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Know About Online Slots
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Slots games are a mainstay of all casinos, and they have been so since the first kind of slot machine debuted in 1891.  The first machine was hardly relatable to the present ones, and it would take up to 1964 for the first electromechanical slot machines to appear. Video slots took a while, and then the online platforms took the game by storm and are the top game for most online gamblers. 

Types of Online Slots 

There are various kinds of slots online also known as pokies to cater for the different needs and preferences of players. Some of the common ones include:

Classic Slots 

Classic pokies get their name from the design of vintage slot machines found in land-based casinos which they use. They also have the lowest number of reels at three and usually have simple graphics and gameplay. 918kiss

Video Slots

They are modern and feature heavy use of video effect modern themes and many reels from five onwards.  

Fruit Slots

They are similar to classic ones but get their name from their use of fruit symbols like peaches, lemons, and grapes and more.  

3D Slots 

These are the most modern kind of the games building on video format. They are highly interactive, thanks to their storylines and mini-quests.

Under these main kinds, you will find some distinctive subtypes differentiated by their cost or win amounts. These include;

  • Demo version: These are also known as free games. Demo slots online are free versions of games that allow users to have fun without placing real money wagers.  
  • Penny games: These require the least investment as gambles can use at least one cent for every line. 
  • Progressive jackpot: These are unique because they use a portion of deposits made by all players playing the game to award the winning jackpot bet. As a result, they have the biggest rewards in online casinos.  
  • Multiple ways to win format: These games discard limited pay lines moving from left to right and use the computer to create random outcomes. They include 243 ways to win, 1024 ways to win, and 3125 ways to win.  
  • Bitcoin jackpot slots. 

Why Playing Slots is Popular 

In almost all casinos, pokies take the lion’s share of the game collection. That’s because most gamblers choose to play legendary slots, and they are the most popular game genre in casino gambling. Below are some reasons that make them so popular.

Easy to Play 

Most casino games have complex rules of play and strategies that it takes several weeks of practice to grasp. On the other hand, pokies are straightforward, with no strategy involved, just spinning reels and matching symbols. 

Plenty of Options 

There are thousands of slot games across all online casinos and hundred of software providers. These games come in varying graphics and themes and different in-play options. Sports, adventure, movies, legends, and history are some of the numerous themes you can choose from to play. 

Demo Games 

Most online pokies allow for free play in a demo version. Players can use this demo version to understand the gameplay, and find out about the RTP of the game, its variance and entertainment factor. 

High Payouts 

These games come with high RTPs making it easier for players to strike big wins. Most have an RTP of 92% and more. The jackpots are significant especially progressive jackpots which can be life-changing. 


Gamblers can easily lose much money while chasing wins, or they are lost in the thrill of the game. Thankfully, most pokies require cents to play for prizes, so it takes multiple spins for you to get to spend a significant amount of money. 

Entertainment Factor 

Besides, the thrill of winning the games is the most entertaining category of games in online casinos. They have attractive audio-visual graphics and engaging storylines and adventures. 


Pokies are easy to play and are entertaining while providing an excellent chance to land gamble wins. Technology has improved their visual appeal, and thanks to engaging storylines, they are even more popular. To make the most of your experience, pick a theme you enjoy and try out a demo pokies version first before trying your hand at the real money games.

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