“Among Us” Roles and Characters: Explained

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“Among Us” took the gaming world by storm in the year 2020 and looks like its wave is about to hit the users again. In the “Among Us” universe, new features keep emerging, and recently, a new update came to its servers. They have announced adjustable roles with other new exciting features.

I mean, no one can really deny the cuteness and power its characters hold, right? So if you are here to know about its characters’ different and unique roles, hop on!

In this article, we will discuss the different roles of Among Us, ranking from the lowest to the best. If you’re a new player of “Among Us”, this article will help you understand the different types of characters in the trending game. So now, let’s dig right in!

Among Us Characters

About Among Us

“Among Us” is a well-known and pretty popular online multiplayer game, which got immense popularity in the year 2020. It was developed in 2018 by American game studio Innersloth. It is a fictional game with a murder mystery that was inspired by the party game Mafia and the horror movie The Thing. 

“Among Us” can be downloaded from the Play Store or App Store free of cost, however, the users can make in-app purchases which is optional. 

The plot of the game is pretty simple – mainly the roles of the Impostor and Crewmates are assigned to the users. The Crewmates have to  complete the list of tasks that are assigned to them, while the Impostors have to kill the Crewmates.  

Among Us Homepage.

So now, let’s discuss the features of Among Us and other things further in the article.

Features of Among Us

Even though “Among Us” was released in the year 2018, it got trendy and immense popularity in the second half of 2020. It is easy to play and fast-paced. And the fact that it is a multiplayer game makes it even more fun to play with friends. So what are the features which make it so different from the other games and keep attracting new users towards it? Let’s find out.

Joining A Public Game

If there are hosts who have set the game to the public, the other players can see its name in the list and join it as well. The game will be available to anyone and everyone on the server unless they have been banned from it before by the host of the game.

 There are many games that are available on the server, but if there is some inappropriate behavior, the members will have to rely on the host for taking action. Since the members in the group will be strangers, the game and interactions will go on accordingly.

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Hosting A Game

If you are not looking for public games and want to be a host or play matches privately with your friends only, there is the Host option as well. The Host function lets the players create their own room in the Among Us server. They can also customize different settings of the game like the number of crewmates or impostors they want in the game and the number of tasks, type of map, or speeds they want to have in the game for the members. To play with friends, all that the user has to do is share the code of the game.

Hosting a game in Among Us

If the player wants to set the game to the public and play as a Host, they can set the settings to public. The Host can also ban or remove members from the game if there are any inappropriate actions or behavior by any member. 

Chat Feature

Apart from creating and joining games on the server, there is also the option of discussion/chat once you are in the match. The chat feature is text-based and can be accessed by an icon given on the top left of the screen. The users can also use the feature to censor the chat if they don’t want to read any inappropriate language or words used by other members. 

Discussion Chat Box in Among Us

Whenever someone finds a dead body in the match, they can report it and the discussion/chat box opens up. Then everyone tells who they think might be the impostor. After they decide on someone, they can vote for the member to be out or simply skip the voting. The members in the match can also call an emergency meeting by hitting the button in the café area if they want to discuss anything else. 

In-App Purchases and Ads

“Among Us” is a free game to download and play for Android and iOS users, but, as discussed earlier, the users can make in-app purchases in the game if they wish to. These purchases include getting different accessories for your character or pets for them. 

In-app Purchases in Among Us

Reporting, Age Rating and Privacy Settings

In the game “Among Us”, there is no need for creating an account or profile. As of now, there are limited in-built reporting and safety features on the app.

There is the option to censor inappropriate words and language as discussed earlier in the article, but that is all there is to it for now.

If some player is presenting bad behavior in the game, the Host of the match has the right to ban the member. This means that the other members only have to rely on the host, as they do not have any such feature as yet. 

“Among Us” has received a 7 for PEGI rating, which indicates that there might be violence in the game to some extent, and in the game, anyone under 7 years of age is not considered suitable for making an in-app purchase. 

Now that we have discussed the different features of “Among Us”, now, let’s see what different roles and characters are there in the game.

Roles and Characters in Among Us

And now, let’s get to the most fun and exciting part of the game – its unique and different characters. The small and adorable alien-like ghost figures which you keep seeing in the game have their own special individuality and roles to play. So now, we are going to talk about them below in brief, from the most liked to the least interesting one. 

  • Shapeshifter

If you haven’t heard of the newly added character in Among Us, which is even more intriguing than the Impostor – read on. 

