Automating YouTube Accounts – Easy or Hard?

Jan 5, 2024 Reading time : 6 min

Many have already automated their YouTube accounts, while others are still struggling to find a way to do so. This raises the question: is it a tough challenge or an easy way to increase efficiency in attracting viewers?

The only way to overcome this dilemma is by discovering how YouTube automation works, what tools are needed, and what risks are involved in such practice. In this article, we are going to touch upon all these points.

What is YouTube Automation?

YouTube is a platform with many features, and it is challenging to manage it well, especially if you have multiple accounts and channels. Many tasks are involved – uploading videos regularly, compiling playlists, following up with your audience in comments, and checking for what is trending.

YouTube automation tools employ bots to complete these and other tasks conveniently. Bots are software programs designed to complete repetitive tasks online while imitating human behavior. In YouTube’s case, a bot can log in to your account and, for example, upload videos in bulk by also adding all the required additional information.

You will just need to provide the tool with instructions about the tasks without spending time doing them manually. Most such tools work as add-ons in browsers or provide a dashboard on their website where you can control everything in only a few clicks.

One of the greatest benefits of these tools is YouTube’s search engine optimization. A lot rests on whether viewers can find your videos and whether they are suggested by YouTube’s algorithm. To be successful, you have to know the correct keywords and trends of what is popular right now.

YouTube automation services help optimize your channel by bringing statistics and suggestions in one place. Without this information, you might create content that isn’t searched for or suggested to anyone. But organic views aren’t all you can achieve – automation solutions can also help gain views, likes, and subscribers from view bots or other sources. 

YouTube Automation Tools

Before committing to any of the tools, it’s important to know which of them are in line with YouTube’s rules of use. Services that artificially increase your metrics are frowned upon by Google. They are fighting against them because some try to abuse the platform with malicious intent.

Other services that mainly automate tasks and provide statistics are more in line with YouTube s terms and conditions. Some popular YouTube rs even explicitly admit to using such tools for their accounts. However, it is unclear whether YouTube will change its stance and start restricting them in the future.

The features packed in these products are the key to differentiating between them. There are a variety of YouTube automation solutions, and the choice depends on your preferences. To illustrate the difference between the two types, we’ll discuss an example of each. 

TubeBuddy is one of the best automation solutions in the category of tools that abide by the rules of YouTube. It works as an extension on your web browser or as a mobile app (Android and iOS), so it’s extremely easy to set up and use. Here are the main characteristics of TubeBuddy:

  • All automation and optimization instruments – from a video scheduler to an emoji picker.
  • Provides a lot of additional content for their community
  • In line with YouTube’s rules
  • No growth features

Many features, such as search optimization, are available with the extension from the original YouTube website. Others are presented in a separate dashboard, such as productivity tools, bulk video processing, and statistics.

The pricing plans are quite flexible and do not require any commitments from the start. You can begin with a limited set of features for free and then expand to a paid plan when you need more advanced actions.

However, the price of TubeBuddy tends to get significantly higher with more features, and if you also use growth tools for increasing metrics, some features will overlap. So think beforehand whether you will use other tools additionally.

Jarvee belongs to a category of growth tools that, against the rules of YouTube, allow you to increase viewers, subscribers, and likes. They are leading in this field and cover other social media platforms also. Their YouTube automation tool includes a lot of powerful features:

  • Automatic following and unfollowing
  • Automatic liking of videos and commenting
  • Video auto-watch and auto-comment
  • Activity randomization 

They did a really good job with the dashboard interface. It is easy to use and allows you to follow your progress without much hassle. You can add as many accounts as you like, including those from other platforms.

Jarvee does what it promises, but setting up the bot correctly will take time and technical know-how. Be sure to follow their tutorials and do a bit of research on bots before you begin. Most bad reviews, I believe, about Jarvee come from those who didn’t set up well.

Starting out is easy because of a five days free trial before you have to pay. Later plans get quite expensive, but it’s an investment that pays off in time.


Automation tools are frequently investigated by YouTube while tracking the associated IP addresses. The more actions you do in a short period of time, the higher the risk of an IP ban. Therefore, you must behave like an ordinary user by not spamming the same actions and spreading your activity.

Appearing as an ordinary user is not enough because you also have to change your IP address to reduce the likelihood of them tracking you. Web Proxies can achieve this by acting as intermediaries between you and YouTube. Instead of connecting directly, you will route your request through a proxy server. 

Residential proxies are the best for this task because their IPs are affiliated with regular internet service providers and home devices. Other proxy types can be detected by YouTube more easily.


The answer to our initial questions is not straightforward. The automation itself isn’t hard to achieve, but avoiding bans will take preparation. A good proxy and experience with bots will lead you to success.

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