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EdbMails beats all other recovery and converter tools with its excellent features at an attractive price. No wonder it’s called a complete solution for small, medium, large or personal users. 

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An Excellent EDB Recovery and EDB to PST Converter Tool 

EdbMails’ mission and goal are to make it as easy as possible for IT administrators, corporate and personal users to recover corrupted or completely inaccessible EDB files. EdbMails is market-leading specialized software that also prioritizes user data privacy and security.

What is EdbMails EDB to PST Converter Tool Good for?

EdbMails is a one-of-a-kind solution for recovering corrupted, damaged, password-protected, or encrypted Exchange EDB files and converting them to PST format. If your Exchange server has crashed due to a hardware failure or has been infected with a virus or ransomware threat, you can use EdbMails software to directly export the disconnected, non-functional, or badly corrupted EDB files to PST. The benefit of using this tool is that it does not require you to be connected to an Exchange server or Active Directory services to recover and convert the contents.

EdbMails is compatible with all versions of Windows and Windows Server. When it comes to pricing and license plans, this software easily outperforms all competitors due to its affordable pricing for all users. Let’s now go over the features this tool has to offer.


Offers Plenty of Cutting-Edge Features with One or Two Exceptions

EdbMails has some outstanding features that we discovered to be extremely useful for file recovery and conversion operations. It misses out on one feature, which is the ability to automatically schedule the conversion to run at a specific time. However, if you want complete control over the operations, EdbMails is the way to go.

EdbMails EDB to PST featuresAvailability
Recover and convert EDB files from all types of corruptions
Recover Exchange server mailboxes from EDB file
Save EDB to multiple formats such as HTML, EML, and MHT 
Selective export from EDB to PST
Quick recovery and conversion to PST
Filter option to export based on Date, Cc, To, From, Attachment
Include/Exclude folders for conversion such as Inbox, Junk, Conversation History, or Sent Items
Recover and convert PUB and PRIV EDB file
Convert EDB file from all Exchange versions
Exported PST supports all Outlook versions 
Target PST file split into multiple smaller chunks
Convert mailboxes from different languages such as Czech, German, French 
Convert large size EDB files to PST
Convert specific mail items such as Tasks, Calendars, Contacts or Mails
Complete consistency of data on the source and the target
Complete security of the data
Granular recovery and conversion of mail items
Log report for easy verification of the converted items
Directly migrate the contents to Office 365/live ExchangeCorporate Premium and Technical Editions
Install the software on unlimited PC’sCorporate Premium and Technical Editions
Install the software on multiple locationsTechnical Edition only
Free Demo/Trial version
Free EDB recovery tool
Free live Personalized Demo
Free 24/7 technical support assistance
Lifetime free software updates
Lifetime license on the product

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Ease of Use          

Definitely worth a five-star rating considering how simple it is to use the tool 

EdbMails ease of use clearly merits a five-star rating. The software is simple to install and does not necessitate any special permissions or other complexities. The tool is small in size (~35MB download file) and consumes or uses few system resources.


The user interface is very similar to that of many well-known email clients or programs, such as Microsoft Outlook. It is very easy on the eyes for users who are used to seeing the folder and content structure in a tree view. When compared to other tools, EdbMails is user-friendly and does not require any technical knowledge or expertise. According to our experience, the software guided us through the recovery and conversion process step by step which is like a visual walkthrough in itself. The point-and-click interface for files and folders facilitates the quick selection of items.


Another cool aspect for users who want to try the software is to click on the Start Your Free Trial option and start using the tool right away without requiring any details or payment information. This is a major plus of the software over others which require some type of details to try out the demo version. The free version also does not expire, so you can test out all of the features at your leisure, with no time constraints.

If you have mailboxes in multiple languages, you can preview and convert them individually from the preview pane on the right. EdbMails supports all Unicode and non-English mailboxes, including Czech, German, French, Chinese, and Japanese. We tested it with a mailbox from Russian and found it very impressive that the tool was able to perfectly retain the encoding and perform the PST conversion.


EdbMails has various functions that are easily accessible to the user. This earns another point in the categories of user interface and ease of use. To make the verification process easier, the application generates a detailed log report at the end that allows you to cross-check the number of items that have been migrated. This is useful if you have a large number of mailboxes to convert and want to check the status of the conversion process.


An Incredibly Fast Tool to Recover and Convert EDB in Very Less Time 

We divide the performance into two stages. One is with respect to installing and starting the tool and the second one is with respect to the actual conversion or migration. 

EdbMails installs within 2 minutes which we found pretty fast. There are no caveats, ads, or hidden installations that other software tools come bundled with. The software starts up in 4 seconds tested on a 64-bit Windows 10 PC with 4GB of RAM.

In terms of recovery and conversion, the application recovers large files quickly and efficiently. It can recover Terabytes (TBs) of data in minutes and display the entire contents without data loss. Furthermore, when you input a large EDB file, EdbMails does not consume excessive memory or processor resources, making it extremely lightweight for the tasks it performs. If your goal is to recover and convert to PST, you can do so without even connecting to the internet. A 1 TB EDB file took approximately 80~85 hours to convert.

The tool requires an internet connection to migrate the contents to Office 365 or live Exchange. With a T1 connection, we tested with a 1GB EDB mailbox to a 1 GB-sized mailbox. The entire migration took about 40 minutes, which is pretty decent.

