessary features or duplicated information. The main objective of the technique is also to ensure the preservation of the product in a living form.


Efficiency is ahead of everything. With Lean, you will always strive to optimize.

Along with the techniques, you must understand that each phase of a startup has its own characteristics that need to be studied. Each of these phases has its own special difficulties and subtleties!

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