Why and How to Increase Your Websites Domain Authority

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All the severe bloggers and owners of a website have one thought in common, they all want the front page, and for that, they need to rank higher in search engines. 

Domain authority is a method of envisaging how fine a particular site will position on search engines. Moz first introduced the endorsed term and algorithmic mark. The DA score can vary, with one being the lowest and hundred being the highest score. A higher score resembles an improved ability to achieve an upper rank on search engines. 

The criteria for measuring the domain authority can vary between different tools designed for the rationale. However, they all measure a similar factor, and that is the SEO power of a website’s domain.

Moz Analyzes Domain Authority by calculating several factors like the total number of links and their strength, linking root domains, and combines them into a correct DA score that can range from 1-100. 

Why is Domain Authority Imperative?

Domain authority is used to demonstrate a website’s overall influence and power within the Google search. It is an uncomplicated way of understanding how websites are ranked by Google.

Though the exact method of which keywords are ranked with a site has not been revealed by Google, only its most excellent practices and ranking elements remain known.

DA is the most precise depiction of the search results’ placement and an essential element in identifying why particular sites are ranked higher compared to others. The websites with higher Domain authority function better compared to those with a lower DA score. Consequently, there is an undeviating connection among more top rankings and a higher Domain authority score.

Domain Authority and Page Authority 

Page authority and Domain authority are two separate concepts, and it is essential to create a distinction between the two metrics. 

Domain authority measures the analytical ranking potency of a complete domain along with its subdomains.

Page authority is a measure of the strength of a particular discrete page.

While Domain authority provides a better demonstration of your website’s ranking, Page authority is an equally important metric that can be used to improve your Domain authority. Page authority can be checked using DA PA checker which is available online on Prepostseo.com.

How to Increase Website’s Domain Authority 

Several ways can be efficiently utilized to improve the websites Domain Authority. However, before we begin, there is one thing that you need to remember at every instance, increasing the Domain authority requires patience and consistency, and having unrealistic expectations like increasing it overnight would only leave you in despair. 

Improve Your Website Content 

The main thing and the backbone of your website is the content that you post. There are many critical aspects that bloggers and website owners overlook that have a massive impact on the domain authority of your website.

Writing long and tedious content should be disregarded and instead replaced by composing articles that are brief and full of verified information. 

Adding photographs, gifs, and other pictorial representations are more likely to catch the visitor’s attraction, so use that to your benefit. 

Plagiarism is never appreciated nor accepted. It could massively damage your website’s reputation.  So ensure that your content is genuine and never copied from another source.

Proper SEO 

Improving the SEO of each page can also be massively beneficial for improving your Domain authority. 

If you are not aware of what exactly we refer to by SEO, it is the title of each page, keyword density, the placements of keywords along with other factors. 

Keywords are particularly significant. Selecting the ideal keyword is necessary; keywords with a long tail are ranked easily. When you compose the title of your article, you should also include your keyword in it. 

The ideal keyword density is believed to be not more than 1.6% and not less than 0.5%.

Permalink structure should be SEO friendly with your primary keyword in it.

You should also remember you fill in the Meta Description. 

Using the right SEO boosts your ranking and generates more traffic on the website. 

Inner linking

Inner linking decreases the bounce ratio (growing the average time spent by a user on your website). Linking to the previous posts on your site will generate a more exciting and attractive impression for your recent publishes. 

Inner linking also allows the search engine to locate the content of your website quickly. It furthermore assists in scattering links and PA all through your site. It permits search engines and visitors to traverse through the site directly.

Create High-grade Links 

Creating high-grade links is not an easy task.  It is one of those significant spots that many bloggers and site owners are most commonly seen mistakes. They result in the creation of wrong quality links, which, instead of adding value and traffic to their site, decrease its ranking on Google. 

Instead of opting for measures that ensure backlines but no growth you should try some of the methods mentioned below:-

Sharing Your Matter on Social Sites

Most of the social sites such as Twitter and Facebook have a high Domain Authority. Sharing your content on such sites attracts a new audience. If you post quality material on your website, it has a higher chance of going viral and generating a massive amount of traffic.

However, the spamming link is a big let-down. It is a skill, and you should develop a schedule for the task. 

Guest Posting

Guest postings are another effective way of increasing referral traffic and the Authority of your website, It is also a lot safer technique. 

You should remember here that spamming does not leave a good impression, so you need to avoid it at all costs.

Refute Wrong links, Bad 


It is necessary to eliminate wrong links frequently that are disturbing your website’s ranking on Google. Eradicating spam and annoying links is equally important as producing good quality ones.

Wrong links openly influence your domain Authority as it is compulsory to possess a good link report for a higher Domain Authority score.

So to maintain a good link report, you need to remove bad links continuously.

You need to continuously check your Domain authority to ensure that you are on the right track, and you can easily do that by using the DA PA checker tool available online.

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