How to Use Proxies to Buy Sneakers?

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Jan 5, 2024 Reading time : 6 min

Buying a new pair of sneakers can be a very stressful task when you are in a game of sneaker copping and competing with various sneakerheads, collectors, and all different types of people who are buying them in large amounts and doing it fast.

Proxy servers are one of the most advanced technologies that are broadly employed among those who know how to get the deal done and land the desired shoes.

Let’s take a closer look at how proxies can be and are used for buying sneakers.

What Do Proxies Do?

Proxies are intermediary servers between their user and the internet. You can use them to hide your identity by concealing your IP address and providing a new one that works instead.

Your IP address contains some information that can be used to identify you and restrict your access to a certain site or content on it. Since an IP address can reveal your country or even a city, your current location can become the reason for getting limited content or even not getting it at all if the site is blocked in your country.

Proxies change your IP address and give you alternative IPs that make you look like a different internet user. That helps to unblock yourself from the sites where you have already been blocked based on your IP address and avoid further blocks that can be applied on the same basis. Not to mention, your new IP address can indicate different countries where restrictions or blocks that bother you don’t even exist.

You can get multiple IP addresses that change over time and make your different actions seem like done by different users. Now, let’s see how these functions can be applied to sneaker copping.

Accessing Geo-Restricted Prices and Items

You can use sneaker proxies to access prices and items that are accessible only to customers from a different country.

This difference in online stores can exist only based on IP addresses. Customers from a particular country have an IP address that indicates that country. That’s a good way to adjust prices and items to the needs and financial situation of a specific country.

By using proxies that give you an IP that indicates a different country, you can break this restriction and can buy what you want by having to pay a lesser price. It makes you independent from your location and financial differences among countries.

Exceeding the Limit of Purchases

Many stores allow their customers to buy only a limited number of sneakers from a limited edition. Frequently, it’s just one pair. If you have reached your limit, you will not be allowed to buy more because your actions can be seen as done by using your IP address.

For creating different accounts that share the same IP address, you could eventually get blocked for violating the store’s policies. That would leave you without your sneakers.

A sneaker proxy allows you to defy this limit and buy as many items as you wish. Your different purchases can be done by using different IP addresses that seem like different customers, so there’s no way to limit your shopping or to identify your different purchases as belonging to one customer that could be blocked for that.

Michael Jordan once famously said that limits, like fears, are often just an illusion. You can apply his approach directly when you are trying to buy Jordan sneakers from a limited edition.

Sure, there is a limit to how many sneakers have been manufactured. But other limits that restrict your number of purchases and better prices can be broken. And it would liberate you from fears that you will lose what you are seeking while having to deal with others being faster and more successful.

Improving Your Speed and Additional Software

Those who are investing lots of time and effort in copping sneakers usually use various tools that help them improve their speed and automate the processes of purchasing, refreshing the page, or finding the best prices.

However, using these things attract new obstacles that limit their usage. Sneaker proxies are used to bypass these obstacles and to employ these tools freely.

By making you anonymous, sneaker proxies will let:

  • Your bots work without interruptions,
  • Avoid getting reCAPTCHA check-ups,
  • Sneaker servers to increase your speed even more.

Bots that automate your tasks and give you enormous speed that is crucial in sneaker copping when you want to beat your competitors are easily identifiable because of their non-humanly speed and the number of tasks done in a short time.

They are heavily blocked because of their advantages that are considered unwanted by the stores, and they tend to block them but never do anything in the legal sense about it since using them doesn’t violate any laws.

If you are using a proxy, and every bot works with a different IP address that also differs from your original IP address, neither they nor you can be blocked. The proxy doesn’t deflect a block, but it makes it hard to detect bots and even harder to link them together or with you as their original user.

The same bot can do different tasks with different IP addresses that don’t prolong the counting of requests under a single IP.

For the same reason, the number of reCAPTCHA check-ups that interrupt your work by stopping you and your bots to fill them in will be significantly diminished. Your bots will not get stuck in it, and neither will you.

By making your bots work freely and quickly, if you are using sneaker servers for better performance and faster speed, you will not waste your money by cutting off this speed with constant check-ups and potential blocks.

Final Thoughts

All in all, proxies increase both your speed with the usage of bots and the number of purchases that you can get when you are copping sneakers, it widens the range of possible items to buy and lets you access lower prices in different countries. Proxies give you a clear advantage that others will have if you don’t use them.

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