How Will Your Greensboro Car Accident Lawyer Help You?

Jan 16, 2023 Reading time : 4 min

In 2020, about 1,622 people died in car accidents in North Carolina. That is a noticeable increase of 9.7% after 1,479 people succumbed to car crash injuries in 2019. These statistics include Greensboro, a city in North Carolina. 

Accidents, by their very nature, are unpredictable. And even though you can never avoid them entirely, you can take steps to minimize their impact or handle them efficiently. But how is fault decided in Greensboro and North Carolina? How can anybody help you in doing so?

Hiring a Greensboro car accident lawyer is one of the best ways to do that. From ensuring you receive fair compensation to negotiating with the insurance company, their services are indispensable. They will be instrumental in “proving fault”. Without a lawyer’s help, you will not be able to make a personal injury claim. 

Is North Carolina a No-fault or At-fault State?

There are two kinds of fault laws in the USA – 1) at-fault and 2) no-fault. States that follow the at-fault method obligate the driver who caused the crash to compensate the injured party for their losses. The compensation is usually made with an insurance claim. However, the onus of proving the fault lies with the injured person. 

In a case with a no-fault policy, you will not have to prove the other side’s liability to receive your claim. All your expenses will be covered automatically. North Carolina and Greensboro, however, follow the at-fault or tort-based method.

If the driver of your vehicle caused the crash, you could claim recovery from them. Simply put, you can claim compensation from the other party who was at fault. But before that, you will have to prove that they were responsible for the accident. It is also essential to note that the at-fault party may not always be a driver of another car.

How Can Your Attorney Help You Prove Fault?

You will require the help of an attorney to prove the other party’s fault in a car accident in Greensboro. It is an incredibly complicated process. These are some ways your lawyer will help you out.

Gathering Visual Evidence

Visual evidence will help to build your case strongly. That includes photographs, video footage, and pictures of your injuries. Your lawyer will gather all of them and present them in court at the time of the trial. However, if you have a cell phone with a high-resolution camera, you can record some pictures and videos for yourself if your injuries permit you to do so.

Gathering Testimony from Witnesses

Besides being an at-fault state, North Carolina (Greensboro) also follows the principle of contributory negligence. Suppose you are responsible for causing the accident, and the other party has established it in any manner. In that case, you cannot claim any recovery or compensation. The testimony of eyewitnesses and expert witnesses will go a long way in building your case strongly and ensuring you receive fair compensation. Your lawyer will know how to do that efficiently since they handle many similar issues.

Collecting the Vital Documents

Just like visual evidence, having the proper documents by your side will strengthen your case. From police files recorded firsthand at the accident site to medical bills, prescriptions, treatment records that will influence the compensatory amount you receive, they will ensure that all the documents are in order.

Filing a Lawsuit

Although not every case will require a lawsuit, some will. Two examples in which you can file a lawsuit are – 1) if the other party is uncooperative or 2) you feel that the offered recovery amount is unsatisfactory. Your lawyer will ensure that the lawsuit is filed within the period of the statute of limitations. In the case of North Carolina, the timeframe is three years. If the accident results in the death of a family member, an attorney can file the lawsuit within two years.

These are the ways your Greensboro car accident lawyer proves helpful. They assist you legally after a car accident. Having an attorney will ensure that you receive fair compensation and are guided through the legal process smoothly and professionally.