If you do not want to migrate all of the contents, there are several filter options available, such as migrating based on specific metadata such as To, Cc, Date, Attachment, and so on, as well as excluding specific folders such as Drafts, Junk folders, or Conversation History. This feature expedites the conversion or migration process. 


Additionally, EdbMails includes an incremental feature for exporting to Office 365 or live Exchange. This means that when you migrate the contents from the same PC to the same target account, the items that you have already migrated during previous migrations are not duplicated on the target, saving both bandwidth and migration time.

EdbMails software has a unique granular recovery and conversion feature that recovers all data without missing anything. There is no data loss, which ensures data completeness and makes it a high-performance tool.

Privacy and Security

When it Comes to Security, You Can Bet on This Tool

EdbMails has robust mechanisms in place that ensure the complete privacy of your data. Even the metadata stored on your PC (local environment) is encrypted with military-grade AES 256 encryption. For migrating to Office 365, EdbMails uses a secure OAuth modern authentication based on ADAL. When you select Automatic login, you are redirected to the Office 365 login page where you need to enter your credentials. The application does not store login credentials or details of any other form. It supports multi-factor authentication and the servers comply with GDPR with an ISO certification. 



Expert and Top-Notch Customer Support

EdbMails has one of the best product support teams and friendly customer service representatives available 24 hours a day, seven days a week to help users with their problems. The fastest way to get a response is to use the live chat support on their website. I must admit that their response time is extremely fast, and they are willing to go above and beyond to assist you. I recently used their free live personalized demo feature. An expert walks you through the entire product and answers any questions you may have along the way. If you run into any problems during the process, you can get help from remote assistance. You can send a log file to the support team for error diagnosis. To summarize, you will not get such a personalized and excellent response for free as with EdbMails.


One of the Most Affordable Pricing Plans Ever for Such a Tool

It is hard to find any point in EdbMails that one can complain about. Although the majority of the other tools can score one or two additional points in terms of features, they fall short when it comes to pricing. EdbMails outperforms its competitors in that it provides all of the features of its competitors at a much lower price. This makes it affordable to all users, large and small, and you can upgrade the license at any time. Another noteworthy feature is that the license is a lifetime. This means that once you buy the software, you can use it for as long as you want with free updates.

The free version of the tool allows you to try out all the features without limitations and you can convert 30 items from each and every folder to PST, Office 365, or Live Exchange server. EdbMails does not require any license or product key to function and is connected to the Email ID you use to purchase the product. They offer flexibility and accept all Credit Cards, Debit Cards, PayPal, and Wire Transfers when you want to make a payment. 

License EditionCostFeaturesSuited for
Personal Edition99$Unlimited EDB to PST recovery and conversion with all the features of the tool
Can be installed either on 2 computers or 10 computers depending on which option you select during the payment
Personal and home users for simple recovery and conversion operations
Corporate Premium199$All the features of the Personal Edition + direct migration to Office 365 and live Exchange
Allows installation on unlimited computers in a single location or building
Small, large, and corporate users including Government and Education Institutions 
Technical Edition299$All the features of the corporate premium edition with installation on unlimited computers and on multiple locationsFor data recovery, computer repair, and maintenance firms where the license can be used to provide data recovery to your customers
Bundle Offer (EDB+OST+PST)CostFeaturesSuited for
Personal Edition185$Unlimited EDB, OST, and PST recovery and conversion to PST
Can be installed either on 2 computers or 10 computers depending on which option you select during the payment
Personal and home users for simple recovery and conversion operations
Corporate Premium369$All the features of the Personal Edition + direct migration of EDB, OST, and PST to Office 365 and live Exchange
Allows installation on unlimited computers in a single location or building
Small, large, and corporate users including Government and Education Institutions 
Technical Edition499$All the features of the corporate premium edition with installation on unlimited computers and on multiple locationsFor data recovery, computer repair, and maintenance firms where the license can be used to provide data recovery to your customers

Edbmails EDB to PST Converter Review: Final Verdict

EdbMails has set the benchmark with its fantastic features, innovative design, and easy-to-use user interface. It has not sacrificed any features while emphasizing security and privacy. It is a tool that is suitable for all users and is without a doubt a product that is worth the money. While other tools fall short in terms of customer support and product updates, EdbMails earns an extra point for its exceptional and 24-hour and 7 days a week customer service. In a nutshell, if you are looking for a cost-effective tool with all the features and excellent customer support then EdbMails should definitely be at the top of your list 

Frequently Asked Questions
Can I know one reason to choose EdbMails over other tools on the market?

When compared to other tools, EdbMails gives you cost-benefit, which means you get all of the features at a much lower cost, making it a great value for money.

Does EdbMails support all Exchange and Outlook versions?

Yes, the EdbMails tool recovers EDB from all Exchange versions and supports the opening of the PST file on all Outlook versions.

What are the minimum system requirements I must have for EdbMails?

The application works on both 32 and 64 bit PCs and is compatible with all Windows Operating Systems (including Windows 10 and 11) and Windows Server versions. You need a minimum of 512 MB RAM (Although 4 MB is recommended). 

  1. You do not require an internet connection for offline EDB to PST conversion. It is required for migrating to Office 365 or a live Exchange server. 
  2. Microsoft Outlook is required only for EDB to PST conversion and is not necessary for migration to live Exchange or Office 365.

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