What is the Most Expensive CSGO Skin?

Expensive CSGO Skin
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CS:GO skins are simply the customization of the original weapon with different paints, but they have long ceased to be just a “war paint” for a weapon, today it is a significant and inseparable part of the whole Counter-strike world. For players, skins mean both aesthetic pleasure and status; it is also of great value in the Steam platform’s economy.

Today, there’s a well-established market where you can sell rare skins for massive money. People mainly trade skins on the Steam Community Market and third-party marketplaces. The second option is faster and easier, and choosing a trusted website like https://bloodycase.com/ will allow you to avoid many risks such as losing your skins, money, and even your Steam account.

5 most expensive CS:GO skins? 

The most expensive skins are very rare (sometimes, one-of-a-kind) types of knives or rifles with a certain quality and wear level. Believe us: you can’t even imagine how much money you can get for such collectibles today! 

No one would have thought that someday these skins would cost more than good cars when they first got introduced.  

Read more to learn about the 5 most expensive skins in CSGO, these unique skins can even compete with each other in terms of their value!

Karambit/Case Hardened Blue Gem #387

Karambit Case Hardened Blue Gem 387

Karambit is a melee weapon available to all teams in CS:GO. In terms of characteristics, it is identical to an ordinary knife, but the blue gen stands out and adds to the luxuriousness of the weapon. This knife has become extremely famous, not only in the trading community of the game but also far beyond it!

In the case of Case Hardened, depending on the pattern, the price can differ tenfold!

Karambit Case Hardened Blue Gem 387c

Karambit/Case Hardened Blue Gem is the most expensive and one of the most well-known, legendary skins in the CS:GO community. It’s considered unique since it has a very rare color (pattern 387) and a solid blue play side, as well as a minimum wear indicator (0.048082963, еto be exact).

This skin was last sold to a Chinese YouTuber back in 2016 for a whopping $150,000 back then. It was the biggest CS:GO transaction in history at the time, and it held that title for 5 years straight. 

As of today the current price of the Karambit/Case Hardened Blue Gem #387 is $1.5 million

#661 StatTrak AK-47/Case Hardened Blue Gem with 4x Titan Holos

StatTrak AK 47 Case Hardened Blue Gem with 4x Titan Holos

StatTrak AK-47/Case Hardened was added to the game on August 13, 2013, as part of the “Arms Deal” collection, released as part of the eponymous update. The hardened metal parts of the case are covered with a fascinating pattern of stains in various shades of blue, yellow, and purple. The forearm and stock are made of wood, the handle is painted solid brown.

Blue Gem is the rarest version of this skin and has a very high price markup. The markup depends on the amount of blue color and the quality of the skin itself, and overpricing can reach 100-1000%. The Blue Gem can be distinguished by the fact that more than 70% of the gun’s bolt carrier is covered in blue and light blue.

AK-47/Case Hardened became popular after its introduction in the game and remains in high demand today. This skin with rare pattern variations is especially appreciated by collectors.

StatTrak AK 47 Case Hardened Blue Gem with 4x Titan Holosc

What makes StatTrak AK-47/Case Hardened Blue Gem with 4x Titan Holos stand out? Well, it’s not only having a StatTrack and “Factory New” condition but also 4x Titan Holos on it! And this is exactly what makes it one of the most expensive CS:GO skins in the world!

The AK-47/Case hardened blue gem skin is currently valued at approximately $400,000. This is a lot of money and a good investment as there is no other skin like that!

AWP Dragon Lore 

AWP Dragon Lore

The breathtaking dragon design of this skin makes it extremely rare and desirable for collectors. The Dragon Lore is the most expensive AWP skin and is quite in demand because of its amazing design and limited supply.

AWP Dragon Lore1

The most expensive AWP Dragon Lore souvenir factory new 661 AK-47 skin ranges up to $412,666 and the souvenir copies of the Dragon Lore skin range about $150,000. 

Karambit / Butterfly / M9 Bayonet (sapphire) 

Karambit Butterfly M9 Bayonet sapphire

The karambit knives are mostly popular because of their gemstone materials. You can buy a simple Doppler knife for $1000, but if you want a Ruby, Emerald, or Sapphire version, the prices will be much higher. 

Karambit Butterfly M9 Bayonet sapphire1

Among the gemstone knives, the sapphire often commands the highest price tags which are currently exceeding $20,000 in a factory new version. The Emerald version also comes close to this, but the Sapphire remains the most popular and expensive. 

AWP Gungnir 

AWP Gungir

This white Dragon Lore design is a breathtaking mythological skin that is inspired by the spear of Odin. 

AWP Gungir1

This beautiful sin is quite popular because of its alluring design and colors and gives it a space in the 5 most expensive skins in CS:GO with a whopping $20,125. The cheapest version is the Battle-scarred, which costs around $12,249. 


Buying the expensive new CS:GO skins has become a thing in the gaming world. Skins are a huge part of this game’s economic support. Not just the premium skins but the regular sins have also seen a rise in prices all thanks to this craze. 

And they live up to the expectations by adding new USPS skins and many others.  The most expensive skin of CS:GO is Karambit Case Hardened Blue Gem #387 which costs around $1,500,000. 

Frequently Asked Questions
What is the costliest case in CS:GO?

At present the costliest case in CS:GO is the CS:GO Weapon Case. The price of this case is about $100 which is justifiable as it comes with a chance to obtain the highly profitable AK-47 Case Hardened which is a very expensive weapon. 

Which is the most expensive CS:GO knife ever sold?

The most expensive CS:GO knife ever sold is the Karambit Blue Gem in the #387 pattern which costs around $1.5 Million. This skin was purchased by a gamer named Nweb Rage years ago. 

How must is a blue gem AK-47 worth?

The blue gem weapons are the most expensive ones in CS:GO, and a blue gem AK-47 costs around $400,000.

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