Top 5 AI Grammar Checker Tools To Make Your Writing Flawless In The Year Ahead

Top ai grammar checker tools free
Feb 9, 2024 Reading time : 6 min

“A Philosopher once said, half of the good philosophy is good grammar”

  • A.P Martinich  ( American philosopher) 

As the above quote states grammar is an indispensable part of a good piece of writing. Grammar allows learners to express their thoughts adequately and communicate their message in a short concise manner while ensuring the effectiveness of the content. 

A grammar checker tool is something designed to correct common grammatical errors. it not only delivers precise content but also ensures a professional tone in your writing, further making it authentic and easy to understand. 

So, in this read, we have accumulated the top 5 AI grammar checker tools that can take your writing journey to the next level. 

But before getting into the details here are statistics of the Leading ways in which marketers worldwide use artificial intelligence (AI) assisted writing as of March 2023:


Tool 1: ProWritingAid


One such writing companion to marketers is – ProWritingAid, born from the literary endeavors of its founder, Chris Banks, in 2013. Struggling with a novel about South America, Chris, a seasoned business writer, crafted ProWritingAid to tackle the challenges of creative expression. 

Now, trusted by industry giants like Amazon, Boston University, and Microsoft, ProWritingAid has become the go-to tool for millions of global writers.

ProWritingAid is one of the best AI grammar checker tools that boasts an online editor, desktop apps, browser extensions, and add-ons for Microsoft Word and Google Docs. While its interface may seem busier, it excels in catching errors missed by others. Notably, it emphasizes nuances like dash spacing. 

What sets ProWritingAid apart is its customizable style guide in the premium version, eliminating the need for team upgrades. The platform’s Rephraser tool, in beta, offers diverse sentence rewriting suggestions. Its standout feature, the writing style report, provides comprehensive insights into areas needing improvement, ensuring polished content.

In Case, you opt for the free version or the Expert plan for plagiarism checking, ProWritingAid offers real-time fixes, style suggestions, powerful plug-ins like Word Explorer, and a contextual thesaurus. 

Tool 2: Wordrake 


Unlock the power of precision in your writing with WordRake – the go-to editing tool for professionals across diverse industries. 

Originally designed for legal writing, WordRake has seamlessly become vital for lawyers, executives, doctors, marketers, and more, garnering loyal users from AMLAW 100 firms, Fortune 500 companies, and government agencies since 2012. 

Boasting over 35,000 algorithms, WordRake ensures your writing is streamlined, sophisticated, and seamless with its track-changes style editing in Microsoft Word and Outlook.

Experience instant, intelligent, and insightful enhancements to your work, focusing on clarity and brevity with just one click. Tailor WordRake to your needs with modes that prioritize succinct writing, familiar word choices, or both. This AI grammar-checking tool is an editing powerhouse that targets professionals who rely on Microsoft Word and Outlook, helping tighten legal briefs, eliminating jargon, and enhancing overall professionalism. 

From eliminating redundancies to catching high-level grammar mistakes, WordRake excels at its key role, making it an indispensable asset for precise, professional writing. Try it now with a 7-day free trial and explore pricing options starting from $17/month.

Tool 3: Grammarly


According to the reports, AI writing assistant software market size is projected to reach USD 6464.31 million by 2030, growing at a CAGR of 26.94% from 2023 to 2030. 


Grammarly is one of the best AI writing assistant tools! If you’re an individual honing your writing skills or an organization seeking a unified brand voice, Grammarly’s customizable style guides, and goal-setting features empower you every step of the way. It not only checks for grammar and spelling but also ensures inclusive writing by flagging potentially sensitive terms.

In 2009, Max Lytvyn, Alex Shevchenko, and Dmytro Lider set out on a mission to enhance global communication through Grammarly, now a powerhouse tool relied upon by over 30 million individuals and 70,000 teams worldwide. 

This generative AI marvel doesn’t just correct your grammar; it’s a comprehensive communication assistant that elevates your writing prowess. Recognized by TIME and Fast Company, Grammarly stands among the most influential and innovative AI companies globally.

With plagiarism detection powered by ProQuest, Grammarly ensures your content’s originality. Privacy is a priority, backed by encryption and security certifications. The free version packs a punch, but Premium users unlock advanced features like tone suggestions and citation generation. 

For enterprises, the Business plan offers a suite of tools for style guides, brand tones, analytics, and more, making Grammarly an indispensable ally in the world of effective communication.

Tool 4: ParagraphAI


Meet ParagraphAI, the revolutionary AI writer designed to seamlessly integrate into your daily workflow. As the world’s premier AI writing app and keyboard extension, it empowers you to craft text, emails, and more – all in your unique voice – wherever you write. 

This cutting-edge writing tool is your instant solution for accurate, grammatically correct, and purpose-specific responses, ensuring clarity and precision in seconds.

More than just writing software, ParagraphAI emerges as the ultimate writing assistant, offering fluency at your fingertips. Unleash the power of flawless grammar, impeccable spelling, and a rich vocabulary with this leading writing assistant software, proficient in over 40 languages.

Effortlessly overcome writer’s block and language barriers, bidding farewell to tedious tasks. This all-encompassing AI writer generates 99.99% plagiarism-free content, from emails and reports to resumes. 

Experience the ease of instant replies, confidently addressing emails, messages, comments, and chats within seconds, in case on desktop or mobile. Elevate your communication with ParagraphAI, the market’s best free AI writer, and make a lasting impression effortlessly.

Tool 5: Trinka


Elevate your writing with Trinka AI, an advanced tool powered by Enago and backed by the Crimson Interactive Group, a global force with 15 years of experience in research and publication solutions. 

Operating in 125+ countries, Crimson boasts a clientele of 200k+ across esteemed institutions like MIT, Princeton, and corporations including Toyota and Wiley. Trinka, designed for technical and academic writing, ensures your documents meet the highest standards.

This powerhouse tool delves into your manuscript through 20+ checkpoints, refining technical phrasing, eliminating biased language, reducing wordiness, and cultivating an academic tone. Beyond editing, Trinka features a groundbreaking “Journal Finder” tool, aligning your work with targeted publications and guiding you through potential journal selections. 

Backed by iThenticate, Trinka’s plagiarism checker and file editing tool guarantee manuscript perfection. With its intuitive Citation Checker, Trinka analyzes your citations for credibility.

Enjoy Trinka’s user-friendly interface with a free basic plan and unlock unlimited potential with the premium plan, seamlessly integrating into platforms like Twitter, LinkedIn, Google Docs, and more. 

It’s A Wrap!

So, that’s how using the top AI grammar checker tools brings about a transformative enhancement in written communication. These tools not only detect and rectify grammatical errors but also elevate writing standards by addressing style, tone, and clarity. 

The efficiency and speed with which these tools operate significantly reduce the time and effort spent on manual proofreading, enabling users to focus on content creation. 

Also, continuous learning algorithms ensure adaptability to evolving language nuances. The accessibility of these tools empowers individuals across diverse fields, fostering improved written expression. 

In essence, welcoming AI grammar checker tools proves instrumental in refining language proficiency and fostering effective communication.