6 Disadvantages of ChatGPT Content

By Kamal
Mar 6, 2023 Reading time : 6 min

ChatGPT is currently all the rage around the world and we’re not surprised why. It’s amazing to see how fast technology is progressing and how this can all be used to our advantage. However, technology, as intelligent as it may be, is not perfect. There are multiple moments when we come to realize this too. There is always something lacking and the same goes for ChatGPT. While everyone is amazed by the intelligence and accuracy of ChatGPT, experts have realized that it has a wide range of flaws too.

For this article, we will be discussing 6 of these disadvantages. If you haven’t got around to using this wondrous tool yet, then that’s the first thing you should do. Before you move on and read this article, try to use the tool and see for yourself what it can do. One thing you have to keep in mind is that to use this tool, you will need a proper internet connection. If your internet is very slow and unreliable, ChatGPT won’t function properly.

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Here are the top 6 disadvantages of ChatGPT content: 

Using Idioms is Not One of its Fortes

One of the flaws that were noticed about ChatGPT was that this tool is not able to use idioms as we would. This is one of the biggest giveaways of the tool. While the content is top-notch, it does little to convince another person that it was written by a human and not a bot. While we might not make use of a lot of idioms, we have just enough in our speech to make it sound natural.

This is why any content generated from ChatGPT will always sound stiff and unnatural. Many detection algorithms are programmed to check for this and if the content does not contain any phrases or idioms, it is marked as machine-generated. (Notice how we have used an idiom in the sub-title!)

ChatGPT Uses Words Without the Expression 

When most of us write, we often tend to express emotion and expression through our words. Even if we are not doing this actively, we do it subconsciously and it shows. ChatGPT, it doesn’t show any expressions or emotions because it is a machine and it does not have anything to show. 

When you read something written by ChatGPT, you are simply reading words on a page. But, if you were to read a blog written by a human, you would be able to understand their views and thought processes. With AI, it’s just not the same.

Content Lacks Insight Into the Topic

Any content that is produced by ChatGPT is not in-depth research. Sometimes, the nature of our assignment or test could be that you need to perform a very deep analysis of some topic. In that case, ChatGPT is not very useful since it will give you a lot of information, but none of it will be in-depth research. This is one of the fundamental elements of a good essay and yet, it cannot manage to do that.

We, as humans, observe and learn about a lot of things, and we each have our own perspective of things. These different perspectives help to develop insights into the topic as well. As a machine, ChatGPT does not really have any perspectives. And so, this is a telltale sign of machine-generated content.

ChatGPT Likes to Elongate its Answers

Another thing researchers found to be a flaw of this tool is that ChatGPT is more likely to elongate its answers by giving you too much information at a time. For example, if you were to ask ChatGPT regarding a medical topic or concern, the best answer is a direct answer. However, this is not what ChatGPT thinks or is programmed to do.

This tool will cover the topic from different angles and go into detail about “this and that”. Naturally, in some situations, this is not what we want and a direct answer would have been the best. OpenAI, the makers of ChatGPT, also acknowledged that this AI tool gives lengthy answers.

Highly Organized Content is All You’ll Get

One of the things that makes it obvious whether the content is machine-generated or not is how organized the content is. With ChatGPT, the content is very organized and almost robotic, and although it might be a good thing in some cases, it is a dead giveaway in others. Usually, when any one of us is asked a question like, “How would you react to a bug on your arm?” We would have answers like, “Scream and swat it away.”

ChatGPT, when posed with a question like this would answer in a very robot-like manner like staying calm and going to a window to swat it away. Additionally, it would also talk about all the possibilities of that situation and this would definitely give away the fact that the content is highly organized and machine-generated.

It is Prone to Lie When it Doesn’t Know the Answer

Even machines are not 100% trustworthy. It is hard to think that machines would lie to us, but AI has done wonders in technology. Researchers found that ChatGPT is also prone to lie if the question asked does not have any answers on the web. In fact, ChatGPT will fabricate facts just to make them seem like genuine answers. 

Since the machine is programmed to answer the question that is asked, it will do anything to answer the question. This flaw was also recognized by OpenAI and they said that ChatGPT gives nonsensical answers sometimes but makes them out to be true and believable to the other person.

Ending the Topic

Coming to the conclusion, the internet is a wonderful place to find and learn about things. Tools like ChatGPT would not come into existence, were they not for the internet and their wide database. So, this is something we can say is crucial in AI programming as much as it is in our lives. Thus, never underestimate the power of a good internet connection. Visit here to get the good internet connection that you deserve!

Regarding ChatGPT, this is exactly why technology cannot completely replace humans. While technology is amazing and continues to get very advanced, it is not a replica of what we are. Maybe, in the nearby future, we will see some changes and some more advancements making yet another tool like ChatGPT, but with more perfection. But, for now, even this tool is not too bad for us.

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