Track Down the Websites That are Using Your Images Without Permission

Updated On January 24, 2023 | by Sejal Mehra


When you upload photos to the internet, others can use them without your knowledge or consent. The sheer size of the web makes it difficult to track down every instance of your photographs being used without your knowledge. Using the google search image features, you may learn more about the situation and how to handle it effectively.

What Can Be Done About Picture Theft?

Photographers universally despise copyright infringement, but unfortunately, it is an unavoidable industry reality. Facebook is where most copyright violations occur. Thank goodness it’s so easy to delete the image today.

Those who create weblogs are also frequent targets. It’s surprising how few people know the guidelines for using the images included with blog postings. If they provide proper attribution, that’s OK, but in practice, people usually just take from each other without giving any acknowledgment.

The main issue, though, typically originates from sneaky businesses. You would only be able to find this infraction with the google search image feature, which is now available as a tool.

What is Online Image Search?

Thanks to recent technological developments, a popular google search image offers an amazing new function that can help you find what you need quickly and easily. You may now search for images by keyword and the actual image itself.

If you provide Google with an image, it will compile and offer links to any website with identical or similar images. Moreover, it’ll show off your shot once you’ve retouched and reshaped it.

This is fantastic, as images are frequently altered by having text superimposed on them or by being cropped. With visual comparisons in place of textual ones, it’s more likely that the desired outcomes will be located.

How to Image Search?

As jobs go, this one is a cinch. Visit the photo finder’s homepage for image-based searches. You’ll see a search bar similar to the ones we’re all used to, but this one will allow you to upload images as part of your query.

Images are used in current programs to perform a reverse image search. Your photo will likely appear in search results if it is published elsewhere on the web. You can then search for any major copyright violations and take appropriate action.

The results of a search for a picture can be refined using a google search image such as Simply copy the image’s URL (link) and put it into the search bar to see where your photo is being used online. Alternatively, you can use the “upload image” button to send in your own photo.

You can obtain thousands of results for any ordinary photo in your collection using an online google search image tool. And even if the image has been altered in any way—cropped, reversed, etc.—online tools will still be able to locate it for you.

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What Should Be Done If Photos are Stolen and Used Without Permission?

Once you discover the illegal use of your photo using google search image tools, the decision is ultimately yours to make. Given that it’s obvious that the photo is only being used on a blog and no money is being made off of it, I’d recommend giving the blogger one of two options.

1.       Include a caption with your name and a link to your online presence at the image’s base.

2.       Simply request that they remove the picture.

Check if it’s a business by using the google search image feature, and if so, your first question should be about where they got the photo. They might have simply copied it from your site. It could be worth a try to use money as a bargaining chip. Request that they remove the image from their site within 14–15 business days if they cannot make a payment.

Send them an invoice and a copyright strike if they refuse to remove the image. The most important thing is to be polite. In a cordial manner, you can inform people who are exploiting your images without permission that they must stop.

They may be utilizing your image without permission or a license and are completely oblivious to the fact that they’re doing so. Copyright law is complicated, and most individuals need to be aware of their rights. Read it carefully by the regulations of your home country.


If you’re a photographer, this is a must-have, but be careful not to get dependent on it. Searching with images every time is OK once in a while, but doing it constantly can be very time-consuming. Remember to add a watermark to your images and only submit low-resolution versions to deter theft.

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