Fixes for 5 Most Faced Problems in “Samsung TV Not Turning on” Error

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Have you ever felt melancholic on seeing your Samsung TV not turning on when you had to watch your favorite movie at night with your family? It surely spoils the mood badly after destroying the elaborate plans you have made for so long. 

The first question that comes to mind is, “What shall be done or how to fix Samsung TV”? Do you know that you can fix your Samsung TV by yourself? Read this detailed article and know some useful tips explaining how to turn on a Samsung TV. 

Problem 1: Samsung TV Not Turning On. It Stopped Working Suddenly. 

TV Stopped Working Suddenly. It is not Turning On

Due to glitches in the hardware, your Samsung TV may witness several power issues. The first thing you will think of is to call a trained technician. However, a few things can be done by yourself too. Let’s see what you can do:


Check the current mode of your television. You will see a red light which is shown at the left end side of your TV’s main panel.

This red light indicator shows that the device is in standby mode. You have to exit that mode in order to turn on your Samsung TV. Refer to the following points to know how you can exit:

  • Find the remote and press its “Power” button. After you press it, see whether the LED is turned off.  If you find out that the LED is turned off, it indicates that your TV is connected to the power supply appropriately.
  • Tap your finger on the screen lightly and check if the screen is responding. The screen is working perfectly if you see it blinking with your finger’s tap.

On the contrary, if you don’t see any blink, it shows that either there is a fault in the power supply or your remote is not functioning properly.

Problem 2: The Standby Light is Red, and the Samsung TV does not Turn On 

The Standby Light is Red and the Samsung TV does not Turn Ons

You may find that your Samsung TV does not turn on and the red standby light is on. It shows that your device is in standby mode and receiving power, which is completely normal. But still, your Samsung TV doesn’t turn on. 


First, without using the remote, try turning on the TV with the help of the power button. At times, you will see the light change to green, but it is switched back to the initial red again. It means that the central processor initiated its function and sent the incoming signals to other modules. This makes the LED change its color constantly, i.e, from red to green and vice versa, but the TV is not turned on.

The fault in an inverter or a transistor is the core problem. At this point in time, you are suggested to take the aid of the service center so that all the TV’s faulty modes can be changed.

You can also fix the problem using the following ways: 

Check the Samsung TV Power button. 

Sometimes, you forget to focus on the TV’s power button. To check it, follow the steps as mentioned below: 

  • Press and hold the Samsung TV power button for at least 10 seconds. You will easily find the button on the back or front of the TV. 
  • However, after pressing the power button, if your TV still doesn’t start, check the standby indicator. If it doesn’t turn on after pressing the button, it means an internal lock is activated.
  • While pressing, if the Samsung TV power button can’t be pressed or falls inside the panel, it has to be changed. Anyhow, you can’t change it yourself, you are supposed to visit any Support Center as a last resort.   

Test the TV Remote

Test the TV Remote
  • If it’s your defective remote, get its batteries replaced at the earliest.
  • You should also check the keypad, to see if you find any sticky keys or those which don’t work at once but only after a few clicks. 

You may also observe that your channels don’t change immediately. Herein, the cause is the breakdown of the heated sensor due to mechanical damage or any liquid fluid on the device.

You are suggested to buy a new remote or replace it with a phone application so that you can control your TV again.

Problem 3: In Spite of the Standby Green Light, the Samsung TV Won’t Turn On

In Spite of the standby Green  Light the Samsung TV Wont Turn Oan

If your Samsung TV does not turn on after the standby light changes from red to green, then, without a single doubt, it comes under the matter to be handled by experts. They thoroughly diagnose and come to the final solution.


  • The evaluation begins with testing the motherboard. The incoming voltage is specifically measured with the help of special equipment.
  • Thereafter, implementing commands for backlighting indicators, turning on the TV, etc. get evaluated.

