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Oct 10, 2023 Reading time : 7 min
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Are you a budding foreign exchange trader looking to capitalize on the currency markets? It can be overwhelming trying to stay on top of trends, news updates, and forecasts when trading Forex. That’s why many traders turn to online Forex Whatsapp groups for guidance and support. 

With Traders Union, you can now quickly find Forex WhatsApp groups that are filled with experienced traders ready to offer tips and strategies! Join here as we explore how this powerful tool can help make trading in the globe’s largest financial market a breeze!

Receiving trade tips, whether you are a newbie or an experienced trader, may be quite beneficial in making educated judgments. Forex signals give useful information by proposing which currency pairings to trade and whether to purchase or sell Forex. However, you must ask the questions before choosing a Forex brokerage to clear all the doubts. 

Furthermore, these signals provide recommendations on the best moment to enter the market as well as the expected profit from your deal. Similarly to Telegram and Twitter, traders may use Whatsapp trading signals to obtain professional suggestions on the best trades to make.

Advantages of Joining a WhatsApp Group With Other Traders

According to Traders Union, joining a WhatsApp group with other successful traders can be an invaluable experience for any trader. You can learn the best Forex strategy for your business. Being able to exchange tips, tricks, and best practices for trading can open up new trading strategies that you may have not yet considered. 

Additionally, the collective wisdom and shared experiences of the group members create an environment where questions can be asked and answered in a safe and monitored space. Not only that, but being part of a community of like-minded people who are all striving to become successful traders can be a big source of inspiration and motivation. Taking advantage of the advantages offered by these groups is certainly worth considering.

WhatsApp Groups For Timely Forex Signals

Traders Union Experts have compiled a list of WhatsApp group that gives timely forex signals:

  1. Forex King Club
  2. Trademasters
  3. FX Signals
  4. Forex GDP
  5. Ugaa Trading
  6. Forex Trading World
  7. Forex Profita
  8. Forex Signals
  9. ForexVIP Signals
  10. Forex Capital

Forex King Club

Forex king club homepage

Official Site:

Forex King Club can be accessed on two popular messaging platforms- Telegram and Whatsapp. While the Forex signals WhatsApp group boasts a membership of over $275, the Telegram channel has thousands of members. Moreover, they also provide technology solutions for Forex

The group primarily focuses on trading instruments and helps its members understand the risk-to-reward ratio involved in each trade. As a member, you get access to some signals free of charge. However, to enjoy the complete service, you need to pay a monthly subscription fee of $49. Alternatively, you can opt for the more cost-effective quarterly payment plan of $120 for three months.

Trade masters

Trade masters

Official Site: 

Trademasters is a popular Forex Whatsapp group that boasts hundreds of members. According to Traders Union analysts, one of the main reasons why traders join this group is because it provides professional trading signals at no cost. Additionally, the group provides excellent signals for various trading instruments besides Forex.

What’s more, the group ensures that traders are not distracted by unnecessary advertisements or messages, which helps them stay focused on their trading goals.

FX Signals

FX Signals homepage

Official Site: 

FX Signals is a platform that provides trading signals on WhatsApp, specifically designed for experienced traders who require regular updates about the Forex market. With their paid Service Pack, traders can receive 20 to 30 Forex signals, including fundamental calls.

Moreover, the platform also offers short-term and intraday long signals, which can be very useful in making quick decisions. The expert traders in the group also suggest the best time to enter into a position, which helps traders minimize risks and maximize their profits.

Forex GDP

Forex GDP

Official Site: 

Forex GDP is a Forex Whatsapp group that offers both free and premium memberships. You will receive one or more trade signals every week in the free version. Nonetheless, the signal quality is the same as that of the premium version.

Based on the exit trade setup in the free version, you might anticipate a profit objective of 100 to 200 pips. The commercial edition provides high-quality Forex signals based on many trading methods such as Candlestick Chart Analysis, Trend Reversal, Price Action, Breakout Strategy, and Trending.

Premium and Supreme are the two premium plans.

Premium subscribers receive signals with a net profit of more than 700 pips every month. You also have access to precise entrance and exit points. Nevertheless, the Supreme package provides over 1500 pips net profit each month through Jackpot Entry Trades with a risk-to-reward ratio of 1:5 to 1:10.

Ugaa Trading


Official Site:

Ugaa Trading is an Indian Forex signal Whatsapp group in which professionals from the same organization make advice for initiating positions in Forex trading.

Apart from trading signals, the club also provides learning assistance and recommendations. Because it is so ancient, the group has already reached its membership cap.

The best thing about this Forex signals group is that it offers a risk-reward ratio for Forex trading.

Forex Trading World

Forex trading world

Official Site: 

Forex Trading World is a trading signals Whatsapp group for investors who are new to the market and do not want to take any risks. Bond prices, commodity prices, and currency pairs are all represented in this category.

For example, it may issue a signal advising when to sell a specific currency pair or when to commence a purchase.

Forex Profita

Forex Profita

Official Site:

Forex Profita claims to have a 75% accuracy record and offers Forex trading signals via Viber, Whatsapp, and Telegram. With nine currency pairs, the group sends three to five signals every day.

In addition, it contains SL, TP placement, and entries. The Basic Paid Plan also includes a Personal Signal Manager.

Meanwhile, the Business Plan generates 8 to 12 signals every day across nine currency pairings. You also receive quick mobile signal notifications and a Personal Signal Manager. Whenever you establish a position, the platform’s Top Experienced managers will give trading advice throughout your transaction.

Forex Signals

Forex Signals

Official Site: 

According to Forex Signals, it is the only signal source that does not charge you until you make a profit. Rather than spending hours listening to the news and keeping up with market trends, you may rely on Forex Signals’ system, which gives the most recent Forex trends based on basic elements.

Although the signal system offers a 10-day free trial, the platform does not offer a free account. In addition to signals, Forex Signals provides real-time data and talent management services.

ForexVIP Signals

Forex VIP Signals

Official Site: 

ForexVIP Signals is a Forex signal service that delivers you signals over Whatsapp. Stop prices, entry prices, and take-profit prices are among the indications. ForexVIP signals will notify you whenever it is appropriate for you to trade.

The most appealing aspect of this platform is the ability to view their previous performance. The website provides weekly data on the historical performance of ForexVIP Signals, which offers you an indication of the platform’s success rate.

Forex Capital

Forex capital

Official Site: 

Forex Capital is a Forex Whatsapp group that provides you with risk-to-reward ratios for various transactions. It also makes suggestions for escape and entrance sites. But, keep in mind that the group may contain adverts for brokers.

Yet, given that the group is free, this is to be anticipated.

We hope this Traders Union article was useful to you and you can find a Forex Whatsapp group that will help you increase your deposit.