Hacking Casino Algorithms: Can Code Beat Code?

Updated On March 29, 2023 | by Manpreet Kaur Sandhu


Online casinos have been operational for over two decades, and they have accumulated a plethora of information on how to protect themselves from a wide range of threats, including cyber-attacks. Profitable operators have enough money to buy top-of-the-line security systems that are constantly updated for themselves. According to https://kamikajino.jp/payments/jcb/, this also includes top-secured payment systems.

“Wondering, is hacking illegal?”

Absolutely not! It is nevertheless possible to hack a casino operator, which occasionally happens despite all attempts to ensure that security measures are failsafe. Some of the safest brick-and-mortar facilities become targets in the movies, and the same thing may happen in real life. The issue is identical to online casinos.

Is It Possible to Hack Online Casinos in 2023?

In a nutshell, YES! Nonetheless, it is tough for hackers to understand the algorithm thoroughly. Because the method is not publicly published, hackers must make some highly speculative assumptions to estimate the competition’s outcome.

A casino algorithm might be hijacked if a hacker has insider information about the target. The bulk of massive, sophisticated assaults is adequate only when the hackers have insider information. This top-secret information might be gained by using an employee or entering the internal network via a system vulnerability.

The Game is Over When a Hacker Has Access to a Company’s System

Another method for grasping the algorithm is to engage with the system or resources repeatedly throughout time and analyze the numerous outputs created by it. As a result, discoveries may provide predictable effects over time, providing critical casino hack knowledge to scammers who can foretell specific actions.

A hacker may achieve this by:

  1. Visiting a specific sort of slot machine
  2. Playing on it on a frequent basis
  3. Writing down or making a note of each result
  4. Studying the device’s trends

Ultimately, a hacker will be able to forecast the game’s conclusion based on his expertise, allowing him to make some substantial money. Experts from https://kamikajino.jp/payments/jcb/ state that hackers usually use less-known payment tools to withdraw funds.

Even though the algorithm may be expected, casinos monitor every client, and if a player’s winning rate exceeds a certain level, they frequently prohibit them from playing there.

Methods for Defrauding Slot Machines

It was simple to cheat at slot machines two or three decades ago, but those days are long gone. Traditional cheating methods are now almost impossible to employ. Innovative gamers and computer hackers have used a variety of ways to deceive slot machines and earn money.

Light Wand

Tommy Glenn Carmichael, a well-known hacker, came up with the concept for the Light Wand. With this novel approach, the hacker community hacked the currency payment procedure. The gaming machine could not identify the amount of money that should have been given to the winner because the optical sensor was obstructed. Tommy Glenn used this approach to clean up the slot machines after he had made his first little profit.


Someone tried to run a casino heist hack by placing magnets on top of them. As high-value symbols are spun into place on the pay line, they draw attention to the device. This concept was not particularly effective due to the requirement for massive magnets. This was a challenge for them. After all, security was more than capable of tracking them down.

Fake Coins

Dishonest gamblers used to fabricate counterfeit coins and use them in slot machines in the past century. Some were detected earlier than others owing to currency discrepancies, but one example has survived throughout the history of counterfeit coins.

One began selling counterfeit banknotes under Louis “The Coin” Colavecchio (1990). Due to how efficiently he executed this, the casino employees could not distinguish between the fake and real coins. Only actual experts could accomplish it. After they discovered his illegal conduct, he was sentenced to time in prison and barred from accessing casinos.

Real-Life Examples of Hacked Casinos

A substantial investment in security may deter would-be attackers, who may determine that the danger isn’t worth their time and effort. They would much rather hunt for simpler prey, like VIP slots with no deposit bonuses. There have been instances where genuine cyberattacks on casinos have been undertaken, and in some cases, such attempts have been successful. As a result, there is no space for dispute about the potential of hacking.

Criminals might have a wide range of motivations. Some of them are interested in stealing data and reselling it afterward. This was the case with the MGM casino situated on the property. Others are trying to take it and hold it, hostage, for ransom. Another likely rationale is keeping an eye on the competitors. On a smaller scale, some hackers target specific player accounts to steal money from them.


Owners of online gambling websites aren’t the only ones who are usually the subject of hacking attempts. Someone stole a 142 million player database from MGM casino in 2019. Among the disclosed details were personal player information such as addresses and phone numbers. Fortunately, no significant financial information was obtained.

The player database was eventually made available for purchase on the dark web after it was stolen. The figures were examined, and it was discovered that they were correct. Clients of MGM affirmed that they were present at the casino at the time specified and that they lived at the addresses specified.

America’s Cardroom

Americas Cardroom, an online poker operator, was the subject of a hacking attack in August 2018, which resulted in the suspension of many tournaments with a combined prize pool of about $10 million. The criminals were unsuccessful, and the threat was eliminated a few days later.

Binions and 4 Queens

The Binions and 4 Queens casinos in Las Vegas were afflicted by an undisclosed computer breakdown issue. As a result, they could not meet their consumers’ requirements, and the slot machines remained inactive. Casinos were unable to solve the problem for up to seven days. It was suspected that someone had hacked into their networks and held them for ransom. Yet, no formal notice was sent.

Which Operators are Most Prone to Cyber Attacks?

Every casino that does not invest in security puts itself at risk, but casinos that operate in unregulated markets are more vulnerable. This is not because they have inferior technological equipment; somewhat, they are not protected by formal authorities. They will only lack the capacity to prosecute hackers criminally.

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