Even though the Shapeshifter is still an impostor, as its name suggests, it can change its shape and appearance into any of the other crewmates. Despite having the perk to transform into others which is a quirky ability, it does come with disadvantages as well.

Shapeshifter Character

While this is perfect for creating confusion and the role enhances the ability of an impostor, it comes with risk. It takes several seconds for the Shapeshifter to transform, and if someone sees them doing so, it will be all over for them. So, even if it has its own perks and cons, one will certainly enjoy having its role while playing.

  • Impostor

Another role after Shapeshifter which is classical and most of the players always wish to play is Impostor. Since deception is the key to successful gameplay and victory in “Among Us”, playing the Impostor is both fun and stressful at the same time. While being the Impostor, one has to think wisely and play smartly in order to not end up killing someone in the presence of another player.  

Impostor Role in Among Us

Fooling others and throwing them under the bus as you slash them off and vent off peacefully is a different kind of fun one gets while playing the Impostor. There is no other satisfactory feeling as winning as the Impostor in Among Us. 

  • Engineer

The role of an engineer in Among Us is of a crewmate only, except it lets them vent. This ability comes in pretty handy for catching the impostor in the act and exposing them. However, there is a condition that comes with it- the time for staying in the vents is limited, and the Engineer has to recharge their ability. Because if they pop out of the vent at an inconvenient time, this can put them in the suspicion of the crewmates, and they will be under the radar for being the impostor.

Engineer Role in Among Us
  • Scientist 

The role of Scientist has access to a portable vitals panel, which they can check anywhere on the spaceship or on other maps to check the status of the crew. This way, it can be found out who is alive or not. But, the scientist needs to charge the ability and cannot use it constantly. To charge it, they need to complete all their tasks. So even though having a scientist on the crewmates’ side is a plus, it also puts them at the risk of being the first target of the impostor.  

Scientist role in Among Us
  • Crewmate

Crewmate is one of the common roles in Among Us that you will be playing most of the time. Even though there is no specialty or quirks that you get being a Crewmate, it is a vital part and character of the game. 

Crewmate role in Among Us

It is very satisfying when you manage to find out who the impostor is on time and bag the win. However, most of the time in the game, you will be running here and there to save yourself from the impostor.

  • Guardian Angel 

Dying first in the game and watching others play can be boring. But, if you are the first one to die in “Among Us”, you are granted the role of Guardian Angel (you can say as a consolation reward). In this role, the Guardian Angel has the ability to give a temporary shield to any living player and prevent their killing. In comparison to the ordinary ghosts in the game, this one has a bit more to do.

Guardian Angle in Among Us
  • Ghost

One of the most disliked parts while playing Among Us is becoming a ghost – no peace even after death. Who would want that?

Ghost in Among Us

When you become prey to the impostor or get voted out in the game, you become a ghost who roams around in the game lifelessly. Seeing your fellow crewmates playing and getting killed while you are a ghost can certainly get boring. But, you can still complete your pending tasks or watch the mess continue. 

Becoming a ghost especially sucks when you are the first one to die. Even though some may enjoy seeing how the game further unfolds, it isn’t as good to be a ghost compared to the other roles in the game.

So these were the different roles that the users get while playing Among Us. Now to know how exactly the game “Among Us” works, keep reading. 

How Does Among Us Work?

By now, you may have pretty much understood a lot about the game “Among Us”. So now, for those of you who don’t know, we are going to explain how exactly Among Us works.

Understanding the game is pretty simple, and playing it is even easier. The crewmates win if they complete all of their assigned tasks timely without getting killed. On the other hand, for impostors, it is a priority to kill crewmates before their tasks are complete to win. 

So as the ship is ready to take off and the game continues, the crewmates have to complete their tasks like O2 Filter, Fix Weather Node, etc. And the impostor starts to vent and kill the crewmates carefully without being caught.

Whenever someone dies, the crewmate who found the body can report it or anyone can call the emergency meeting to discuss what they want. If during the discussion, there is someone who gets pointed out for being the impostor, the crewmates vote the color out or simply skip the voting if they want to. And in the end, whosoever does their job first wins the game. 


  1. Is Among Us free for PC users?

Among Us is available for free on Epic Store. The users can also download it for free from Bluestacks. It is also free on Android and iOS devices.

  1. What does sus mean in Among Us?

There is one of the most used words in Among Us, and that is “sus”. There is no exact meaning of it, but users use it as an abbreviation to the word “suspicious” in the game while playing. 

  1. Is it safe to play Among Us?

Yes, it is safe to play Among us as there is nothing as such explicit or adult content in the app. Anyone can play the game with their family as it is easy to play too.

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