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the Easiest HDMI to USB Converter
Sep 28, 2023 Reading time : 3 min

Lots of people don’t realize that it’s even possible to convert HDMI to USB. Thankfully, it is. The process requires a converter, so don’t bother trying to just plug that HDMI camera into a laptop, but the good news is that Epiphan has easy-to-use options that will simplify the whole process.

What is an HDMI to USB Converter?

The HDMI to USB converters from Epiphan Video work by adding an HDMI output to the user’s computer, making it possible to connect the computer to an HDMI-enabled camera or display. Users can also plug in their converters when they want to add multiple extra displays to their monitor setups or transmit HD audio and video from a computer to an HDTV.

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Why Shop at Epiphan?

Some HDMI to USB converters is too complicated for beginners. Others have unreasonable system requirements when it comes to GPU and CPU. Epiphan Video’s HDMI to USB converter, on the other hand, just works. It’s:

  •  Easy to use

Rugged, yet lightweight

Highly portable

Compatible with most systems

Epiphan’s AV.io HD and AV.io 4k can both facilitate raw video capture on computers and produce uncompressed video signals free from visual losses. They’re both great options for video capture, whether users want to capture audio and video from a gaming console or professional-quality live streams.

One Solution for Audio and Video

Some HDMI to USB converters require two separate units—one for audio and one for video feeds. While this solution can be beneficial for a very small group of people who want to send audio signals to receivers directly, bypassing televisions and other accessories, it’s unnecessary for most users. It makes far more sense to purchase one of Epiphan’s AV.io units, both of which handle everything at once.

Raw Video Capture Leads to Better Quality

Most HDMI to USB converters compress data to make it more easily transmissible, leading to unnecessary visual losses. The AV.io line of converters does no such thing. Since the video signal will be uncompressed, users can then optimize it for upload or use defaults from their favorite encoding software program without worrying about how compression will affect the video. In other words, users have plenty of options.

AV.io Products Are USB 3.0 Compatible

Many of the HDMI to USB converters on the market support only USB 2.0 connections. These days, serious gamers, influencers, and digital videographers consider this older technology to be more or less obsolete. Serious professionals and hobbyists need converters with USB 3.0 support and backward compatibility.

Professional Quality

There are plenty of cheap, poorly made HDMI to USB converters out there that cost less than Epiphan’s AV.io products, but they’re not worth the money. These sub-par converters are bulkier, less durable, harder to use, and far less capable than the AV.io 4k and HD. 

Professional HDMI to USB Converters are Worth the Money

Complete newcomers to video and audio capture may find a cheaper model sufficient for learning, but it’s still not worth wasting the money. Once a novice videographer or live streamer gets the hang of using a low-quality, unnecessarily complicated HDMI to USB converter, it will be time to upgrade to a professional-grade product. Unlike poorly made, consumer-grade alternatives, Epiphan Video’s AV.io 4k and HD are easy to use, durable, and capable of producing professional-quality results.

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