6 Gadgets You Won’t Regret Spending Money On

Updated On March 27, 2023 | by Louise Simon


An average student possesses a laptop and a smartphone, let alone graphic tablets or desktop computers. No wonder tech retailers target students as one of the main groups they can sell their products to. Once the college season starts, sales and promotions in local stores and online attract millions of learners. At the same time, the question of the most necessary gadgets arises. 

Which gadgets should you spend your savings on? We understand that it can be really overwhelming when it comes to picking the right gadget, especially when there are so many options, for studying for security purposes, etc. How not fall victim to advertising gimmicks? Check answers to these questions in the article below.

How to Choose a Gadget for Studying

Tech giants like Apple have done everything to start a tech pandemic. Nowadays, craving a new iPhone is a symptom of living in a money-driven society. A modern buyer doesn’t understand that buying an expensive item doesn’t equal quality. Most of the time, a person pays for a brand. 

When you search for a professional writer to get paper writing services on the paper writer, you look for quality matching the essay price, right? The same goes for buying a gadget for studying or work. 

When choosing a gadget for studying, ask yourself the following questions:

Where and when will you use it?

A desktop computer might not be a convenient purchase if you plan to use it at the dorm. Obviously, it takes too much space, making your neighbors unhappy; 

Can one of the gadgets you already possess perform the functions you need? 

For instance, you can download an app that tracks your heart rate instead of buying a fitness bracelet;

Can you save money on the purchase?

A standard tech company will try to sell you the most expensive items and the latest models. However, do you really need a new iPhone when your old smartphone is in perfect shape? 

Which are the tech characteristics you can compromise?

For instance, you might absolutely need a screen tablet, but you don’t care whether the stylus is battery-free or not.

1: Laptop

An absolutely necessary gadget in the COVID-19 epoch. A modern student is literally unable to study without a laptop. Long gone are days when students had to go to the library and spend hours on the data search. Certainly, you can study at a college library. However, searching for the electronic version of the book is much faster than waiting for its paper option to arrive. 

Why Do You Need a Laptop?

  • Most of the universities went online when COVID-19 started. Hence, to study during the modern plague, you need a laptop or a tablet. Otherwise, you won’t be able to access class materials;  
  • Freelance. Use the laptop for earning money online. Platforms like Upwork or 99designs are a great way to start your career as an aspiring writer or designer;
  • Secondary courses. You can boost your knowledge of college subjects by taking online courses. Consider education platforms like Coursera or Khan Academy;
  • Remote education. If you live far from the college of your dreams, use a laptop to come closer! In other words, go fully remote and study your favorite disciplines from the comfort of your home.

2: Smartphone

An average smartphone is a far more advanced version of its old predecessor. Almost all citizens living in developed countries possess a smartphone. While being a tool for communication, a smartphone allows you instant access to the Internet. 

How can a Modern Student Benefit from Their Smartphone to the Greatest Extent?

  • Download Apps for Studying. For instance, you can download a language-learning app and use it while on a bus; 
  • Apps for Meditation. These apps will allow you to recharge your battery wherever you are;  
  • Planners and Reminders. Once you download these apps, you will never miss your essay deadline or a Literature class.
  • A Laptop and Tablet Substitute. If your laptop breaks, you can always join a Viber session by using your smartphone.

3: Graphic Tablet (For Art Students)

The world is a tech-driven place. There is a high chance that your art teachers will ask you to buy a graphic tablet. Especially if you’re a design student who needs to learn modern software for artists. 

Graphic tablets come in different forms. You can draw right on the screen or create a masterpiece on the black surface. In the case of the latter, your drawing process is completely transmitted to your laptop’s screen. The first option is more effective and requires less time for a student to learn drawing on a tablet. However, screen-based tablets are twice more expensive as traditional black-surface tablets.

4: Tablet

An average tablet is a flat gadget with a touch-screen function. It is less powerful than a laptop, but still presents tons of good tech characteristics. So, why should a student choose a tablet?

  • Compared to a laptop, a tablet is lighter;
  • If you have a separate keyboard, you can always connect it to the tablet. By doing so, you’ll transfer your tablet into a laptop;
  • iPads have in-built drawing programs. This means that you can use an average iPad as a graphic tablet and a laptop simultaneously.

5: Fitness Tracker

Want to learn how much you’re active when leading a sedentary lifestyle? Consider a fitness tracker. The latter comes in the form of a wristwatch or a bracelet. 

Why Choose a Fitness Tracker?

  • This magic device counts the number of steps you’ve taken while walking from the subway to the college campus;
  • It records your heart rate. This is especially important if you want to prevent any heart diseases;
  • The gadget counts the number of burnt calories. 

6: Kindle

This device will save you tons of money. Instead of buying a new book, find its electronic version. Instead of carrying five textbooks each day, go digital. When using a Kindle, you can make notes and organize your library collection in various ways. You can highlight the text excerpts while reducing your carbon footprint. 

Final Thoughts

No need to be a spendthrift – buy only the gadgets you absolutely need for studying. A modern gadget will save you money in the future, make your college life easier, and assist you with academic writing. Also, a powerful tech solution will let you organize your time better and provide new studying opportunities.

We hope the article was helpful to you. Good luck!

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