Education Goes Digital: The Revolution of Online Teaching

Updated On September 13, 2021 | by Zayn Tindall

The Revolution of Online Teaching

An unforeseen combination of circumstances can lead to unthinkable solutions. Before this pandemic, nobody ever thought about the revolution of online learning. Today, economies, business, education, human lives, and many more things are reeling under coronavirus impact. The shutdown of educational institutions and universities has affected almost 300 million students around the globe. 

Online teaching is registering a spike worldwide and is established as the new-age education in these hard times of pandemic. Around 600,000 students worldwide travel overseas for better education every year. With Covid-19, this is not happening and online teaching apps are their savior in this difficult time. 

Online Teaching During Covid 

The demand for online education has seen a sudden wave since the pandemic. Online education is an appropriate solution to support this problem. It only requires a good internet connection and computer or mobile phone to learn from anywhere in the world. The retention power of students is also increased as they don’t feel exhausted due to traveling. It is also accessible to all the students whether they are from preschool or the graduate level. The government of India has finally given a green signal to all educational institutions to continue to teach online. Initially, it was 20% but now they can provide 100% of the course online. All educational institutions are promoting online teaching through various tools and providing all the resources digitally. The USA, Brazil, Italy, and many other countries that are heavily affected by Covid-19 have also adopted various online teaching methods. 

Innovations in Online Education System 

Many businesses have been affected by the worsening conditions of Covid-19 but the online education industry is one of those industries which are still at its peak. The Central Government’s action on digitizing education and skill development in its National Educational Policy (NEP) 2020 marks the revolution of online education. It has brought ed-tech with more innovation in its tools to create engaging, inclusive, and highly personalized distance learning experiences accessible to all students. 

The innovative techniques of the ed-tech industry had empowered students and made them active participants in the skill development rather than focusing on just academics for the first time. The students who have experienced personalized learning platforms with live-coaching support, scheduled tests, PDFs, engaging videos, etc have found it more effective than regular classroom learning. The Edtech industry has also made many changes to balance the dynamics of teachers and students from classroom learning to virtual learning.

Online education has the power to transform India with better education facilities across the country with online platforms delivering the same content to the urban and rural population, the rich and the poor, all castes and creeds, thereby delivering education more efficiently than ever before. The government of India is also giving a big hand in supporting online education and has launched several programs like Skill India, SWAYAM, SANKALP, DIKSHA, and the National Digital library. 

Here, we conclude that the new education system has evolved completely because of the technological and social revolution. Recent studies have shown that online learning is better than ‘face-to-face learning’ and its implementation is becoming more effective by the technological and pedagogical systems that are being used, based on big data systems.

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