Electric Scooter vs. Electric Motorcycle: Which One Should You Get?

electric scooter vs electric motorcycle
Dec 5, 2023 Reading time : 7 min

As the world is gradually embracing sustainable transportation alternatives, two viable options that have emerged are electric scooters and electric motorcycles.

The scooters used as toys in your childhood have emerged as electric scooters and are now used as legitimate vehicles for daily commutes.

This comprehensive blog will explore the benefits of electric scooters and electric motorcycles, showing you the best of both worlds.

Electric Scooter

When is the Electric Scooter the Better Option?

Electric Scooter

Galvanic scooters are the better option for inner-city commuting for various reasons. They can seamlessly steer through congested and tight spaces. As they are portable and lightweight, they can be carried around easily and there are also the best EV charging apps available. 

Their chargeable feature aligns with the environmental concerns of eco-conscious commuters. They are practical for your daily life tasks and commute.

Cost and Affordability

Cost and affordability

Upfront Cost

It costs hundreds less than electronic motorcycles on the front, suitable for budget-conscious riders. The electric scooter cost is lower than heavyweight automotive bicycles, which are priced way more just for a base model.  

Maintenance and Operational Expenses

They are comparatively low maintenance because of their fewer moving parts. Their charging costs are significantly lower than vehicles powered by gas which cuts down on operational expenses as well.

Practicality and Maneuverability

The practicality and maneuverability of electric scooters are perfect for urban mobility, where efficiency is the priority of riders.

Compact and Lightweight Design

Electric scooters’ compact and lightweight design makes them navigate through crowded streets and congested spaces, saving you time. They are lightweight and straightforward to fold, because of which you can carry yours in busy places. Then you can quickly unfold it when required and ride it anywhere.

Portability for Transportation and Storage

The compact size of electric scooters for adults allows you to fold and store them in your home, office, or public transport like subways. A portable one has the power to streamline your daily commute routine conveniently.

 Navigating Through Traffic and Narrow Spaces

They can make your daily commute convenient and hassle-free due to their agility. You can easily pass through congested and constrained routes to quickly get where you are going.

Did You Know?: In 2022, the Global Electric Scooter Market size was valued at USD 33.20 Billion and is expected to reach USD 64.70 Billion by 2029, at a CAGR of 10%.

Due to the scooter’s small size, you can benefit from cycle lanes, pedestrian walkways, and other traffic-free routes to avoid traffic congestion. This is particularly helpful in urban cities, where the roads are constantly jam-packed.

 Navigating Through Traffic and Narrow Spaces

Depending on local regulations, they often boast more straightforward licensing requirements than electric motorcycles. A street-legal electric scooter will help you quickly obtain the necessary permits and licenses without any complex legality.

Stringent Licensing Requirements

Unlike electric scooters, electric motorcycles come with stringent licensing prerequisites, making you wonder if you want one. On the other hand, they do not require special licensing or permits as they have lower speeds. 

These reduced requirements are outstanding, especially for teens, and they help streamline the process of daily urban mobility.

Legal Restrictions and Regulations

They indeed require fewer legal prerequisites as compared to motorcycles. However, adhering to basic guidelines and regulations for safety and abiding by public orders is still vital. Regulations vary from city to city; hence you should educate yourself on these to avoid mishaps. Focus on speed limits, usage zones, helmet usage, and age restrictions.

Their usage is increasing, and governments are considering regulations that cater to the environmental concerns and interests of sustainable vehicle users. Staying informed about and abiding by these regulations is decisive to prioritize your safety while enjoying its benefits.


Environmental Impact

In a world where climate change is the cause of constant worry, the environmental impact of them cannot be overstated. They require low quantities of electricity, emit zero greenhouse gasses, and significantly reduce air and noise pollution.

Electric moped wheeled vehicles are quieter than conventional vehicles like cars, jeeps, or bikes which don’t create a nuisance and lessens noise pollution. By choosing them as your go-to mode of transportation, you can contribute to a healthier and more sustainable environment.

Range and Practicality for Daily Commuting

Daily commuting

The Varla Eagle One V2.0 electric scooter with seat and All Terrains Electric Scooter models are engineered to excel in daily commuting. Their impressive battery ranges cater to urban mobility needs, providing a reliable solution for short trips within city limits.

Sufficient Range for Daily Commuting: Highlighting the Adequate Battery Range of Electric Scooters for Urban Travel

Modern ones from Varla contain impressive batteries with ranges perfect for daily commuting. With ranges extending up to 45 miles on a single charge, these wheeled vehicles can easily cover the distances typically encountered during urban travel. 

You would be relieved from the concerns of running out of battery mid-way, allowing you to focus on your routes confidently.  

Charging Infrastructure and Convenience

Charging them is straightforward and convenient, enhancing their practicality for daily commuting. Urban cities have strategically placed charging stations to ensure you don’t panic when yours is out of battery.

 You can even charge them at home or office. This ease of charging ensures that they remain consistently ready for use, minimizing downtime and maximizing efficiency in the daily commute.

Optimal for Short-Distance Trips: Advantages of Electric Scooters for Commuting Within City Limits

They meet the needs of short-distance trips within city limits, making them optimal for navigating urban environments. If you frequently travel short distances for work, errands, or fun, you can benefit from it.

They are also simpler to pass through prohibited areas and take shortcuts where other vehicles are not permitted. Its suitability for short journeys aligns perfectly with the fast-paced urban lifestyle, allowing riders to tackle daily tasks and commitments effortlessly.

Safety Considerations


Lower Maximum Speed to Reduce Risk

Electric scooters’ lower maximum speeds reduce risk for riders, pedestrians, and other passer-by, promoting a safer urban environment.

Improved Stability and Handling

Their design showcases stability and handling, resulting in a more secure and comfortable riding experience.

Safety Features and Advancements

Fast electric scooters, especially the Varla Eagle One V2.0 and All Terrains models, have effective braking, shock absorption, and advanced lighting systems to ensure safe journeys.

Fast electric scooters

When is the Electric Motorcycle the Better Option?

 Electric Motorcycle

The electric motorcycle is better if you prioritize higher speeds, extended range, and a more motorcycle-like experience. With their increased power and performance, they offer exhilarating acceleration and higher top speeds, making them ideal for riders who crave a more thrilling and dynamic riding experience.

Interesting Fact: The most interesting fact is that electric motorcycles produce zero tailpipe emissions.

They often come equipped with larger battery capacities, enabling them to cover greater distances on a single charge, making them suitable for urban commuting and longer adventures. 

However, the latest ones, like the ones at Varla, have larger batteries. The Varla Eagle One V2.0 has a 52V/20.8Ah lithium-ion battery, allowing it to travel up to 42 miles. On the other hand, the Eagle One PRO All Terrains comes with a 60V/27Ah lithium-ion battery to achieve a remarkable 45 miles of long-distance riding.


Electric scooters have emerged as a viable option for daily urban commutes in the ongoing debate between electric and motorcycles.

The Varla Eagle One V2.0 and Eagle One PRO All Terrains models epitomize innovation, offering robust performance, impressive range, and advanced safety features.

They are an efficient, sustainable transportation alternative with cost and affordability, compact design, and minimal environmental impact.

So, if you’re seeking convenience and affordability, choose it as your mode of transportation and enjoy all the benefits it brings with it.

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