How to Organize a School Student’s Day

Jan 5, 2024 Reading time : 4 min

If you organize your child’s working day correctly, then he will do well in school and in extra classes, do homework, and even rest, which is also very important. Therefore, you need to do everything correctly and deliberately, without overloading and for the benefit of your child.

Choose Afterschool Clubs

The biggest problem is in choosing the club or sports. After all, it is necessary that there are additional classes, and the child is interested, and studies at school should not get worse.

In this case, all the freedom of choice should be given to the kid, let him choose his own clubs or sports group, and change them when he wants. It is important if the sports group or afterschool club does not issue diplomas, certificates, or other certificates of training, you do not need to prevent your child from changing the club.

If the child completely refuses to go to this or that club, then it is also better to obey, perhaps this occupation does not quite suit him or the child does not have a relationship with the team. The reason also needs to be found out, perhaps your student is simply not doing very well. In this case, if the child still wants to learn this, but is not sure what will happen, he needs to be encouraged by a professional help of a teacher and parents. Help your little student to master an interesting skill. If this is a letter, then you can find someone to write my paper and then create your own short story based on his example.

Some Helpful Tips for Parents

  1. You don’t have to force your child to sit at the desk, upright and unmoving. He can figure out for himself how knowledge goes better in his head. Posture will be saved by sports activities, and good lighting of the whole room, not just the table. Parents should take care of a powerful daylight lamp.
  2. There is no need to stand over and chase the child to do homework. He is already motivated, and if he gets a “D”, he will be strict with himself. This rule unconditionally applies only to children from fifth grade and above. Younger students are better reminded gently about the lessons because they cannot yet plan their time and can easily play and forget. Adult children can also be reminded, perhaps they forgot about the agreement.
  3. If possible, you need to simplify your child’s work in lessons. Since now the program is just very much overloaded and there are a lot of things that are not much use to him in life. For example, allowing your child to use an online math calculator. This will enable them to check their results and be sure that the task they have solved is correct or to quickly find a mistake if there is one. 
  4. It is important to plan a vacation for your child after studying. The child should not run straight from school to clubs and then run to lessons. This can lead to overwork, and also at this rate of life, it is impossible to eat properly.
  5. It is necessary to wake up the child in time. He should have time to quietly get ready, eat breakfast and go to school without being late. If there is no rush, there is no stress for the child. Waking up earlier should be compensated for by going to bed earlier as well.

It is easier for a motivated, healthy, well-fed, and happy child to comprehend science, therefore, without putting another burden on your son or daughter, you can achieve extremely high results, both in school and in family relationships.

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Zayn Tindall