How to Renew Vehicle Registration in Easy Steps

Renew Vehicle Registration
Sep 28, 2023 Reading time : 4 min

Although the process of renewing your vehicle registration may seem daunting or confusing to some, there are a series of steps that will help you get it done quickly and with ease. Luckily for you, we’ve outlined these steps below so that you can get on with them wherever you are. Registration renewal, the next on the list of dreaded tasks for motorists among many other things like insurance renewal, is likely to be on your head now. It’s website or branch visit time to make sure you are all up to date!

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Assign Responsibility for Vehicle Registration

Decide who will be responsible for vehicle registration. If you have a single driver in your household, it might make the most sense for the primary driver to take on this responsibility. If, however, an entire family uses a single vehicle, it might be a good idea to break tasks down by assigning them to different people in the group so that work is neatly shared and accountability is clear.

Car Tax

A car is taxed as soon as it is on the road and that cost is then spread throughout the car’s life. HMRC reduces this price per year by 20% if you renew your excise duty yearly. Car tax disc forms valid for one year need to be displayed on the car during those months and three years following they expire.

MOT Certificate

Get your MOT test certificate online 1-2 weeks before the expiry date, if possible It’s also worth getting an MOT certificate, which costs around £60 to get your car tested. You can then show the certificate to complete step one in any MOT station, but you’ll need to take your car’s compliance with parts C and D of the Road Vehicles (Construction and Use) Regulations 1986 by getting a statutory inspection seven days before submitting it for registration.

Registering Vehicles Online

The online application process helps conserve the environment; reduces administrative workload; and saves DMV resources because retailers or DMV field offices do not need to process paper transactions. Even with this service, if you are unable to obtain DMV renewal documents before it is time to renew your registration, you will ultimately need to visit a DMV field office. See Reviving a vehicle registration for more information.

Drivers of motor vehicles in the US are required to have valid licenses. Those who want to renew vehicle registration need to have all the necessary documents so they can go through the process hassle-free. Initiating or renewing the registration of your car is one of the most important matters to deal with. Some might get confused about what they need to do, but makes the process easy by presenting the renewal on your behalf.

Vehicle identity checks

“Did your registration come in the mail?” This is a question you never want to ask. That’s because, even if it did arrive, now only might you have trouble renewing it with the Department of Motor Vehicles. When you buy a car from a dealership now, they usually take care of that for you and will change the vehicle’s registered owner information for free. When you go to renew your vehicle’s registration, you’ll have too much more than just satisfying the fees. The Department of Motor Vehicles or an equivalent state agency will want proof that your car is yours before granting permission to register it. Typically, this means they will require two forms of identification–forms with a photo where one should be sufficient. This could be anything from a license to a social security card.

Change of Address etc.

One of the most overlooked tasks is keeping all information current. Be sure you’ve got these 12 details up to date now for easy renewal next time:

1. Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) 

2. Insurance Company Name

3. Insurance Policy Number Fill out the registration form online. Request a new “temporary” tag at your local DMV office. Drop off the paperwork to be processed

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