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Jan 5, 2024 Reading time : 5 min

Squarespace is often seen as a website builder of choice available today, especially for eCommerce. However, that’s not easy to grow your website and business with SEO by yourself. For this purpose, you can rely on a dedicated and experienced Squarespace SEO specialists team who will handle your website’s optimization and improve its ranking. 

In this article, we are going to discuss several prime features of Squarespace SEO and tips to improve the website performance. 

Core Features of Squarespace

Squarespace Site User Interface

To get your site ranked on Google, you are required advanced SEO practices. Here are the reasons to hire an SEO expert like Squarespace for your website:

Keyword Research

Before you do anything, research your keywords. Key phrase research is a valid way to optimize your site, so you discover related topics and user questions. Modern SEO is more about topic optimization and searcher intent than simple keywords. Search for your topics on Google and look at your competition, assessing the difficulty of ranking. However, do not over-optimize a page. We recommend you ask your Squarespace SEO agency to write first, then review your copy for keywords and related terms. 

High-Quality Web Content

Search engine algorithms continue to become more vigilant in being a prime factor in ranking in search. Therefore, a Squarespace SEO expert should provide unique content that answers potential customers’ questions. To excel, you should write: 

  • Content that addresses searcher intent.
  • Insert phrases and keywords naturally, don’t overuse them.
  • Quality over quantity content. If you have various pages of poor quality, combine your content into fewer pages of better quality.

Optimize Squarespace Title Tags 

Squarespace title tags default to the title of a page, product, service, or blog, plus your suite title, any of this information to customize if desired. Individual titles can be updated and optimized by hovering over a page and clicking the settings icon. In this case, ask your Squarespace SEO consultant to make changes by making titles accurate and not just spammy with keywords. Here’s what you should ask your Squarespace SEO services for: 

  • Keep titles under 60 characters
  • Ensure each page’s title is unique
  • Keywords matter, but avoid titles that give repeated variations or are similar. 

Simplify URLs

Google’s search engine algorithm recommends keeping URL structure as simple as possible. As an example, a blog post with the title “Learn to Dance from a Pro” could be changed to:  www.example.com/blog/dancing-advice

Ensure to integrate (-) between words for readability. Remove unnecessary words to make a URL shorter and easier to read. It will also make sharing the URL on social networks easier, especially those platforms with a character limit. In the case of Squarespace, ask your Squarespace SEO company to integrate meaningful URL slugs and verify the URLs on your site for real words.

Squarespace Tips to Improve Website Ranking

Tips to Improve Website Ranking

There are numerous points that you have to check and consider creating over-the-top content. You should have the proper knowledge of SEO writing strategies and methodologies to get your website ranked. However, there are some advanced SEO tips to improve your website given below that can help you conduct basic optimization:

  • Audit the Website’s SEO

    It is the process of analyzing the performance of your website to show up in search engine results. This will help you to avoid common SEO mistakes. To conduct the basic SEO, you can use a free SEO tool like Google Search Console and improve the page speed, bring traffic to the site, etc.

  • Search for New Keyword Opportunities

    As per the result of the SEO audit, find the relevant keywords that you have not included in your content. This will fill the gaps and increase the traffic to your website. You can also use free keyword research tools like Semrush, Ahrefs, ‎Moz Keyword Explorer, etc. 

  • Use Image Alt Text

    Alt text is the written description of an image that is inserted on your website. Adding these texts makes the site more accessible and increases the possibility of getting discovered in search. An alt text with relevant keyword not only strengthen the website’s presence but may also improve the ranking of the image in image search results. 

  • Set-up Internal Linking

    Linking one page of your website to another page on your website makes it easier for visitors and search engines to navigate. This will also let the search engine know which pages of your site are more important. Apart from internal linking, backlinking is important to increase the reach of your brand.

  • Check for the competition

    To beat your competitors, you need to analyze their content, SEO approach, and the keywords they are ranking for. You can find your competitors by using a common keyword for your niche and checking the websites that are ranking at the top. 

These are some basic tips that you can follow yourself. However, if you want to get deep analysis, you can get help from the Squarespace SEO experts team. 

Squarespace Packages

There are four different plans provided by the Squarespace platform, with a free 14-day trial. These pricing plans are:

  • Personal Plan costs $23/month and $16/month (annually).
  • Business Plan costs $33/month and $23/month (annually).
  • Basic Commerce Plan costs $36/month and $27/month (annually).
  • Advanced Commerce Plan costs $65/month and $49/month (annually).

The plans differ as per the number of features offered, for example, e-commerce functionality is available on all plans except the personal plan. 


Here, we got to know how Squarespace SEO services company helps your business grow by improving your website and making it well-structured, secure, and fast-loading. In addition, reliable Squarespace experts will optimize your site, promote your content to increase your website’s traffic, and convert visitors once they land on your site.

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