What is the Benefit of Using a Web Proxy?

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Jan 5, 2024 Reading time : 4 min

Most people hardly know what proxy servers are. And those who know they only know one thing – to bypass Geo-Blocking.

If you are most users, chances are you only use the proxy as the alternative to access restricted online content. 

However, using a proxy is not limited to this one use; it has several different usages that we will unveil in this article. 

A proxy server can be considered an intermediate mechanism used to connect the main server. The proxy server is closely connected with the main server.

Any command given to the proxy server is forwarded to the main server and fetches the relevant data. This helps the users keep their IP address secure while accessing online data.

While we as users use proxy servers for only accessing content, the business industry is the only one that is taking its full advantage.

This article will take you through other benefits web proxies have to offer.

What is a Proxy Server?

A proxy server is a system that provides the gateway between the internet and users. Therefore, it protects the user from getting attacked by any cyber attackers. 

When your computer connects to the internet, it uses an IP address. This IP address can be considered the home address. Therefore, when you look for a query and receive a result, it is because of the IP address, and the result is sent to the IP address. 

A proxy server can be considered a computer on the internet with an IP Address of its own. When you are using a proxy to connect to the internet, your own IP address is masked by the proxy’s Ip address, ensuring your personal data is safe and secure.

How Does a Proxy Server Work?

Basically, a proxy server will act as an intermediary between a client and a user. The proxy server takes on the client frequently, analyses it, and then passes it on to the internet. 

Perhaps the following example will help you better understand how proxy servers work.

So, you want to use a proxy server like The Pirate Bay. This proxy server receives the request and does the following things.

  • After receiving a request, the first thing a proxy server does is check for the local cache to find relevant pages.
  • If the proxy doesn’t find any local pages, it will pass the request to the internet. However, it will not use IP to do it. The proxy will act as a client and make requests to the internet.
  • Once the relevant page is found, it will relate the same to the original request.

Benefits of Using Proxy Server

  • Geolocation Testing: Many websites have started implementing geolocation technology to customize web content. This redirects the right audiences to the right pages.

By doing so, businesses could popularize the localized content among the web communities. Hence, by using different proxy servers around the world, businesses can accurately pinpoint the user’s location.

  • Anonymous Browsing: One of the greatest benefits of using proxy servers to access the internet is that it hides the internal clients from the external network. By using a proxy server, you allow the proxy to do your bidding.

This helps you protect your network IP. Since an external network cannot access the internet, you are safe from any unscrupulous attacks.

  • Filter Request: Proxy servers are also used to filter data or requests from external sites. For instance, the organization uses this feature to ensure the data usage conforms to the local usage policy.

Furthermore, authentication can be put in place to ensure effective control over the content delivery system.


Remember, when using a proxy server for security and anonymity, the proxy itself has to decide what you are looking for. That means it can see everything you are doing. The only way for you to stop the proxy from tracking everything is to ensure you have SSL security.

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