7 Factors to Consider While Buying a Smartphone

Jan 5, 2024 Reading time : 6 min

Buying a new smartphone should be an exciting time for you, so avoiding all the pitfalls associated with the task is imperative. It is never a good idea to rush into buying one without taking the time to do your research. Get online and start digging into the numerous options that you will have, but when scanning through the multitudes of mobile phones, it is not enough to pick the one that looks the best because the one thing that you can be sure of is that not every phone will be the same. 

Some that you come across will be high-quality phones that can work for anything you want them to, while others will only be set up for small use. This will all depend upon you and how you use your mobile phone. So, before you start looking for a smartphone, you need to take the time to analyze your needs and budget and then add in what you prefer. 

Once you have completed that inner reflection, it will be time to go through 7 factors to consider while buying a smartphone, so when you are ready, let’s get to it!


One of the first things you will need to consider is the phone’s cost. Unless you plan to buy the phone in monthly payments, you will need to figure out how much you can afford to spend. If you do not have a budget written out, you may want to consider making one up because you do not want to short yourself on a bill that has to be paid. After all, phones can cost over $1,000 for a good one. 

If you are budgeting in a monthly payment, make sure you add the cost of the mobile phone plan and any additional insurance costs associated with the new phone (if you opt for insurance.)


The phone’s size is a decision only you can make because you will have specific needs and wants. Just keep in mind that the smaller the display is, the harder it will be to see the screen when you are looking at it. If you have bad eyes, you will want a bigger screen so the words and thumbnails will be more visible.

But, on the other hand, a smaller phone can be stored in more places, such as a front pocket of jeans or the inside pocket of a coat. Plus, smaller display phones will easily slide into a purse or wallet pouch.


The terminology attached to the phone’s processor can be highly confusing if you are not a tech person. However, the speed in GHz is the most important thing to consider for most people. The higher the number given, the faster the processor will be. 

This is important if you plan to use the smartphone for streaming games or videos, so you need to know what you will use the mobile phone for the most. The more advanced your needs are, the faster the processor will be that you need. 

Along with that, though, is the mobile plan that you will be using because it can also make a difference according to the level of use you have. 


The camera on the phone can be very deceiving because even though it may be bigger in megapixels does not mean it will be the better phone. You need to look into all the aspects of the phone to ensure that you get the camera quality you need. 

The main thing to remember is that you will probably use your phone as a camera more often than having an actual camera on you, so if you are the type of person that takes a picture whenever you see something exciting or cute, you will want to spring for the best smartphone camera that you can afford. 


Arguably one of the most important aspects of any smartphone is the quality of the battery. Nothing is more annoying than having to charge your phone two or three times a day. The more you use your phone, the better the battery you will want to have in the phone. 

The good thing about some mobile phones today is that you can get an upgraded battery to replace the one that comes with it, but others will have a sealed body, so you cannot gain access to the inside parts, including the battery. 

Make sure that when you are searching through all of your options that the battery is good enough to get you through your day, depending upon how often you use the smartphone and what you use it for.


The phones today do not hinge upon the amount of storage room they have because all your photos, videos, and data can be stored in the Cloud, or any other online platform you use. The only aspect of storage that you do need to pay attention to is the amount of room you have to download and use all the apps that you need. 

Once again, the more you use your phone, the bigger the internal storage amounts will need to be. For example, suppose your phone is used for online gaming. In that case, it will require a decent amount of storage to download your game onto the phone and still more to play it efficiently. 

Android or iPhone

The argument between Droid and IoS will continue on through the ages. You will have the one you prefer, as will your friend or sibling shopping with you. The important thing is to understand the differences and to choose the one that is best for your needs. 

Nobody will use their phones in the exact same ways, so when someone tries to push you into buying the phone that they have, you will want to think again because the perfect type of phone for them may be the worst choice for you.

It is highly recommended that you give both types of phones a try so you can choose based on your own experiences. 

Final Thoughts

The smartphone that works best for you will be a combination of all these things, plus your budget. The thing to do is to buy the best phone you can get within your budget so you can do what you need to do.

 Even though a phone becomes outdated every couple of months, you will find that it will last you for years as long as you keep up with all the updates when they become available. 

Having the best phone on the market every time one comes out may be an awesome way to stay ahead of the rest, but it is not a necessary thing if you pick out a good phone from the start.

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