Avail the Benefits of White Label MT4 Solutions

White Label MT4 Solutions
Jan 5, 2024 Reading time : 4 min

According to the survey, 88% of Neophytes choose the White Label Forex solution. One of its distinctive features- the MetaTrader 4 certification, which is cost-friendly as the amount of $ 125,000 is not affordable for fresh Forex brokers. Why should you not use it, if the rest of the world is using it?

To give you a brief. Let us see:

Why Should You Choose White Label Solution?

You know that the competition level is high enough, you have to choose the best Forex Broker, as second best does not work. And, for you to be the best- we present our best- White Label MT4 Solutions. 

100% tested features:

Main Advantages-

  • 24/7 Expert support in multiple languages for extending trader growth, and supporting existing traders all around the world within a click
  • In-built Metatrader 4 service license to benefit you with organizing and maintaining servers with a reliable backup system
  • Convenient, user-friendly, includes all the other important features that influence an end-user’s choice.
  • To create high-end quality work for their clients,

White Label MetaTrader 4 is the best ready-made solution

Principle Benefits:

  1. Low Purchase Cost: That will help a new broker to a pro broker. By only charging for the necessary components
  2. Ready-made server Infrastructure: comprises CPUs, memory, storage, and management tools, to handle the data center 
  3. No Server Maintenance cost- We do not charge a penny if there is a fault at our end of the Server
  4. 24/7 Technical Support- All time service support in multiple languages, to help you and resolve your queries quickly
  5. Reliable failover System- That helps us to change automatically to a standby mode, preventing the loss of data
  6. Ready-made Liquidity provider- Bidding at clients, helping you to achieve the best traders
  7. Ready-made Server Extensions- Helping you to not consume time in bits and pieces
  8. Ready-made Integration Solutions- Reliable and time-tested to remove all the obstacles automatically
  9. Highly- cost-effective: Helping you spend less with high-end benefits
  10. Fast and Easy Setup- Setting up your profile, according to

you within a few minutes. 

After knowing so many features, let us quickly brief you about their starting process: 

Get Started with Your Brokerage Firm

Let’s show you how to go with the flow of starting your brokerage firm with White Label MT4-

Usually, a brokerage company/ Brokerage Firm or brokerage is a hub of Investors and Traders. The company acts as a Middle man that helps to connect the buyers and sellers for a mutual transaction. Brokerage companies are benefited from the commissions or fees agreed upon after the successful deal.

Key Features:

  • A middleman to connect buyers and sellers 
  • Brokerage companies can usually gain benefits from one of two types of commission: a flat fee or a percentage of the Settled amount.
  • You can find thousands of Brokerage companies, providing you with a range of products and services at a huge variety of costs and fees.

To provide you with the best forex services

What do they(White Label Solutions) do?

  1. Keep track of the target markets and audience 
  2. Calculate the required estimate to start a brokerage firm.
  3. Access and pitch to high liquidity Provider 
  4. Connect a reliable payment processor to avoid further issues
  5. Highlight the services you are going to offer with confidence
  6. Enter the Forex market and get ready to form your first clients.

To launch and access all the tested and ready-to-go features of the White Label, directly click and login to White Label.

How to Implement Your Brokerage Company with White Label MT4 Solutions?

1. Find a provider company by checking reviews in brief

2. Select a trading platform, after full-fledged research

3. Understand the costs, go for low-cost service providers

4. Think over your experience and knowledge, and only enter the firm with a proper structure and plan

5. Dip into legal issues and check if you are going to face any, in the long run

Additional Features: 

  • Partial and Full White Label Models-
Partial White Label MethodFull White Label Model
Access to only Trading platformsAccess to Trading Platforms
Process client deposits on your ownAll deposits will be submitted through the Brokerage Company
Sub-licensed brokersFull-licensed Brokers
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