How to Unblur Course Hero for Free? 7 Ways to Unblur CourseHero in 2024

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Course hero is a great tool for students who need online answers and study documents, but being a course hero user is not always possible for everyone. Though the platform is great for finding answers and important documents, it is also overpriced for students.

If you’re going through a hard time unlocking course hero content, what you should do is learn how to do a course hero unblur. Doing this will allow you to bypass any restrictions for non-premium users and unlock everything the course hero has to offer.

We have prepared this guide for you, and the best part about this guide is that it explains how to unblur course hero for free. All you need to do is read this article till the end, and you’ll be equipped with every method you need to unlock Course Hero and watch its content. 

Disclaimer: This guide is written only for educational purposes regarding how to unlock Course Hero Documents, and does not recommend that you apply them. We won’t be responsible for any negative consequences that you may encounter after applying these methods. 

What is Course Hero?

Course Hero

Course Hero is an online tutoring company that gained popularity during the coronavirus pandemic. The site offers study materials for all subjects in the form of documents and answers. Something everyone agrees is that Course Hero is highly beneficial for students. 

It is counted among the platforms that are leading the revolution of Online Teaching, and it is the backbone of many high school and college students as it provides answers to any questions they might have.

Course hero is an online tutoring company founded in 2006. Being an online education firm, Course Hero offers a platform for students and offers study material.  

Students can find practice problems, study materials/guides, infographic content, class notes, explanations, reports, essays (written & video), and even multiple answers to questions submitted by users.  

Course Hero plays an important part in the future of Distance Learning. The answers you see on Course Hero are all submitted by professional educators. Overall, Course Hero promotes a healthy learning environment for students that makes learning easy and also helps them be better students.

How Does Course Hero Work?

Course Hero is a subscription-based platform. To access answers and study material, students first have to subscribe to Course Hero. Students can either enroll in the monthly subscription or take the annual membership. Users can make a free account on Course Hero, but they won’t be able to do much, as content on Course Hero is only available to premium users. 

The best part about Course Hero is its interface, as each answer/document is rated by likes and reviews. This helps students in knowing the legitimacy of the answer and tells them how helpful it will be to them.

The only bad thing about course heroes is that most students can’t afford it. This puts the students at a disadvantage, as they’re not able to get the help they need. Users who haven’t subscribed to the platform won’t be able to see the answers to any question, as Course Hero blurs out every answer and unlocks every document for non-users. 

That’s why you should learn how to view course hero for free, as then you’ll be able to get all the help you need for your studies.

Can I Unblur CourseHero Answers/Documents?

can i unblur CourseHero

Yes, it is possible to do a Course Hero unblur and see everything that is hidden from non-premium users, and it is extremely easy to do that. 

By learning how to view the course hero for free, you can save the money you were going to spend on the premium membership. Something that you should know is that there is more than one method for unlocking Course Hero content.

Now that you know what’s possible, go through the content below to learn how to unblur Course Hero for free. We have mentioned the methods in a step-by-step format, so you can do what you want easily. All you need to do is understand the steps, so you can apply them as they are. 

How to View Course Hero for Free?

how to unblur course hero for free

Though Course Hero’s premium membership is out of reach for most students, they can still make a free account on the platform. Making a free account on Course Hero doesn’t unlock its content, as that requires a premium membership, but it is still possible to view Course Hero answers from a free account.

You’ll be glad to know that you can do a CourseHero unblur by using your free account. No need to do anything big, as Course Hero offers easy ways to unlock its content. Course Hero has a free unlocking system that gives its free users access to its content if they use the platform. There are a lot of things you can do on the platform that will allow you to unlock answers and documents on Course Hero. Below we have mentioned everything you can do to view Course Hero documents without paying the subscription fee.

Unblur Course Hero by Uploading Documents

It is possible to unlock Course Hero documents by uploading documents on the platform. An online tutoring platform can surely benefit from more study material, and it will reward you if you upload your original study documents on the site.

You can unlock 5 documents by uploading 10 documents on Course Hero. This is an easy way to view answers on Course Hero, here’s how you can do that:

  1. Log in to your free Course Hero account.
    log in to your course hero account
  1. Select a document to unlock.
    select a document to unlock
  1. Now tap on View Full Document.
    get full access to course hero document
  1. Click on Continue to Access.
  2. Ignore the subscription pricing and click on Upload your study documents to get access.
    upload your documents to unlock course hero documents for free
  1. Now select the document you want to upload on Course Hero.
    select a document to upload 

After uploading your documents, you need to wait for Course Hero to review your study material. It usually takes around 24 hours for Course Hero to review what you have submitted. After 24 hours, you should check if your document is accepted or rejected.

After uploading 10 documents, you can unlock 5 documents, and the best part about it is that you can keep on doing that. Course Hero only accepts original documents, so make sure what you submit is genuine. 

Who would have thought that it would be this easy to get Course Hero free, but uploading original study documents isn’t possible for each student out there. Those who can’t upload documents on Course Hero can use the methods mentioned below. 

Unblur Course Hero by Referring a Friend

unlock Course Hero documents by referring a friend

The easiest method to do a Course Hero unblur is by referring a friend to the platform. All you need to do is tell your friends about Course Hero and give them your referral code when they sign up.

If your friend signs up using your referral link, you will be given free access to 8 teachers. You can use this to ask them questions and access their documents. Furthermore, you will also get 20% off on your first purchase on Course Hero.

This is the easiest way to do a CourseHero unblur, as you don’t need to do much. What’s even better is that there is no limit to how many friends you can refer to the platform. Just make sure to give your referral code to your friend for when they sign in.  

