5 Reasons to Hire Top- Rated Car Accident Lawyers in Orlando

Hire Car Accident Lawyers
Oct 18, 2021 Reading time : 4 min

Over 30% of all Orlando car accidents involve someone speeding. Drivers in Florida witness over 1000 car accidents every day. Hence, the city’s police department and the State have strict traffic regulations and rules to prevent car accidents. 

For example, all drivers who witness a car accident in Orlando should stop at the accident scene and help anyone injured.

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Experienced Orlando car accident lawyers can help you understand the legal intricacies associated with the event. 

It is also recommended you speak to your car accident lawyer before speaking with your insurance company. These experts can help you win the highest compensation you are eligible for. 

1. Lawyers Understand the Insurance Laws

Orlando follows a “no-fault” policy regarding car insurance accidents. So if you are injured in a car accident in the city, your own insurance company is responsible for covering your personal injuries damages from the accident. 

Your car insurance policy should ideally cover the medical bills and other similar costs associated with the accident. The only way to claim compensation from another driver or other party is to file a third-party insurance claim.

However, you can file a claim against the other driver if you suffered vehicle damages. The number of vehicle damages you are eligible for will vary based on the vehicle’s value, available insurance coverage, and the “at-fault” party. 

These specifications may be too complex for a non-professional to understand. Orlando car accident lawyers have in-depth knowledge of car insurance laws and other related legislations and can educate you on the same.

2. Lawyers Can Negotiate Better with Insurance Companies

If you sustained vehicle damages, you might have to enter into discussions with the at-fault party’s insurance company. An expert lawyer can also help you prove that the other driver was responsible for your vehicle damages. 

The insurance company may attempt to get you to settle for a minimal amount. Ideally, you should be able to file the claim based on your repair bill estimate and the fault percentage of the other party. 

Orlando drivers can claim an average of $15000 for property damages. Your lawyer can negotiate with the insurance company to ensure you get justice. 

These experts can also discuss collision and personal injury coverage claims with your insurance company. The lawyers can also negotiate with the insurance adjuster.

3. Help with Evidence Collection

Insurance companies demand evidence in photographs, videos, witness statements, and written submissions for claims processing. A reputed Orlando car accident attorney can help you collect, organize and submit evidence to the insurance company. 

The evidence should be relevant and compelling. Your lawyer can help you draft a written submission based on the Florida car accident legislation. 

The quality of evidence and submissions is crucial to the claim filing process. So, it’s best to call your car accident attorney immediately after the accident. 

4. Help Compute the Highest Claim You are Eligible For

Several details like the exact amount on your medical bills, car repair bills, and other intricate facts and circumstances of the accident are considered to determine your claim eligibility. 

If the eligible claim amount exceeds the applicable car insurance policy limit, the court may issue an “excess judgment.” Drivers in Orlando must adhere to specific minimum coverage requirements, including bodily insurance coverage of $10000 per person and $20000 per accident. 

Since your car accident attorney is well versed in these details, the expert can help you compute the highest claim you are eligible for with accuracy.

Experienced car accident attorneys can offer legal representation and litigation services if necessary.

Final Thoughts

A trusted Orlando car accident lawyer can help you understand your legal options and help you deal with the legal process. It is necessary to hire an attorney if you sustained injuries and need medical recovery after the accident.

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