Which are The Best Places Where You Can Buy a Customized Cake in Singapore?

Best Places in Singapore to Get Customized Cake
Jan 5, 2024 Reading time : 3 min

A party is always said to be successful if there is an excellent cake cutting. A customized cake marks the whole event colorful for the marriage, graduation, baby shower, anniversaries, birthday, or any other activity. A customized cake usually makes the event more special if their dessert tables are. It has been perfectly made based on your theme.

If you have visited Singapore in recent days or have been living in Singapore and never came across someone who can make you one of the best-customized cakes in Singapore, then you are at the right place.

Here we have for you some of the best places where to buy a customized cake in Singapore.

Zee & Ellie 

Are you looking for a new and fantastic design? Zee& Elle is right here for you. They make cakes based on the nature item of your choice. Be it mountains, valleys, flowers, trees, animals, etc. They have plenty of designs that you can opt to choose from and get a fantastic offer. The cakes are better for anyone looking forward to expressing love.

Monica Bakes

Are you looking for the tastiest and affordable cake for your event? Monica bakes is there for you. They provide customized cakes in Singapore that everyone can afford. Their cakes come in different flavors, hence giving you an option to choose your favorite. The best thing about Monica bakes is that they do not use preservatives, only natural ingredients.

Ugly Cake Shop

Customized cakes in this shop are of the best taste; they use natural food coloring and the best designs. The cakes are usually piped with buttercream, and they do the delivery at an affordable fee. Ugly cakes are preferred by many since they do not use fondant as many bakers do.


Are you looking to buy a customized cake in Singapore? This is one of the few places you should have in mind; Couplets bakes one of the best art cakes for individuals and significant events such as weddings and birthdays. They specialize in buttercream and a vast number of flavors to allow everyone to choose their best.

Bloomsbury Bakery

Bloomsbury bakery is one of the few shops that got every couple looking forward to a wedding at hand. They have a beautiful design and come in various flavors. They also use natural ingredients and different colors.

Cake Spade

Looking for themed cakes for your event? Cake spade is there for you. This baker makes use of the fruits, leafy fronds, and also flamingos. They give samples to anyone longing to make a purchase. These help you make your decision on whether they can be made as per your need. Cake Spade is also excellent for a business event as they easily merge all your color for the best outcome.

Final Thought

I hope you enjoyed it? What is your best flavor? That will quickly help you choose the right baker, who knows how to do it better and make your occasion colorful. Customized cakes in Singapore are becoming popular day by day due to the above baker’s commitment to their job and ability to provide beautiful cakes. Get yours today and enjoy the rhythm.

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