If during the testing, the lights get on, it means the TV is working, but if no signals can be fetched from the main board, it indicates that there is something wrong with the software. To solve the software issue, the process is as follows: 

  • Experts will try turning on the device with the help of remote control or through a button located on the main panel.
  • Any failure in the hardware of the motherboard is fixed, wherein the defective component is replaced.
  • If the voltage reaches its full limit, the experts reset the user settings and install the latest software.
The Red Light Constantly Blinks and the Samsung TV Wont Turn On

If the red light constantly blinks and your Samsung TV does not turn on, it’s an indication of a high failure, for which the specific cause has to be discovered. This task becomes extremely tedious as finding out the root cause is not easy. An elaborate diagnosis has to be performed.


The power adapter and the efficiency of the converter built on the motherboard are evaluated through an Oscilloscope. Usually, the voltage issues on the Samsung TV lead to red light flashes due to which your Samsung TV doesn’t turn on. For instance, a short circuit in the contact circuit.

The fastest way to test is as follows:

  • Break off the power supply from the main board. Power in the supply board again after some time. 
  • Thereafter, check whether the power supply is good. If it is good, you should be able to see some lights in the holes, after which you will realize that the problem has gone.
  • On the other hand, if no lights can be seen on the supply board, you are suggested to head on to the main board and repeat the same process again. If you still are not able to get any positive results, there is a serious issue within the panel of your smart TV that can be fixed by professionals only.

From the term smart TV, you may surely remember the online activation of your Hotstar account on TV. To get help with the activation and login process to your Hotstar account, you can read our previously written article about how to activate Hotstar on your smart TV. 

Problem 5: Samsung TV not Turning On When the Red Standby Light Is Off

Sometimes, you may see that your Samsung TV won’t turn on even when its red light (standby) is off. If such is the case, it indicates: 

  • Either your TV lacks power
  • Or it’s perfectly normal when you see nothing except a black screen after your TV gets turned on. 

In the second case, you should press any button on your TV. If you see anything on the screen while you are pressing, it shows that your TV is on.

To check the broadcasting signal from the channel list, see the electronic signal strength. The signal will appear extremely weak during unfavorable weather such as thunderstorms, excessive rain,  and much more. In such atmospheric conditions, you can assume that the broadcast will restart after a few hours.

Stay Away From Enormous Investigation

Never try to experiment deeply

The Internet is a place where one can discover abundant information available on a single topic. Although it is meant to guide users, at times, it may confuse you with its unending and heterogeneous pieces of information. Taking this point into consideration, it has been explained why you should escape from doing enormous experiments to fix your Samsung TV: 

  • You will find a plethora of information related to Samsung phone repairs, with many people claiming that they have fixed the device by themselves using similar online resources.

However, you have to keep one thing in mind: you might not get the same benefits that others got through implementing a particular way. It might result in the opposite of what you are expecting or nothing at all. 

  • It’s good to search for different methods to get your Samsung TV not turned on fixed. However, it should be followed when the issues can be resolved by yourself.

Moreover, if you feel like you are not capable of fixing the smallest errors by yourself, your research holds no meaning. It’s better to contact the professional Support Center instead of practicing numerous hit and trial methods.


It’s highly advised to not fix any issue with your TV internally with its power switched on. Though you may think it to be safe because the TV is off, remember that a certain amount of electricity still passes through the switches, buttons, and power supply on component boards.

Take Professional Aid For Fixing Your Samsung TV 


After trying all types of strategies regarding how to turn on your Samsung TV, if you don’t get the results, the last and final resort is to look for the service center.

  • The professionals will detect the major cause behind the malfunction and resolve it so that the device can run smoothly again.
  • The employees have professional equipment and highly authenticated software such as a multimeter, spacers, oscilloscope, etc. which will help to effectively diagnose the problem.
  • An ordinary person without any knowledge of mechanics can solve problems related to the external characters only, whereas a professional engineer can remove any sophisticated component of hardware very easily.

By now, you may have a clear idea about why professional aid holds a prominent significance. 

Closing Thoughts

I hope this article helped you with a clear way on how to turn on a Samsung TV. According to the respective state of your Samsung TV, you can try implanting any of the above tricks.

Before proceeding into any process, first try keeping the mental peace. It will help you get a smooth way thus making you closer to the goal. You will easily solve the problem in a better way.

However, if nothing guides you well after your Samsung TV stopped working, you can always contact Samsung support who will surely get your problem fixed in just one simple go. 

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