How Can an SEO Services Company Help Your Business Grow?

By Kamal
Nov 15, 2023 Reading time : 9 min

Developing your business correctly can depend on many factors in our ultra-competitive market. Some of these factors are classic, such as the quality of the products or services you offer, while others can be harder to achieve, such as getting an audience on the internet. Nowadays, promoting your business online has become a requirement for any company that wants to register a predictable increase in visitors.

And one of the most common solutions that newly established companies use to boost traffic is contacting the customized offers provided by agencies specializing in SEO services. But what does an SEO services company provide, and why is this field so necessary today for the success of a business? In the following article, we will try to answer these questions and detail some of the hidden details of this industry.

Why SEO? 

Search engine optimization is the most common and versatile method to boost website traffic significantly. Why? Because compared to other forms of conventional advertising, SEO focuses on modifying your site’s content to be more relevant to search engine algorithms, automatically pushing your existing content to a target audience you select. SEO is based on the general idea of using search engines to connect with users interested in your services. This can be more effective than conventional advertising and result in a higher percentage of interactivity with the services you offer.

SEO is the most efficient way to analyze the market in your field of activity, allowing you to modify your services or content to match the latest trends demanded by users. In addition to increasing your ranking in the SERPs, the SEO services offered by a professional company can help you become more relevant in the field and anticipate market trends ahead of your rivals, which in the short and medium term can prove to be an advantage.

Let’s note here that the difference a distinguished SEO agency can make in digital marketing cannot be overstated. When you choose to collaborate with such an agency, you’re not just getting standard SEO services; you’re leveraging a depth of knowledge and a breadth of experience that only the top players in the industry can provide. Such a world-class SEO agency brings a sophisticated understanding of market dynamics, cutting-edge tools, and innovative strategies tailored to your unique business needs. Their global insights and expertise can propel your website to higher ranks in search engine results and help sculpt a strong, recognizable brand identity in the digital space. As a result, your business is not just growing; it’s evolving with the ever-changing digital landscape.

Setting up a Strategy After a Complete SEO Audit 

Any change that will be made to your website will only be possible after an SEO audit, which is a process in which all the elements that can influence your position in the SERPs will be checked. The SEO audit process is an essential tool in the arsenal of an SEO services company, and its duration can depend on many factors, ranging from the complexity of the client’s field of activity to the size of the site in question. However, as a general rule, the duration for a full audit is two weeks, but there is the possibility that the process may extend to more than a month for cases that need national or international SEO. What does a full SEO audit consist of?

All elements influencing your position in the search engine ranking will be checked during an audit. The contacted SEO experts will analyze your rivals, identify keywords in your area of activity, and inspect the on-page and off-page elements related to the proper indexing of your site in the SERPs. After completing the audit process, the SEO services company you have contacted should devise a proposal for collaboration containing a quarterly plan of the expected growth and an estimated cost of the whole operation.

The price of an SEO operation may differ and is influenced by factors related to the complexity of the work performed. Local SEO is, for example, cheaper than national or international SEO because, in this process, the ultimate goal is to compete with companies that operate only in the geographical area relevant to the client. Nevertheless, a specialized firm’s average price for local SEO starts at $500 per month, and a national or international SEO campaign can exceed the $2,500 monthly threshold.

What Will the SEO Expert Do on My Website? 

Once the audit process is complete, an SEO service firm can move on to the actual work of optimizing the site. And this will start with some basic operations to prepare the ground for significant changes that can be implemented later. First of all, the SEO expert contacted will proceed to the correct configuration of the webmaster tools you need to measure the traffic and performance of your website. And perhaps the most versatile and common tool of this kind is the Google Search Console.

Next, it will install and correctly configure Google Analytics on your site, set up several SEO plugins such as HubSpot or Yoast SEO, and create a sitemap for existing pages, which can be helpful if your links are not indexed correctly by the search engine. It will also set up the Google my business profile, resolve potential manual actions taken against your site, and, last but not least, create a robots.txt file, which crawlers will use to access content on your site.

Investigating Relevant Keywords

The next step to be taken by an SEO services firm will have to do with professionally investigating keywords in your field of activity and comparing them with those used by your rivals. With the help of programs such as SEMrush or Ahrefs, you can identify the words most relevant to your area of expertise, which can then be used to create a targeted content strategy.

The keywords identified in this step can also help you determine your target audience and allow you to perform a complete market analysis that will help you modify your services or products. Analyzing your rivals makes it possible to find out the sites from which they benefit in terms of backlinks, which can be particularly important if you are interested in a steady rise in the SERPs. You can then contact those sites with a proposal for collaboration in which you could present them with some of the articles already published on your site.

Streamlining Your Off-Page and On-Page SEO Processes

The SEO services company you have contacted will then proceed to identify and streamline the processes that exist on your website or those that may be relevant to your future growth in the SERPs. What are these processes? First, the SEO expert will model and correct the existing tag structure and metadata for the content on your site and will collaborate with the content writers so that any future articles written will comply with Google’s E-A-T guidelines. Secondly, it will optimize the existing images on the site to comply with the Google core web vitals, update content that is no longer relevant, analyze the structure of internal links, and modify external links that are no longer relevant.

 Then the SEO expert will analyze the sites that have used content obtained from your pages without giving you credit, and will try to implement a complete link-building strategy that will increase your DA score in programs such as SEMrush or Ahrefs, as well as in search engine algorithms, and last but not least, will analyze how Google’s crawlers have access to the pages already indexed from your site.

Optimizing Your Website Through Technical SEO

The last part of the optimization process implemented by a specialized SEO services firm is the one related to improving the technical performance of the client’s website. In this process, the SEO services firm contacted will analyze different factors, and it will rank various benchmarks to establish a baseline that can be used to create a cost-effective and time-efficient optimization plan. What elements can be changed during a technical SEO process?

First, the SEO expert you hired will analyze your website’s mobile speed and implement solutions to make it comply with Google’s core web algorithms. Implementing AMP links, for example, can be a reasonably simple way to improve a site’s performance for handheld devices and get a slight boost in the SERPs. Afterward, it will examine the loading speed of the site on desktops, the availability of HTTPS for all pages on the site, remove duplicate content indexed by the search engine, and last but not least, review the URL structure of the site and fix orphaned articles.

The Efficiency of SEO

Search engine optimization is the most effective process by which you can maintain a steady and predictable increase in traffic and search engine rankings. Compared to other advertising methods, such as pay-per-click, SEO does not depend on the budget allocated to an advertising campaign but tries to lead to an organic increase in traffic by streamlining the client’s site so that it is more relevant to specific searches. The results provided by SEO may take a few months to be visible, but the trajectory is always positive, and the growth is organic. 

The professional expertise of an SEO services company might allow you to investigate the market and always be in tune with the latest trends, make a complete report of the competition in your field of activity, and identify the audience that would be most interested in the services or products offered. SEO services allow you to modify your existing offer on the site to consistently remain competitive and relevant in the market. Search engine optimization is not necessarily a cheap process, nor a quick one, but it has become a necessity nowadays, as it is perhaps the only method of online promotion that leads to guaranteed results.

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