Game Development: The Popularity of the Digital Age

game development
May 19, 2023 Reading time : 5 min

Many people who are computer or tech enthusiasts must know how big is the gaming community. We all think that game is something which is supposed to be made for kids. Well, there’s is no doubt in it that in the initial days, when games like Mario were invented, the core audience for the developers were kids. 

The main intention behind developing a game was to give computer users a means of relaxing experience and a break from their regular boring routine. But nowadays, the demographics have changed. As you can look at the graph below, it clearly shows that the most number of people who play games are from the age group of 18-34 years.

This is a Statista report showing the age groups of active gamers in the USA from 2022. This is why games nowadays are mostly developed with mature storylines and insanely real graphics. Developers intend to make the gaming experience as addictive as they can so that their user base increases and the reviews they receive come out insane. 

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Create What You Love

Game development is not that easy. It covers all the elements that technology can cover like photo, video, audio, graphics, animation and even coding. Although, despite being this technical, it allows you to create a game of your choice. You can choose a game of your choice and also choose the genre you want. Action, adventure, fantasy, or anything. 

Game development is not an easy task. It required a lot of patience, imagination, creativity, and storyline. There is a category in games called AAA games. Games that use excellent graphic quality and are distributed at a grand scale. 

There are proper engines or platforms that are taken in used to build a game. These engines are heavily programmed with all the features and compatibility that are responsible to make your experience divine. Some of the most popular engines that hold a great reputation in the industry are Unreal Engine, Cry Engine, and Unity Engine. You can easily get to learn more about them through the internet. Recently, Unreal Engine 5 has been in the limelight for its amazing features and capabilities to render graphics. 

Technologies Support You

According to Forbes, the gaming industry has been valued at around $90 billion. And with this much flow of money, it is obvious to expect various big advancements and achievements in the development. Especially in recent times, various new tech that you cannot even think about has come into reality. 

Some of them are highly interactive and almost real-like. Following are some of the new variations in this sector:

1. Virtual Reality: Virtual Reality is the all-new technology in this industry. As you can guess by the name, a player can get a virtual experience of the game and can watch the presence of the elements working on the game. This tech requires a headset that a gamer wears and once it is put on, it can give him a real-like experience.

2. Metaverse: The whole idea of Metaverse revolve around bridging the gap between real and virtual world. Initiated by Mark Zuckerberg, Metaverse aims to turn your virtual experience into the real one by integrating a number of features like socializing and organizing into the Metaverse itself. In-game events like music concerts or sports events will be integrated to bridge the gap.

3. Cloud Gaming: Cloud gaming is the idea to eliminate the problem of regularly upgrading computer hardware like processors, RAM, CPU, GPU, etc, and making use of only one lightweight streaming device like Chromecast or FireTV to play the game. 

These were some amazing updates that you might feel in the near future around you. Some of these techs are already in use. For example, there are already various games that are developed or compatible to play with VR headsets. While on the other hand, some of the techs are still under improvement and in the initial stages. 

Fan’s Love is Everything

In the end, all developers and developing companies share the sole purpose behind developing a game. That is to satisfy their customers as much as they can. The ultimate goal for their hard work is to get appreciation from the public for which they have put so much attention to detail and their patience. 

Entering into the gaming industry can be the turning point of your life as you can make huge greens and bills from this sector. You can also go independent as the industry world on various modules like animations, graphics, CGI, audio, videos, and many more. You can expert on any of the modules and can work independently according to your will.

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