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What does GG mean

Have you ever heard your gamer friend saying ‘GG’ and been curious about what does GG means? If yes, then, luckily, you’re at the right place! In this guide, you will get to know about GG meaning in gaming language, and it will be no more unfamiliar to you. So, let’s begin to dig deep about what is GG in gaming and in text, why, and when gamers use GG slang!

What Does GG Mean?

GG meaning

GG stands for “Good Game.” GG or Good Game is a customary phrase that gamers use to say at the end of every match, either playing online or in person. It can also be used to congratulate the team who has won the game. This phrase indicates two things: (i) it was really a good game (ii) it was a close match and played really well (iii) one team got brutally defeated.

The Introduction of Gaming Language Jargon

If you have played a competitive video game or have seen someone playing the game, you must have realized that in multiplayer games, each and every single second counts. It is so because if you lag behind even a little, you may lose a game. With respect to the aforementioned fact, ‘Messaging shorthand’ became a crucial tool for gamers to communicate with each other during the gameplay.

To make the communication shorter, faster, and easier, the gaming language jargon and slang words have been introduced in the video gaming world. Mainly, it’s the increasing popularity of video games on the internet over the past 30 years that has helped pave the way for special words or terms to be originated by its players. 

That’s the crucial point when finally an innovative sublanguage, or you can say ‘Video Gaming Glossary’ consisting of new words, abbreviations, slangs, jargon, and acronyms you have never heard before. They have been formed in order to help the online gaming community to communicate as well as cooperate with one another in no time. This you will realize when you enter into the gaming world and start gaming.

But, as of now, we’re here to make you familiar with one particular word of the gaming world and that is ‘GG’.

The Origin of GG Gaming Term

The very first or the early uses of GG date back to the mid-to-late 90s, when multiplayer gaming began to lay its roots for full-fledged online video games. It was the Writer John Brandon who encountered the acronym ‘GG’ while playing Marathon on his Macintosh in 1994.

Then, in 1998, the company named Blizzard Entertainment released on the internet their real-time strategy game StarCraft. Among the gaming community, this game was widely accepted with the title that projected ‘GG’ into the mainstream. So, it’s the widespread popularity of the ‘StarCraft’ game that made the propelled gamers to use the term ‘GG’ to admit defeat or to compliment the opponent’s time for a close-battle. 

Soon, in 2000, ‘GG’ became a household term available in almost every gamer’s vocabulary. Now, it is one o

f the most popular acronyms from the video game terminology that gamers use at the end of every game battle.

GG Slang Usage in Game

GG is mostly used in the online gaming world, which means “Good Game” that is used after the match finishes as a compliment. After the end of a round, game, or measured interval, mainly to indicate that a match was fairly played, interesting, and enjoyable for instance, ‘What a match, GG!

However, for some game servers, it also indicates that collectively one team got slaughtered by the other. The opposite of which is ‘BG’ means the “Bad Game.”

To be precise, GG is typically used as an acknowledgment that a round of banter has played out well. And, at the same time, gamers also use it after finishing the match to inform the other player that they are quitting on a good note. They are not coming back no matter whether they have lost the match or not. So, similar to a gaming etiquette like handshake or hug at the end of a live sporting event, GG is a standard practice to type GG into the gaming chat at the end of every match.

GG’s Other Variations 

GG Variations in Gaming

The GG meaning is ‘Good Game’ but there are also few other variations of GG that can be used in the gaming world by the players, such as “GGWP.” The GGWP meaning is ‘Good Game, Well Played’ that gamers used when they wanted to deliver to their opponents that did a good job during the match even if they managed to win from behind.

Similarly, another term that players use is “GLHF” which means ‘Good Luck, Have Fun.’ Contrary to the former, this phrase is often said at the beginning of the game, instead of the end.

And, last but not least, “GGEZ” which means ‘Good Game, Easy’ is another variation of GG. It is more commonly used by either the winning team or the losing team at the end of a quite a long and tough match.

That’s all about what is required to know about the ‘GG.’ Now, in the end, we would like to leave you with the below listed some other slang terms that are quite widely used in the Video games in the US and around the world to help gamers communicate faster. So, if you’re about to jump into the online gaming community, you must enlighten yourself about these popular gaming slang terms and abbreviations as well. Remember that!

Gaming Term/Jargon/SlangMeaning
GG WPGGWP meaning is “Good Game Well Played”. It is used as a compliment by both the winner or loser to acknowledge their gaming skills.
GL HFIt means “Good Luck, Have Fun”, used in the beginning to start the game on a positive note.
GG NO REThis term means “Good Game, No Rematch”. It is used by the loser team after losing the match to defend their loss. 
GG EZIt stands for “Good Game, Easy”. This means it was a good game that was so easy to win. 
Leeroy JenkinsThis term is used to refer to those players who try to be a hero, but fail.
MIAIt stands for ‘Mission in Action’ for those players who have not been seen for a while.
NoobThe “Noob”  term is used for someone who is new to a game, in the gaming world.
PWNThis term is used when a team totally dominates in a game against their enemies.
Re“Re” term means ‘Rematch.’ It is used after a game has finished, for asking the other player if he would like to join for another match.
ScrubThe term Scrub is used for those players who think they’re good but in reality, they aren’t.
DcThis term indicates that a player has disconnected from an online game.
KSKS means that the player even while not contributing much has secured the kill for themselves by getting the last hit on enemies.
Smurf or smurfingThis term refers to an experienced player who creates a new account to play against an inexperienced player for easy wins.

How to Use GG in Online Games and Real Life?

GG stands for “Good Game” which you can use at the end of the game, either you win or lose it. But if you use this at the beginning of the game, it will be seen as provoking the opponent and indicating the game will be remarkably effortless and is basically over even before starting.

GG can also be used sarcastically or rude after a bad moment in the game. If your opponent plays a wrong note or screws up and makes it easier for you to win. That time, you can use “Good Game” in a sarcastic way.

Apart from gaming, you can also use “GG” in your real life as well. You may have heard many people using this phrase in many ways, such as:

  • GG stands for “gotta go” which means “have to go” that is mostly used in chat rooms, email, text messages, instant messaging and SMS. It can also be used on real-time text messaging like WhatsApp and Instagram.
  • Besides online games, this phrase can also be used at the end of real games like golf, poker, online casino games, or tennis. But many people who don’t play online games will not be aware of “GG”.
Frequently Asked Questions
What does GG Mean in Texting?

The GG meaning in text is “Good Game” which can be used online or in person. This phrase indicates two situations, either the game is actually good and well played or one team brutally defeated in the game.

How do you Reply to GG?

Here are some proper responses to “GG” slang used in gaming. You can say. “You Too”, “It Certainly Was!”, “If you think it was good, we should play another day”, and more.

What does GG mean in Roblox?

GG in Roblox also mean “Good Game” which is used at the end of a tremendous Roblox game by both the winner and loser opponent.


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