Unblur Course Hero by Reviewing Documents

It is possible to earn unlocks by reviewing documents that are posted by other users. There is no shortage of answers on Course Hero, with all these documents available, the site can always appreciate its users reviewing each other’s work. 

You will earn 1 free unlock from Course Hero by reviewing 5 documents on the platform. This method gives you easy access to free answers and documents on Course Hero. 

This works both ways, as you will earn more unlocks based on how your documents are received by other users. You will receive a free unlock if 5 of your documents are unlocked by other users, and the same will happen when your document gets 5 thumbs up. 

Unblur Course Hero by Making a Quiz

Another way to get the Course Hero free version is by creating quizzes on Course Hero. All you need to do is create a quiz, and you will earn points, as more and more people will do your quiz. The points you earn will allow you to unlock answers and documents on Course Hero.

You have to unlock at least three documents on Course Hero before you create a quiz on the platform.

Share an Account to Unblur Course Hero

All the methods mentioned above are the best-known ways to get the Course Hero unblur website version, but all of them require constant effort from your side. If you can’t apply these methods and get results, another thing you can do is share an account with your friends.

You can combat the high prices of Course Hero by sharing an account with your friends. If you have a friend group that can benefit from Course Hero, you should get together with them and share an account. You can divide the subscription cost among your friends and get Course Hero easily. 

How to Crack Course Hero Using Inspect Element Method?

The methods mentioned above will help you unlock Course Hero documents. Though there is nothing wrong with them, not everyone can apply them. Another method that you can apply is by using the Inspect element feature on Google Chrome, this is a foolproof way of seeing answers on Course Hero.

Here’s how to crack Course Hero using inspect:

  1. Select the Document you want to view.
    select a Course Hero document
  1. Click on View full document
    click on view full document
  1. Right-click on the page and select Inspect.
    right click and select inspect
  1. Click on Sources.
     click on sources
  1. Select the Doc-asset section.
    select doc-asset section
  1. Now select the bg file.
    select bg file
  1. Now click on split-0-page-1-html-bg file.
    click on split-0-page-1
  1. Right-click on it and select Open in a New Tab.
    open in a new tab
  1. Now tap on the URL and Erase “-html-bg”.
     erase -html-bg
  1. Hit Enter to see the First Half of the Page.
    unblur first half of the course hero document
  1. Click on the URL and Replace “split-0” with “split-1”.
    Replace “split-0” with “split-1”
  1. Hit Enter to see the Second Half of the Page.
  2. Replace page-1 with page-2 to see the next page.

You can keep on doing this and read the full document this way. 

How to Unblur CourseHero on Mobile (Android and iPhone)?

There is no inspection feature on mobile phones, so the above method is only applicable for computer and laptop users. Mobile users can download the cracked version of the Course Hero app and view answers and documents without paying any subscription fees. 

Downloading the cracker version of Course Hero on your phone is not an easy task, as you need to make some changes so that your phone can download the app.

How to Download Course Hero Mod App on Android Devices?

Here is how to unblur CourseHero on Android Devices:

  1. Disable Power Saving Mode.
    disable power saving mode
  1. Open your browser and search for
    search for
  1. Go to the search bar and type Course Hero++.
  2. Tap on the Get icon.
    download Course Hero on Android
  1. Wait for the app to Download.

How to Download Course Hero Mod App on iPhone?

Here is the step-by-step process for iPhone users:

  1. Open the Settings App.
    open the settings app
  1. Go to Battery.
     go to battery
  1. Disable Low Power Mode.
    disable low power mode
  1. Now go to General.
    now go to general
  1. Click on Background App Refresh.
    click on background app refresh
  1. Click on Wi-Fi & Mobile Data.
    click on wi-fi & mobile data
  1. Now launch your Preferred Browser.
  2. Search for
    search for
  1. Search for Course Hero++.
    search for Course Hero++
  1. Download the App.
    download Course Hero++

Is It Safe to Unblur Course Hero?

Now that you know how to unlock Course Hero documents, you should also know that there is always some sort of risk involved with tasks like these. Though the methods we have mentioned are safe, there is still no guarantee of your safety.

Each click on the internet leads to new possibilities, and these can be negative if you are not careful enough. 

Something that you need to be careful about is downloading the cracked version of the Course Hero app, as you may end up downloading some sort of virus or malware to your phone. 

Knowing how to view Course Hero for free, you must be tempted to apply the methods and unblur the hidden content, but your safety should always be your priority.

In Conclusion,

This concludes the end of how to unblur Course Hero documents. Now that you have completed the guide, you’re free to try out the methods we have mentioned and unblur the Course Hero answers.

Frequently Asked Questions
Is it safe to do a course hero unblur through Discord and Telegram groups?

No, it is not considered safe to get Course Hero answers through Discord and Telegram groups. There is no shortage of groups on sites like Telegram and Discord that are for cracking Course Hero, but they are not safe and you shouldn’t try your luck there.

It is better to use the methods we have mentioned instead of going on Discord or Telegram.

How do you get Unlimited Unlocks in Course Hero?

You can try the Inspect Element method we have mentioned above to get unlimited likes in Course Hero.

Is Course Hero Free for High School students?

No, Course Hero is not free for High school students. 

Can you Cheat Course Hero Safely?

The answer is both yes and no. It is possible to cheat Course Hero safely, but the opposite can also be true based on your actions. It should be noted that we do not recommend that you apply any of the methods, as you can get in trouble for doing that. 

When it comes to tasks like cracking Course Hero, it falls into a gray area where the consequences can be both positive and negative. So, you’re gonna have to be careful when attempting the methods we have mentioned above. 

Can you Unlock Course Hero without subscribing to its premium membership?

Yes, you can unlock Course Hero documents for free. All you need to do is apply the methods we have mentioned above. 

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