SBI CBO Exam Prep: How to Use Free Mock Tests to Achieve Your Goals

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Preparing for the State Bank of India (SBI) Circle Based Officer (CBO) Exam can be daunting. Covering a huge syllabus without missing any important point is known to be complicated at times. With a limited number of vacancies available, the competition is fierce. Therefore, it is essential to prepare thoroughly to increase your chances of success. 

One way to do this is using the SBI CBO free mock test to practice and improve your performance. There are various websites providing multiple mock tests of varying difficulty levels to help you evaluate yourself. This article will explore how to effectively use free mock tests to achieve your goals and crack the SBI CBO Exam.

Understanding the Exam Pattern

The first step towards using mock tests to your advantage is understanding the exam pattern. The SBI CBO Exam pattern consists of an online written test and an interview. The written test consists of multiple-choice questions divided into four sections: Reasoning Ability, Quantitative Aptitude, English Language, and General Awareness/Computer Knowledge. 

Study the exam pattern to understand the importance of every section

It is essential to clearly understand the exam pattern and the weightage given to each section before starting your SBI CBO free mock test practice. Understanding the weightage of each section and the types of questions asked in the exam is also essential. This will help you to focus on the critical topics and improve your overall score. So, familiarize yourself with the exam pattern before starting your mock test practice.

Identifying Your Weaknesses

Taking a mock test without identifying weaknesses is like shooting an arrow in the dark. Therefore, it is crucial to identify your strengths and weaknesses in each exam section. Analyze your mock test results carefully, and identify the areas where you need improvement. This will help you to focus on those sections and improve your overall score. 

Identify your weak points and improve them

Once you have identified your weaknesses, plan to work on them. Focus on improving your understanding of the concepts and practicing different types of questions. You can create a checklist of the topics you must cover so you don’t miss them in a rush. This will help you to build confidence and perform better in the exam.

Quick Revisions

With a huge syllabus, it becomes hard to do everything in the last few days before the examination. Students don’t get the time to go through every topic to study the smaller points. With the small amount of time, it is even harder to fully revise the important topics before leaving for exams. 

Mock tests help in quick revisions of topics

At this point of time, mock tests come in a lot of handy. With short answer, one-word, and multiple-choice questions, they cover a huge variety of topics in one single paper. The questions consist of varying importance levels, from “might come” to “must do”, every type has been included in different sections of the most test.

Time Management

Time management is one of the most crucial aspects of the SBI CBO Exam. You must complete the exam within a stipulated time, so it is essential to manage your time effectively. Time management techniques are essential to balance the time taken to complete smaller questions, so you get sufficient time for complex ones. 

Create your own time management strategy by taking mock tests

Taking offline or online mock tests can help you develop a time management strategy and increase speed and accuracy. Try to simulate the actual exam conditions as closely as possible during your mock test practice. This will help you adapt to the exam environment and perform better on exam day. So, practice under timed conditions and try to minimize distractions.

Regular Practice

Regular practice is the key to get good marks in your exams. If you want to pass any entrance/competition exam, you can’t just do one-time revisions. You’ll need to review each topic at least two or three times until you’re confident you can do it. 

Practice regularly to improve your memory

Mock tests are an excellent way to practice and improve your performance. Do as many tests as you can, and review your preparation at each stage. Set a regular practice schedule and try to take at least one mock test every day. This will help you to develop a routine and improve your overall performance. 

Set specific goals for each mock test to make your practice sessions more effective. For example, aim to improve your score in a particular section or complete the test within a specific time frame. This will help you to stay motivated and focused during your practice sessions.

Analyzing Your Performance

Analyzing your mock test performance is as important as taking it. After completing a mock test, analyze your performance, and identify the areas where you need improvement. Record your performance in each section and track your progress over time. This will help you to identify your strengths and weaknesses and work on them accordingly. 

Analyze and evaluate your performance after taking mock tests

Regularly tracking your progress is essential to stay motivated and identify areas where you require more improvement. Use a spreadsheet or a notebook to keep track of your scores and monitor your progress over time. This will also help you to stay organized and plan your practice sessions accordingly.


Practicing the SBI CBO free mock test is an excellent way to prepare for the SBI CBO Exam. Understanding the exam pattern, identifying your weaknesses, managing your time effectively, regular practice, and analyzing your performance are some essential tips to crack the exam. Following these tips can increase your chances of success and achieving your goals. Remember, success in any exam requires hard work, dedication, and consistent effort. So, start your preparation today and crack the SBI CBO Exam with flying colors!

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